Broken iPhone always causes a serious problem and takes you a lot of trouble, you not only must spend much money on fixing your device but also it may lead to a risk in causing data loss. Your iPhone will damage accidentally in several reasons like dropping on the floor or water, a failure in iOS system updating or breaking the screen. You may feel frustrated and annoyed when you encounter this situation, but whatever to happen, the lost data such as messages, photos or videos can be recovered in some ways. Here we will guide you how to recover messages from broken iPhone, as the message is very useful to help you contact your friends, you should be aware that keeping your message safe will make you never lose contact with the important person in your life or your work. The following method will be a good tutorial to teach you to retrieve the lost messages from broken iPhone.

Part 1: How to recover messages from broken iPhone with iOS Data Recovery

I. Recover messages from iOS device

If you want to recover messages from iOS device, two recovery modes are included in Leawo iOS Data Recovery . That is Normal mode and DFU mode. Normal mode is to recover the data such as messages, WhatsApp, notes, and contacts, etc. DFU mode is able to recover the data like Photo library, Camera roll, Voice memos, and Message attachments, etc., not only recovering the data that can be done by Normal Mode. However, Normal mode is applicable to all kinds of iOS devices, while DFU mode can only be applied to iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4.
Here will introduce you how to recover message from broken iPhone via Normal Mode.


iOS Data Recovery 

☉ Recover multiple deleted data directly from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
☉ Extract and export 14 types of files from previous iTunes&iCloud backup
☉ Back up 14 kinds of data on iOS devices to computer
☉ Recover data lost due to jailbreak, iOS upgrade, deletion, etc.
☉ Support iPhone SE/6/7/8/X, iOS 12, iTunes 12.9 & Win10

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1. Run Leawo iOS data recovery on your computer and choose “Recover from iOS device”.


2. Connect your iPhone to the computer and choose your device on the bottom list. After that, click on the “Start” button to begin scanning your iPhone.


The scanning will be completed after a while.


3. All the data of your iPhone will be listed once the scanning is over, then select to check the “message” by enabling the square checkbox beside it. Then you will see the specific message will be shown on the right part of the window. Next, click on the button “Recover” on the right bottom.


4. A pane will pop up and requires you to choose a target folder for saving the recovered messages by clicking the button “Open”. Or you also can check the option “Automatically open the output folder after finishing recover”. Then, click on the button “Go” to begin recovering the messages to your computer.


II. Recover audio message from iTunes backup

1. Choose “Recover from iTunes backup” in the main interface when you run Leawo iOS data recovery on the computer.


2. All backups on iTunes from your different iOS devices will be listed as the picture shown below. If your device with iTunes backup cannot be found here, that probably means the data on your device hasn’t been backed up on this computer. Choose the backup you need and then click on the button “Scan” to begin scanning.


3. All the recoverable data will be listed in the left sidebar once the scanning is completed. Check the option “message”, then you can view the message in details on the right part. Choose the message you need to recover and then click on the button “Recover” on the right bottom.


4. A pane will pop up and requires you to select an output directory for saving the recovered messages. Or you can check the option “Automatically open the output folder after finishing recover” to let the output folder open automatically once the recovery is completed. Finally, click on the button “Go” to begin messages recovering.


III. Recover audio message from iCloud backup

1. Run Leawo iOS data recovery on the computer and choose the mode “Recover from iCloud backup”.


2. Then you are required to log in iCloud account by using your Apple ID.


3. Your backup on iCloud will be scanned when you have logged in iCloud. The backup files will be listed when the scanning is completed. Double click on the backup or click the button “Download” on the right bottom. You also can select log out by clicking the button “Log out” prior to downloading your backup. If you want to stop downloading, you can click the button “Cancel” during the process of downloading.


4. The scanning of your backup will begin automatically once the downloading of backup on iCloud is finished. All your backup files will be listed on the left sidebar. Check the option “message”, the specific messages will be shown on the right part accordingly. Then you can find the recoverable messages as you need. Once you have selected the messages you need to recover, click on the button “Recover”.


