Hulu is one of the leading premium streaming services (along with other competitors like HBO Max, Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, Netflix and Amazon Prime etc). Hulu offers you live and on-demand TV, anime series, and movies, with and without commercials. You can get Hulu from as little as $5.99 a month (supported with ads), or $11.99 for an ad-free tier. There are also four premium add-ons for Hulu, which include HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz, which should give you access to the movies and TV shows from those services. Some of the most popular TV shows on Hulu include Freaks and Geeks, Atlanta, The Great and of course Bob’s Burgers. You can watch Hulu directly on your smartphone, smart TV, Apple TV, game console or from your computer. Now think of a situation where you want to stream Hulu, only to get the Hulu error 94 (yep, it sucks and it can spoil the mood). How can the Hulu error 94 be fixed? We will explore that in this guide.

Part 1: What is Hulu error 94?

When you attempt to stream hulu, you could encounter Hulu error 94, which could be indicative of the internet connection being used by the device or a possible incompatibility between the device and the application. Basically, this error is triggered by multiple causes which are as follow:


  • Possible cause one: Internet Connection
  • If the internet connection being used has not enough upstream and downstream speed, it can prevent the application from being able to maintain a stable connection with its servers. The end result is error 94.

  • Possible cause two: Outdated Application
  • The streaming process is generally affected by an outdated application, because the servers are constantly updated to accommodate new enhancements. Obviously, an outdated application may not have those enhancements.

  • Possible cause three: Corrupt cache
  • Hulu configurations are always cached, so that whenever you use the service everything is quick (they are cached to decrease loading times, and to provide a more smooth experience). In rare occasions, the cached configurations might get corrupted, which will only cause them to hijack the app or website.

  • Possible cause four: VPN
  • Most often, people use VPN services to hide their locations from servers, or even to get access to Hulu outside of the supported regions. The VPN connection can sometimes cause incompatibility between the servers and your ISP. That is because the server might flag your connection as suspicious if you are masking your location.

    Part 2: Solutions to fix Hulu error 94

    If you have been wondering why does Hulu keep saying error 94?, you have come to the right place. Fortunately, every error that you are going to encounter when using Hulu has a fix, and we will therefore present five solutions that you can try for fixing this error.

    Solution 1: Force stop Hulu

    If the Hulu error 94 is not going anywhere (which could be frustrating to say the least), you could try force stopping the application. This method only works with mobile applications, since Hulu does not have a native desktop application for Windows or Mac computers. Force stopping an app is recommended when trying to fix a misbehaving app, because it will kill the current running instance of that app, rendering it unable to access any of its cache files.

    On iOS

    Force stopping an app takes less than three steps. All you need to do is to double press the home button, or swipe up (if you are using the newer iOS devices without the home button) to review all apps running in the background. When you find the Hulu application, swipe up to dismiss it, and you should be good to go.


    On Android

    Open the settings application and scroll down and tap on 'Application Manager’. From there, scroll down to the 'Downloaded' list and tap the Hulu app. Finally, tap “Force Stop” to fully close the application on your device.


    Solution 2: Deactivate and Reactivate Device

    Some users who faced Hulu error 94 reported that deactivating and reactivating the device also fixed this problem. Fortunately, Hulu makes this process very easy as they allow you to activate a new device at any time, and remove any device from your account when not in use anymore. These are the activation and deactivation steps provided by the Hulu support center:

  • Activating a new device with an activation code
  • Step 1: Launch the Hulu app, or open the website from your computer.
    Step 2: Log In to your account, then choose “Activate on a computer”. The next screen will give you an activation code which you should take note of.
    Step 3: Go to your “Account” page, then look for the Watch Hulu on “Your Devices” section.
    Step 4: Enter the unique code that is displayed on your TV screen and within 30 seconds, and the device should be activated.

  • Deactivating a device
  • Step 1: Follow all the steps above on how to activate a new device, until you get to the “Your Devices” section.
    Step 2: Click “Remove” next to the device you wish to deactivate.

    Note: You may be prompted to enter your password.

    Solution 3: Power cycle your device

    Power cycling your equipment (computers, and network devices) is a fast and easy way to get things working again without the assistance of a repair technician. Basically, if you power cycle your devices and equipment, you could fix the Hulu error 94. That is because the ‘repair’ is performed on all the devices involved (the computer trying to perform the stream, and the network device being used by the computer). Therefore, refer to the steps below:


    Step 1: Completely shut down your computer. Do this from your computer’s start menu. It is necessary to ensure that you completely shut down the computer, and not hibernate or put it into sleep.
    Step 2: Unplug the computer from all sources of power, and unplug your network devices from power.
    Step 3: Leave all the equipment unplugged for about a minute. This will ensure that all residual power remaining drains from the equipment.
    Step 4: Connect the devices to power, and turn them on again.

    Solution 4: Disable the VPN connection

    If you are using a VPN to stream Hulu, then it might be the culprit causing the Hulu loading error 94. If you are seeing this error, it could be because Hulu has blocked the IP address of your VPN server, or simply because your VPN is not supported. Therefore, you should disable the VPN connection. When you have disabled your VPN connection, try connecting to Hulu without a VPN (it should work well without issues, as long as you are viewing from a supported region) or choose another IP address that is supported by Hulu from your VPN. You can also try switching to another VPN that fully supports Hulu.


    Solution 5: Clear cache or cookies

    If you encounter Hulu error 94, especially from a web browser then try to clear the cache and cookies. As you use your web browser (for example, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge etc.,) it saves some information from websites in the form of cache and cookies. With time, you could start experiencing problems like loading or formatting issues on sites, which could also trigger some errors. When you have cleared your cache and cookies, your browser will behave as if its new (with the exception of your saved settings of course), and some sites might be slower since everything might need to be loaded again.


    Part 3: Most common Hulu errors

    If Hulu keeps buffering or freezing, that is unfortunately not the only error that you are going to encounter while you are trying to use this streaming service. In fact, there are lots of errors that you could encounter, and the good thing is most all of them can be resolved. For instance you could download the videos for offline playback with Leawo Free Blu-ray Player, or try other recommended actions from Hulu themselves.

    Some of the most common Hulu errors:

      1. Error code: 16. If you try to stream Hulu from a region or location that is not officially supported by this service, then you will get this error.

      2. Error code: 3(-996). This code is triggered when the Hulu app is unable to load a show, which is indicative of an internet problem.

      3. Error code: 3307 to 3343. These codes pop-up when you try to watch protected content on a device that does not fully support it. Moreover, it can also be a momentary glitch.

      4. Error code: 400. This indicates problems with your account information. Basically, it prevents the Hulu app from working correctly on a mobile or streaming device.

      5. Error code: 500. It is most commonly experienced when using the Hulu website, but can also be encountered on a streaming device. It is a server error.

      6. Error code: 5003. This is a playback error that usually indicates a problem with your device, or the app on your device.

      7. Error code: BYA-403-007. This error could appear, when probably experiencing a partial outage that only affects some of their content.