Do you ever remember the song named Despacito, the song which was so popular that you can hear it everywhere in the first half year? There is no doubt that Despacito should be ranked on the top Spanish songs 2018. There are also many fabulous Spanish pop songs energizing your mind. Today, I will lead you to discover a music paradise of popular Spanish songs 2018. Let’s go and see.

Part 1: Top Spanish Songs 2018

In first place, I would like to introduce 5 popular Spanish songs 2018 from the list of top 100 Spanish songs for you.

1. Despacito


As I introduced at the beginning, Despacito is one of the most popular Spanish songs 2018. It is a reggaetion song sung by Luis Fonsi. For what inspired the song, Luis Fonsi said that the song just came up just when he woke up in the morning. He never wondered how the song would be so popular.

2. Bailando


Bailando is sung by Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias, written by all of the artists and produced by Carlos Paucar. It is the six single in Universal Republic Records. This Spanish pop song won Best Urban Performance and Best Urban Song award also at the Latin Grammys 2014.

3. Eres Mia

Eres Mia

When you talk about top 100 Spanish songs, Eres Mia will be always the first song coming to my mind. Sung by Romeo Santos, this Spanish pop song was released as fourth single from Formula, Vol.2 on February 25,2014. It won wide applause from the listeners. It is no doubt one of top 100 Spanish songs.

4. Odio


Odio can be said to be one of best Spanish songs. The frisky rhythm and strong beat of this Spanish song invigorate you and make you more energetic. Odio is written and performed by American singer Romeo Santos. It is also one of popular Spanish songs in American and even one of songs in the chart of Hot Latin Songs.

5. 6 AM


6 AM is the fourth single from La Familia of J Balvin’s debut studio album. The song is nominated for Best Urban Performance and Best Urban Song at 15th Latin Grammy Awards. As one of the most popular Spanish songs in American, 6 AM won the Billboard Latin Music Award for Latin Rhythm Airplay Song of the Year in 2015.

In case that you would like to listen to more Spanish songs, here recommends top 20 Spanish songs for you.

1. Despacito – Luis Fonsi
2. Bailando – Enrique Iglesias
3. Eres Mia – Romeo Santos
4. Propuesta Indecente 
5. Odio – Romeo Santos
6. 6 AM – J Balvin
7. El Perdedor – Enrique Iglesias
8. Quien Se Anima – Gerardo Ortiz
9. Adrenalina – Wisin
10. Tus Latidos – Calibre 50 Contigo

11. El Amor No Se Puede Olvidar – Pimpinel
12. Amor Confuso – Gerardo Orti
13. Amor Clandestino – Maná
14. Amor Inmortal – Chayanne
15. El Amor – El Amor
16. Amor Eterno – Cristian Castro
17. El Amor – Tito "El Bambino"
18. Amor Prohibido – Selena
19. Amor Mio, Que me Has Hecho?
20. Amor – Cristian

Part 2: How to Download Best Spanish Music Free via Leawo Music Recorder

As we all know, many songs are charged. Is there any way to make Spanish songs free download without loss? Of course, today I will introduce a very useful tool named Leawo Music Recorder for you. With sleek and modern interface, this recording tool does help to actualize Spanish songs MP3 free download. It can record songs from different sources like computer disk, microphone, online and so on. It will automatically filter noises and make sure the good sound quality of your recordings. What’s more, you can change bit rate and sample rate to enhance sound quality. Plus, when you download music, you can add music tags like album name, song title, album image, year and the like. Now let’s see how to enable best Spanish music free download.


Leawo Music Recorder 

☉ Record any sound from computer and microphone audio.
☉ Record from 1000+ music sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc.
☉ Schedule music recording via recording task scheduler.
☉ Automatically/manually add tags: artist, album, etc.
☉ Save recordings to either WAV or MP3 format.

1. Choose audio source


To make Spanish songs free download, you need to click on little microphone icon to enter the interface of "Settings". Choose either "Record Computer Audio" or "Record Audio Input" based on your need. Since we are going to do Spanish songs MP3 free download online, I recommend you to choose "Computer Audio".

2. Set an output directory


Go to "General" in the same interface and click on the folder icon to set an output directory as you like. You can also change languages here.

3. Set parameter


At the top of the pop-up window, click on "Format" and you can change bit rate and sample rate. Also, choose MP3 as the output format.

4. Start recording


Locate the Spanish song you would like to download. Click on the red recording icon at top left corner and then play Spanish songs to make best Spanish music free download. After the song is done, click on the red recording icon again to stop recording.

5. Edit music tag


Leawo Music recorder can automatically download music tags. However, if you are not satisfactory at those tags, you can go to "Media" page and right click the recording to choose "Edit Music Tags" to edit music tags like album name, year, etc.

Video Demo of How to Use Leawo Music Recorder