“Can you post a YouTube video on Instagram? I have found an extremely funny video on YouTube and would like to share this funny YouTube video on my Instagram so as to share with all of my followers. But I have found no share option on YouTube to my Instagram. How to share YouTube video on Instagram? Can you upload YouTube video to Instagram? If yes, please tell me how to do this with detailed steps. Thanks for any suggestion and try.”

If you ever have a question like the above one, this guide would be 100% what you need. In this guide, we would like to share you with effective solution to help you post YouTube video onto Instagram. Also, we would show you detailed steps on how to upload downloaded YouTube videos to Instagram in detail. Just check the below content to learn detailed operation.

Part 1: Post a YouTube Video onto Instagram with Leawo Video Downloader

Well known to all, Instagram is a social networking app made for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone and tablet. You could see what your following people are posting in picture and video. If you want to post videos or pictures, you have to turn to the Instagram for mobile devices. The web version of Instagram doesn’t provide entry for posting. On the other hand, YouTube allows you to share videos on multiple social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, BKohTakTe, LinkedIn, Mix, etc. Obviously, Instagram is not included. Therefore, the only way to share YouTube video on Instagram is to download YouTube video to your computer, and then transfer the downloaded YouTube video to your mobile devices for posting on Instagram.

Leawo Video Downloader is an expert video downloader program that could download online videos from 1000+ sites including YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Veoh, VEVO, etc. What’s more, it provides multiple download options upon the same target YouTube video in different formats, resolutions and quality for you to download. Some YouTube videos are even available in audio-only version for downloading. With Leawo Video Downloader, you could easily download any YouTube video for posting onto Instagram on your smartphone or tablet.

Download and install this video downloader program on your computer and then launch it. The below steps would show you how to download YouTube videos for sharing YouTube video onto Instagram.

Step 1: Set downloading path

Kick off Leawo Prof. Media (Leawo Video Downloader is a module of Leawo Prof. Media). Click the top-right gear icon and then open the “Downloader” tab to set output directory in the “Save videos to” box.

 Set downloading path

Step 2: Find target video

Then, open the “Download” module. Directly copy and paste the video URL from YouTube to the internal browser, or search and browse target YouTube video via the internal browser. You could play back target video to see whether it’s what you want to download or not.

Find target Facebook video

Step 3: Choose YouTube video download option

On the right sidebar, you could see multiple download options classified into different resolutions, formats, content and quality. Choose a proper one to download.

Choose video to download

Step 4: Download YouTube video

Click the download icon next to the chosen download option and then Leawo Video Downloader would immediately start to download YouTube videos to your computer. You could then view all downloading options on the “Downloading” tab.

Manage downloaded Facebook videos

To view the downloaded YouTube videos, you could open the “Downloaded” tab. After downloading, you could then freely transfer the downloaded videos to iPhone, iPad, Android devices, tablets, etc. for posting onto Instagram for sharing.

Part 2: Edit YouTube Video Size for Posting onto Instagram with Leawo Video Converter

Instagram enables you to upload a video to your timeline or share it to Instagram stories. Depending on where you want the video to appear, the file size and duration would vary. If you want to upload video to your timeline, the resolution should be 640px x 640px and the duration should be between 3 and 60 seconds. If you want to upload video to Instagram stories, the video resolution should be 750px x 1334px while the maximum duration should be 10 seconds. Therefore, if you want to upload a YouTube video to Instagram, you need to make sure that the to-be-uploaded video meets the above requirements.

The YouTube video you have downloaded might be not in accordance with these requirements. You need to use some video editor tool to edit downloaded YouTube video before you upload downloaded YouTube video to Instagram. Leawo Video Converter could help you do this.

As a professional and comprehensive video converter tool, Leawo Video Converter could convert video and audio files between various formats like YouTube to MOV, YouTube video to MP3, MP4 to MOV, MKV to MP4, MP4 to MP3, etc. With a video editor built in, Leawo Video Converter even allows you to cut video length for removing unwanted clip, adjust output video resolution, create 3D movie, etc.

