Encountering colors messed up issue on your iPhone will get you annoyed, there is no doubt that it takes lots of troubles to you especially when you are watching videos or motion movies on your iPhone. Color shifts or color inaccuracy or display strains might irritate your anger when you are using your machine. And no one expects to get such a bad smartphone that cannot offer display screen in good quality. This may be the display screen problem that some iPhone 11 users meet when their devices update to iOS 13. You may ask “How do I fix messed up screen on my iPhone?” Luckily, this article will teach some great solutions to this issue. Just keep on reading and you will find the solution to suit your needs.

Solution 1: Reboot your iPhone 11

Rebooting your device can help you fix lots of errors after the update and display screen colors at the same time. It keeps to a simple logic that can refresh your iPhone system and eliminate the glitches brought from the latest update on your iPhone. There are two options for you to reboot your iPhone. One option is to have a soft reset on your iPhone, which screen commands and the process of common reset are used in it. Here you can follow the steps as below:
1. Press and hold down the Power button and one of the Volume buttons at the same time within several seconds.
2. Get the two buttons released when the prompt Slide to Power off shows up on iPhone screen.
3. Swipe Power off slider to the right side to get your iPhone turned off.

After a while, press and hold down the Power button one more time till the Apple logo can be seen on the screen.


The second option is to have a force start on your iPhone. This is usually used to restart your iPhone when the touch screen can not operate normally. You can have a try as below:
1. Press down and then release Volume Up button rapidly.
2. Press down and then release Volume Down button rapidly.
Finally, press down and hold the Power button within a few seconds till the Apple logo can be seen on the screen.

Once you have rebooted your iPhone, check whether the issues of screen colors are still existing. If the issues have been repaired, get all apps from your device updated. You should note that some problems on your device like the issues of color screen also can be caused by malfunctioning apps. Apps updating will guarantee to prevent some future problems that are caused by the apps which are in old version and erratic. You can refer to the following steps to update all apps on your iPhone.
1. Tap on App store on your device Home screen to launch it.
2. Tap on Today option from the bottom.
3. Hit on the icon of user profile from the upper right corner of the device screen.
4. Account details can be seen.
5. Slide down to the section of Available Updates.
6. Hit on Update beside the app to get the individual apps updated.
7. Hit on Update All to get all apps to update at the same time.
Your iPhone can be rebooted once the apps have been updated, which can make necessary changes implement and get dump cache removed.

Solution 2: Reset iPhone device to fix screen colors issue

If the first solution cannot fix the screen colors issue on your iPhone 11, you can have a try on resetting your device to the values and options by default. Improper settings on your iPhone also can lead to screen color issues, as some features cannot work normally because of the invalid information. You can follow the procedure as below:
1. Tap on Settings app on your device’s Home screen.
2. Tap on General tab.
3. Scroll down until you see the Reset option and then choose it.
4. Enter your iPhone’s password when the prompt pops up.
5. Then choose to get all settings reset confirmed.

After that, your iPhone will restart in an automatic way when the reset is completed. Once it has restarted and ran, check whether the issue has been fixed.

Extension: Backup your iPhone before resetting

It is a great idea to backup your iPhone before resetting so that you can retrieve the data you need and prevent something goes wrong. Therefore, backing up iPhone to prevent data loss before resetting is an important step to guarantee that no data will get lost even a factory set has been performed. You can back up the files from your iPhone to the computer in a simple way with a great third-party tool — Leawo iOS Data Recovery.

Leawo iOS Data Recovery is an all-in-one data recovery program for iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod. It is an outstanding iPhone, iPad and iPod data recovery tool to get the deleted or lost data recovered for different models of iOS devices. No matter what causes the data loss, it can recover the data without any limit. More than 14 kinds of data can be recovered in a simple way. In addition, Leawo iOS Data Recovery can also enable people to backup locked iPhone.

Leawo iOS Data Recovery is a multi-functional data recovery tool due to its powerful features as below:
1. Based on the advanced technology of recovering, the data from iPhone, iPad and iPoad can be recovered easily. Despite the loss data may be caused by iOS update, device jailbroken, mistaken deletion or other occasions, all the lost or deleted or damaged data can be recovered in original quality.
2. Three recovery modes are supported by this data recovery tool, which includes iOS device data recovery mod, iTunes data recovery mode and iCloud data recovery mode.
3. Up to 14 types of data can be recovered in a safe, accurate and rapid way. You are even allowed to get the data previewed and then choose the data that you want to recover.
4. Easy-to-use operation interface provides each clear step to guide users what should do in the next step. Even you are a novice, it can be used in a smooth and convenient way.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

Here you have known so many advantages of Leawo iOS Data Recovery, you might want to take an action to experience in backing up your iPhone with an effortless way. Below we will show you a full tutorial of how to back up your iPhone to prevent against data loss before resetting in the specific steps.

Two modes are supported for backing up the data from iPhone/iPad/iPod, one is Normal mode, the other is DFU mode. Normal mode can back up the data which includes Messages, Contacts, Call History, Notes and more. While DFU mode can not only back up what Normal mode does but also can back up the data like Photo stream, Message attachment, Camera roll and so on. However, only iPhone 4 and iPod touch is supported by DFU mode. Normal mode is available for all iOS devices.

Step 1. Run Leawo iOS Data Recovery on your computer and then click on the first tab from the interface of the software.

Run Leawo iOS Data Recovery

Step 2. Afterwards, connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable. Then choose your device model from the bottom list and click on “Start” button to begin scanning your iPhone. The whole scanning process will be finished after a while.

choose iPhone model

Step 3. Once the scanning process is completed, all the data from your iPhone will be listed in the left sidebar. When you click on the item from the left sidebar, the specific files will be shown on the right part of the window.

Step 4. Check all the data that you want to back up and then click on the “Recover” button from the right corner bottom.

check all the data to back up

Step 5. A dialog will pop up and require you to choose an output folder to save the backed up files from your iPhone. Click on “Open” button beside the “Save to” box and you can select a location to save the data that you want to back up. Additionally, you can select the option “Automatically open the output folder after finishing recover” below the “Save to” option to make the output folder open by itself once the back up process is completed. Finally, click on “Go” button to begin backing up data from your iPhone to computer.

To sum up, iPhone 11 screen colors messed up issues can be fixed in two solutions as mentioned above. No matter that solution you will choose, to back up your iPhone is an essential step to help you prevent data loss on your device. Since Leawo iOS Data Recovery is a perfect data backup tool to contribute in protecting the data on your iPhone, why not try on it and take a good experience in backing up your iPhone data in a simple way? Go to download the trial version to experience the value of this great back up tool.