5. Then a pane pops up to require you to choose an output directory for the recovered messages by clicking the button “Open”. Or you can enable the option “Automatically open the output folder after finishing recovery” to make the output folder open automatically. Finally, click the button “Go” to begin recovering.


Part 2: How to recover messages from broken iPhone with iTunes

To retrieve messages from a broken device not only depends on the above three methods, but you also can recover the lost messages from your device with iTunes. You can follow the instructions below:
1. Run iTunes on your computer which the data of your iPhone has been backed up on it previously.
2. Connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable. A pop-up message will require you to enter the passcode on your device or ask you whether to trust the computer you have connected your iPhone to. Then follow steps on the screen which gives indication to.
3. Choose your iPhone once it is shown up in iTunes.


4. Choose the option “Restore Backup in iTunes”.
5. You can view the size and the date of the backed up files and choose the ones which are closely related.
6. Click on the button “Restore” and wait until the restore is completed. If it is required, a password must be entered to the encrypted backup.


7. Do not disconnect your iPhone to the computer until the restart of your iPhone has been finished. Then wait for the synchronization to your device with the computer. You can unplug your iPhone once the sync is completed.

Part 3: How to backup messages in advance with iTransfer

To prevent the message loss to happen on your iPhone, it is a good idea to back up your message to the computer. By doing this, even if your iPhone is broken accidentally and cause the message loss, you can find it back easily if you have backed up the important data. Here we will recommend you a professional tool to back up the message, that is to use Leawo iTransfer.
Leawo iTransfer is an outstanding transfer program, it offers a great solution to the transfer issue. Multiple kinds of files like messages, apps, music, and videos can be transferred between iOS devices, iTunes and computer. In addition, Leawo iTransfer can be used to back up the files of Apple devices to the computer. Because of the innovative technology of scanning and transferring, The data transfer with Leawo iTransfer can be completed in a rapid and safe way. Moreover, 100% safety and no data loss are assured during the transfer process. Below we will guide how to back up message with iTransfer in specific steps.


Leawo iTransfer 

☉ Transfer files among iOS devices, iTunes and PCs with ease.
☉ Transfer up to 14 kinds of data and files without iTunes.
☉ Support the latest iOS devices like iPhone X, iPhone XR, etc.
☉ Play back, view, and delete data and files on iOS devices.

1. Run Leawo iTransfer on the computer and connect your iPhone to the computer. Your device will be recognized and detected automatically by the software. Then the library of your iPhone will be shown in the left sidebar.


2. Click on the option “SMS” in the left sidebar. Then all the messages of your iPhone will be displayed on the right part of the software window. You can view the message by right click on it and the related content will be shown accordingly.


3. You can select all the messages to export or you also can choose certain messages by holding the key Ctrl/Shift to back up. After you have chosen the massages that you need to back up, click on the button “Export” on the middle top of the window.


4. Another window will pop up and require you to choose the target folder to save your backed up messages. After you have selected an output directory for saving your messages, click the button “Save”, then the messages you need will begin to back up to your computer.


Extension: Tips to keep our iPhone away from breaking

Owing an iPhone has become a “must” in our life, as it is a basic tool for immediate communication nowadays. Moreover, if you can make full use of the functions of your iPhone, it would be an ideal device to take conveniences and entertainment to your life. But whatever to say, your device will inevitably meet the broken situation. Maintenance or the replacements would cost a lot of money. In this case, learning some tips on keeping your iPhone away from broken would benefit a lot to you. Below are some tips of avoiding a broken iPhone for your reference.
1. Buy a case for your iPhone to prevent dust or dirt on it. Furthermore, your iPhone can be protected well by the case even it drops on the floor.
2. Move it safely. You should remember that keep your iPhone safely when you put it in your pocket.
3. The high temperature will cause the screen to crack easily. Remember to keep it cool and never expose it under freezing point or high temperature.
4. Protect your iPhone and keep it away from the steam, if not, the steam entering your device will easily hurt the heart of iPhone.
5. Make sure to update the apps on your iPhone regularly, which will make your iPhone run more smoothly.