The below steps would show you how to edit YouTube videos before you could transfer downloaded YouTube video to mobile devices and post it on Instagram.

Step 1: Add videos to “Convert” module

On the “Downloaded” tab, right click the downloaded videos and then choose “Add to Convert” option to add downloaded YouTube videos to Video Converter. You could also open the “Convert” module and then hit the “Add Video” button to browse and import downloaded YouTube videos from the folder you have set in the Step 1 in the above part.

Manage downloaded Facebook videos

Step 2: Set output format

Click the button right before the big green “Convert” button and then choose “Change” option. On the newly popup “Profile” window, open “Format > Common Video” tab or directly choose your device profile from “Device” tab to set output format according to your device.

Manage downloaded Facebook videos

Step 3: Set YouTube video resolution

As mentioned above, Instagram has requirements upon video resolution. Leawo Video Converter allows you to adjust video resolution for downloaded YouTube video. Just choose “Edit” option on the drop-down panel right before the big green “Convert” button, and then adjust the Video Codec, Bit Rate, Resolution (choose the one Instagram requires), Frame Rate, Audio Codec, Sample Rate, Channel, etc.

Manage downloaded Facebook videos

Step 4: Cut YouTube video to meet Instagram video duration requirement

Leawo Video Converter enables to trim video length to remove unwanted clip for Instagram video duration requirement. To cut YouTube video for Instagram, right click the loaded video and then choose “Edit” option. Under "Trim" section, you can directly drag the slide bar to trim video length, or manually input values in "Start Time" and "End Time" box. The clip length can be viewed instantly. Reset it or click "OK" to confirm it.

Manage downloaded Facebook videos

Step 5: Set output directory

Now click the big green “Convert” button. Set output directory in the “Save to” box.

Set output directory

After setting output directory, click the bottom “Convert” button to start to convert YouTube videos for Instagram. You could view all the converting tasks on the converting panel. After converting, you could transfer the converted YouTube video to your mobile devices for uploading to Instagram.
With Leawo Video Converter, you could do more editing work upon YouTube videos before you could transfer downloaded videos to your devices for sharing on Instagram. Just check how to edit videos for complete guidance.

Part 3: Detailed Steps on How to Upload Edited YouTube Video to Instagram

For your convenience, we would like to show you how to upload edited YouTube video to Instagram on your mobile device. Of course, you need to firstly transfer the converted YouTube videos to your mobile devices. Then, follow the below steps to learn how to upload a video to Instagram:

1. Open Instagram app on your phone.

2. Click the plus icon on the Instagram interface.

3. Tap Library (iPhone) or Gallery (Android) at the bottom of the screen.

4. Select the video you’d like to share from your phone’s video store.

Extension: 3 YouTube Video Downloader Apps for Mobile Devices

Sometimes, it would be more convenient for you to upload YouTube videos onto Instagram if you could directly download YouTube video on your mobile devices. Here we have collected 3 wonderful YouTube video downloader apps for your Android mobile devices.

InsTube Free Video & Music Downloader

Set output directory

InsTube Free Video & Music Downloader allows you to download YouTube videos at high speed supporting MP3, MP4, 3GP, as well as M4A formats. Downloading YouTube videos in HD, Full HD, or 4K is at your finger tips with this tool. You can download videos from more than 40 websites apart from YouTube and enjoy them offline.



Videoder is a powerful YouTube video downloader for Android. You can choose from various sites to download the videos, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It allows streaming and downloading of videos in all formats available. You can easily choose from any quality you prefer, and can also share the video from within the app. The app is customizable and comes with an impressive UI. It helps you with a faster downloading speed and also packs different themes, night mode, built-in video player, etc.



TubeMate is an excellent third-party Android video downloader app. It has an elegant interface which is easy to use, and you can download videos from multiple video sharing sites. It comes with a built-in browser where you can access the sites you want. You can download the video from the preferred site.