There are many great features in the new iOS 13, a new menu called Website View brings some handy options to browse the we pages, which makes more convenient for us when we are navigating the webpages. One-tap settings included in the menu of Website View allows you to get the text size options changed, get the desktop version of website requested and more. In this article, we are going to show you how to show and hide toolbar in Safari on your iPhone in a simple way.

Part 1: How to show toolbar in Safari

Since iPhone comes into the market, the Safari browser of Apple’s device has the neat feature to jump to the upper side of any opened webpage when you are hitting the status bar. With the launch of iOS 7, the operating system of Apple’s device has been redesigned, the toolbars on the top and the bottom of Safari will shrink or disappear when you scroll down. Consequently, if you want to visit URL field or bookmarks or other features from the toolbars, you have to scroll back on your device. How do I show the toolbar in Safari? Below, you can refer to the specific steps of how to show toolbar in Safari instead of scrolling back.

1. Enter Safari on your iPhone, then navigate to the website you want.
2. When scrolling down, the toolbar on the bottom will disappear from your view, the address field from the top will shrink.
3. For showing the toolbars, hit on the bottom of your device screen on which the toolbar would usually be. Afterwards, it will appear again.

show toolbar in Safari

Part 2: How to hide toolbar in Safari

While you are scrolling down the webpage in Safari from your device, the bottom toolbar will automatically be hidden and the Search field will be minimized on the top. While you are scrolling it back, both of them will appear, that seems to be annoying when you are reading the webpages. With the update of iOS 13, you can hide them to solve the issue of the toolbar. Here you can do as follows:

1. Tap on “AA” from the upper left corner of the Safari to get the Website View menu opened.
2. Choose Hid Toolbar in the menu, Smart Search bar from the top will slim down and only shows URL, which is the same as the disappearance of the bottom toolbar when you scroll down.

hide toolbar

3. When scrolling up or tapping anywhere in the Safari webpages, the toolbar will keep minimized. You can navigate the webpages via hitting on hyperlinks and don’t need to go back to toolbars. Even better, when a link is opened in the new tab or the link is opened in the background, the toolbar can still be hidden from the other tabs. Only when you hit on the minimized Search toolbar from the top will they return to normal. By doing so, the toolbars from the top or the bottom will be hidden or unhidden automatically as usual.

Part 3: How to transfer bookmarks between iPhones

A lot of iPhone users like to access their favorite webpages and then get them saved as bookmarks from Safari. What if you get a new iPhone one day and want to move the bookmarks from your old iPhone to new iPhone? Fortunately, there is a highly recommended method of helping you transfer bookmarks between two different iPhones, which is to use the multi-functional third-party tool Leawo iTransfer to help you finish the bookmarks transfer task with ease.

Leawo iTransfer is a powerful transfer program for iPad, iPhone and iPod. Any transfer issue between iOS devices, iTunes and computer can be greatly solved by using Leawo iTransfer. Up to 12 types of files which include apps, SMS, contacts, music and more can be transferred in a simple and effective way. In addition, Leawo iTransfer is an awesome backup tool for iPhone, iPad and iPod to prevent against data loss. Apart from this, Leawo iTransfer is also an excellent music manager to help you get the playlists of iOS devices or iTunes managed well with no constrains.

The main feature of Leawo iTransfer:

1. Leawo iTransfer provides perfect solution to transfer multiple kinds of files between iOS devices, iTunes and computer.
2. Based on the technology of scanning and transferring, Leawo iTransfer is able to finish the transfer task in a safe and rapid way.
3. This professional and powerful data transfer tool assures 100% safety and reliability during the transfer process. Moreover, no data loss and overwriting will happen unless it is chosen to delete in a manual way.
4. The customer-oriented design will guide you on how to do in each step and the easy-to-use interface enables the user to operate in a simple way without any professional skills required.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

If you usually browse lots of webpages in Safari and save them in your bookmarks, there must be a great number of bookmarks needed to transfer between your two iPhone, how to transfer your bookmarks from your old iPhone to new iPhone in high efficiency without data loss, there is no doubt that Leawo iTransfer is absolutely a useful and handy transfer tool for you finish this heavy task. Now let’s go ahead and see how to transfer bookmarks from iPhone to iPhone by using the versatile third-party tool Leawo iTransfer. Below, you can see the full tutorials of the specific steps for you to follow.

Step 1. Connect your old iPhone and new iPhone to the computer at the same time, then launch Leawo iTransfer on your computer as well. After that, both of your iPhones will be recognized and detected automatically, then the libraries of the two iPhones will be shown in the left sidebar simultaneously. Hit on the name of your old iPhone and then choose the library of your old iPhone from the left column.

Run Leawo iTransfer

Step 2. Click on “Bookmarks” tab below the library of old iPhone. The specific content of bookmarks will be shown on the right part. You can choose all the bookmarks for transfer by checking the square checkbox next to “Name”. Or you also can choose certain bookmarks by holding the key “Ctrl/Shift” and having right-click on the bookmarks that you have selected for transferring, at last, choose the option “Transfer to > iPhone”.


Step 3. After you have chosen the option “Export” , a dialog will pop up and you need to set a directory to save bookmarks.


After that, you can transfer the bookmarks by clicking "Import" while connecting another iPhone to your PC. The whole transfer process will take a while to finish, once the transfer is completed, you can view your bookmarks on Safari from your new iPhone as normal.

Now you have mastered the skills of how to show and hide toolbar on Safari quickly, you won’t feel annoyed when you are browsing webpages on Safari, nothing will interrupt your eyes reading on the webpages and you can navigate through the websites on Safari as you like. And you also learn a good way of transferring bookmarks between your two iPhones, if you have got a new iPhone one day suddenly and would like to transfer the great number of bookmarks from your old iPhone to new iPhone, it won’t be a tough issue for you anymore as Leawo iTransfer is a useful transfer tool to help you transfer various kinds of files between iOS devices in an effective way. Since you have known the advantages of Leawo iTransfer, why not go to have a try on this great tool to make your files transfer between iOS devices, iTunes and computer become easy and high efficiency. It is deserved to own such a wonderful transfer tool to help you transfer a large number of files easily and unlimitedly. Leawo iTransfer is a functional tool that has received many good comments from the users, you will never regret on getting such a great transfer tool to help you finish your transfer or backup task. Moreover, you can get your media files managed and organized well via Leawo iTransfer. The uncountable advantages of Leawo iTransfer will be definitely be shown when you have a real experience of using it to help you finish the different kinds of transfer or backup or manage the task. Don’t hesitate anymore, go to have a try and you will find its more value than you expected. Take an action now!