What is Error Failed 2? It refers to Runtime error found in Windows system. It usually shows up in YTD Video Downloader. If Failed 2 error can be found from YTD Video Downloader, that means either the faulty hardware or software is existing in your computer, you must get it fixed as soon as possible. What would happen if you meet a “YTD video downloader failed (2) error”? Your computer may get freeze or locked up randomly. Computer programs may shutdown or crashes may happen on your computer. Your machine may run slowly and you will take a long time to reboot it. But, don’t worry, in this post, we will show you how to fix the "failed 2" error in the YTD video downloader.

Part 1: Causes of YTD "Failed 2" Error

YTD “Failed 2” Error shows up due to the programs which runs at the same time is incompatible with each other. This error also easily occurs when memory problem is exiting or the graphic driver is terrible or the virus gets infected. No matter what causes the error, we should take an action to fix the problem and prevent any further issue to occur.


Here are some solutions to fix the error.

Solution 1: Update/Reinstall YTD Video Downloader

If Failed 2 error happens because of YTD Video Downloader, updating or reinstalling YTD Video Downloader can be tried to resolve the problem.

If you are running Windows XP, please refer to the following steps for installation:

1. Hit on “Start Menu”.
2. Hit on “Control Panel”.
3. Choose the program icon “Add or Remove”.
4. Find the program which has Error Failed 2 popped up.
5. Hit on the button Change/Remove from the right side.
6. Instructions will be given by the pop-up uninstaller. Hit on “OK” or “Next” or “Yes” till the uninstalled process is finished.
7. Get the software re-installed.

Solution 2: Run Disk Cleanup

When the free space is low on your computer, you might encounter error Failed 2 easily. In this case, you must consider getting your files backed up and releasing more space from your hard drive. You also can get your cache cleared and make your computer reboot. Alternatively, you can run disk cleanup by opening the explorer window and having right click on your main directory, then clicking on Properties and choosing Disk Cleanup.

Solution 3: Reset IE Explorer Settings

If “Failed 2” error is caused by the problem of Internet Explorer, you can reset IE explorer settings as follows:

For Windows 7

1. Click on Start and enter Control Panel
2. Click on Internet Options from the left side.
3. Click on Advanced tab and then click on Reset button.

For Windows 8 and 10

1. Click on Search and then type into Internet Options
2.Enter Advanced tab and then click on Reset.

Solution 4: Use Another Reliable Software Instead

Since YTD Video Downloader always has “Failed 2” error occured, why have a try on another reliable video downloader as a substitute? Here we will show you an excellent video downloading software Leawo Video Downloader instead of YTD Video Downloader.

Leawo Video Downloader is a powerful online video downloading program, it is capable of downloading videos from above 1000 sites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo and more. Most of videos that you can find from the internet can be downloaded without limit via this video downloader.


What are the main features of Leawo Video Downloader?

1. It is a perfect video downloading program for high-resolution videos, 720P and 1080P HD videos are supported for downloading. You can download kinds of HD video from different online video sharing sites smoothly and don’t worry any Failed 2 Error occurs.

2. Based on the advanced technology of video loading, you can download various kinds video from different sites with 6X faster speed.

3. Intuitive and friendly user interface help you set the maximum downloading task, change homepage easily to the one you like, eliminate browsing history with ease and set directory simply for the videos that have been downloaded.

4. Once the video is downloaded, you just need to have 1 click via the internal video player, then the downloaded videos can be played with this video downloader.

5. The precise information of downloaded videos which includes video name, video size, format, resolution and more will be presented on the downloading list clearly.

Hereby, we are going to show you how to use Leawo Video Downloader step by step as below?

Step 1 Download and install the software package Leawo Prof.Media, launch this program and then you will see multiple software modules.

Free Download Free Download


Step 2 Hit on the module Video Downloader, then the internal web browser will be activated, you will be navigated to YouTube. You also can change into other sites by entering the address of your target webpage to the location bar, just hit on Settings from the upper left side and then hit on Downloader.


Step 3 Choose output directory. Click on the gear icon button to make Settings panel pop up. You can choose an output directory for the downloaded videos below “Downloader” tab.


Step 4 Download Video. Once a video link is opened, the downloadable sources in kinds of formats and resolutions will be detected. Hit on “Download” button to begin video downloading.


Step 5 Have a check on downloading process. Hit on “Downloading” tab beside the location bar, you can check the videos which are downloaded currently.


Step 6 Downloading is completed. Once the video is finished downloading, hit on “Downloaded” option to enter the list of the videos that have been downloaded, all the downloaded videos can be sorted by Name, Size, Length and more.


Extras: How to Play Downloaded Videos on PC Smoothly?

To play downloaded video on PC smoothly, an awesome media player is necessary. Where to find a perfect media player? Here Leawo Blu-ray player is highly recommended.

Leawo Free Blu-ray Player offers a good solution to all media playback. It is not only a free player for Blu-ray disc, but also DVD disc, HD video, ISO file and audio can be played freely as well. As a free Blu-ray player, Blu-ray discs, BDAV movie folder as well Blu-ray ISO image files all can be played for totally free. At the meantime, it acts well in playing any regional DVD disc without any limit, DVD folder as well as DVD ISO image files also can be played for free. Furthermore, it is available for 4K/HD video, which delivers sharp image and good audio quality. Besides that, it can play video in kinds of formats like MKV, WPL, MP4, TS and VC-1.

Apart from this, Leawo Blu-ray player also serves well in converting Blu-ray/DVD to MKV with premium version. Any Blu-ray disc or DVD disc from all regions can be converted into MKV output formats without quality loss, getting everything from the source files preserved.

  • Leawo Blu-ray Player
  • Leawo Blu-ray Player

    Region-free Blu-ray player software to play Blu-ray disc and DVD disc for free, regardless of disc protection and region restriction.
    Play 4K FLV videos, 4K MKV videos, 4K MP4 videos, etc. without quality loss.
    Play 1080P videos, 720P videos with lossless quality.

How to Play Downloaded Videos with Leawo Blu-ray player on your PC? Hereby, we are going to show you a full tutorial as below and you can follow the steps to perform your playing task with ease.

Step 1. Load the source files of downloaded videos

Run Leawo Blu-ray Player on your PC and then you will see an intuitive interface with multiple options. Hit on the respective buttons to get the source files uploaded for playback. As we need to upload the downloaded videos files to the program, we should click on green button “Open File” to get the videos browsed and loaded for playback.


Step 2. [Options] Subtitle, video and audio settings

Once you have loaded the source media files, Leawo Blu-ray player would begin to play. You can make 4 icons show up by moving your mouse to title area. You can set subtitle by hitting on “Subtitle” option (the first one among these 4 icons).


You also can set video or audio by clicking to “Video” or “Audio” icon from top left corner, or you can right click to the main interface and then select “Video” or “Audio” options to go to the respective settings panel, in which you can do video or audio settings as you need for playback.