“Sometimes I notice that a lot of trending movies are available on iTunes store but not available on TV. However, my family enjoy watching movies on our Sharp TV set more than on personal mobile devices. We want to share with each other and connect to each other more during watching movies together. So, is there any method to play iTunes movies on TV? I’d love to know if you can show me how to stream my iTunes movies to TV.”?

To answer your question, let me briefly explain why we can’t directly transfer iTunes M4V videos to USB and then insert our USB to the TV for watching iTunes M4V on TV? There are two types of M4V files, one is DRM-free M4V and the other is DRM M4V, with the major difference lying in DRM protection. If you download a DRM-free M4V from iTunes store, then lucky you. It is almost the same with MP4 and can be compatible to many devices including TV. In this case, you can directly transfer iTunes videos to USB and then to your TV for watching. However, if you download a DRM M4V video from iTunes store, you probably need to remove DRM first and then convert the file to MP4 for playing iTunes movies on TV.

Part 1: Recommendation of iTunes to USB Converter – Leawo Prof. DRM

To remove DRM successfully from iTunes M4V videos, I would recommend Leawo Prof. DRM as it is a professional and all-round converter in iTunes video DRM removal. It works 50X faster than any other converter, supports users to convert iTunes videos in batches, and smoothly synchronizes the converted iTunes videos to iTunes. It is capable of retaining the original audio quality and ensures no quality loss in the end of conversion, which greatly attracts users’ attention. Since there are many such kind of iTunes DRM Removal Program for us to choose from, however, Leawo Prof. DRM has own its superiority and becomes more and more popular. It is worth to try. The below tutorial guide will show you how it can be applied to remove DRM and convert M4V to MP4, and finally transfer iTunes videos to USB for streaming iTunes movies to TV.

Part 2: Guide to convert iTunes movies to play on TV via USB with Leawo Prof. DRM

To move iTunes to USB, remove DRM from iTunes M4V first. To achieve that, you can download a Leawo Prof. DRM first and then follow below steps to get rid of DRM and convert M4V to MP4.

Step 1: Install the Leawo Prof. DRM and launch it on your computer.

Step 2: Drag your iTunes videos to the Home page.

Click Add Files or directly drag your iTunes videos to the main interface. On the bottom of the main interface, set the output file directory to save the MP4 files after conversion is done.


Step 3: Edit the file.

On the right side of the target iTunes video, click the Edit icon to set audio tracks or subtitles for your output MP4 file.


Step 4: Remove and convert iTunes M4V to MP4.

On the bottom of the main interface, click the Convert button. Note that a window may pop up to ask you to trust the computer. In this case, enter your Apple ID and password.


Step 5: Check the conversion process.

The progress bar will show you the conversion process, which tells you how much has been done for a target file. After the conversion is done, you can find your converted MP4 video on the Converted page.


Up to this stage, you have your iTunes videos in MP4 format, which can be directly transfer to USB and then put the video to TV for watching the DRM-free iTunes movies. Check for detailed steps to follow.

Step 1: Open the folder that you specify to save the output file previously. From here you will view the files that have been converted to MP4 in DRM-free format.

Step 2: Insert a USB to your computer. Move the converted files to USB or just copy the files to USB.

Step 3: Pull the USB out and insert it to your TV set.

Now you can freely enjoy playing iTunes movies on TV via USB. Isn’t the whole process simple and easy to manage!

TV has a natural advantage compared to other devices for playing movies, that is to say, the high definition, big size screen and stereo sound effect make movie watching much more enjoyable than that on other devices such as smart phones and computers. However, TV program accommodates less video sources than the internet. Usually, we may need to transfer our desired videos from the internet such as iTunes store to USB and then transfer them to TV. The whole file conversion process sounds complicated but if you find the suitable software, it maybe just a piece of cake to stream iTunes to USB. The above recommended Leawo Prof. DRM is one of the most professional converters in removing DRM from M4V files without hurting the video quality. I have tried a lot converters and Leawo is indeed the most reliable and stable converter ever. You can put a band of files in one time to convert and transfer them all to USB for playing iTunes movies on TV via USB. I am confident you would like it and most important of all, watching iTunes movies on TV is extremely fantastic and enjoyable.