Facetime is one of the popular media apps on the iPhone, which is similar to Messenger, offering multiple functions to smartphone users in communication. With the continuous development, the advanced features of audio and video call have been entrenched in the messaging platforms. To avoid getting in dilemma, more amazing and convenient features are ensured in the platform of audio and video call by Apple. So, FaceTime updates constantly to facilitate Apple users to insist on using the built-in service of video and audio calls. Though the FaceTime updates to the latest version, errors are totally unavoidable and suppressed. And most of time, some errors of FaceTime are caused by the update. This article attempts to troubleshoot the connection error of FaceTime on iPhone. How do I fix poor connection on FaceTime? Move on and find some solutions to this issue.


Solution 1: Refresh internet connection and reopen FaceTime app

The error of FaceTime is probably caused by internet connection. So, to reboot the Wi-Fi connection of your iPhone is a must. Slow speediness of internet connection or intermittent connection or connection lost can be a direct way to cause the apps and its service to end working or have errors. That may be the problem the FaceTime is facing. In this scenario, you can refresh your networking connection as the following instructions:

1.Enter Settings app on your iPhone and then go to Wi-Fi menu. Afterwards, enable and disable your Wi-Fi connection by toggling the switch button.
In addition, you can get access to the control of Wi-Fi connection via the Control Center. You just need to open the control center and then switch the icon button of Wi-Fi connection to off and on position so that you can reboot and refresh the internet connection on your iPhone.

There is another way of restarting Wi-Fi connection on your iPhone, that is to toggle the Airplane mode. You can refer to the steps as below to have a try.
1.Tap on Settings app on your iPhone’s Home screen.
2.Choose Airplane mode.
3.Switch the button of Airplane Mode to On position. By doing this, the wireless connections and the related functions of your iPhone will be disabled.
4.Have a reboot or soft reboot on your iPhone when the Airplane mode is enabled.
5.Once your iPhone has been restarted, return to Settings app and go to Airplane Mode.
6.Turn off Airplane Mode one more time by toggling the switch button. Wait for a while then the wireless connections on your iPhone will be re-established.

Solution 2: Log back into your Apple account

The changes of recent update might cause the login of Apple account to expired date. In consequence, logging out of the FaceTime account may trigger en error. In order to fix this issue, you need to log out of and then log back into Apple ID account to get the credentials of your account refreshed and then re-authorize the FaceTime to login. Hereby, you can try as follows:
1.Launch Settings app on your iPhone.
2.Choose FaceTime.
3.Tap on it and choose your Apple ID.
4.Tap on Sign Out to go ahead.
5.Log back with your Apple ID and passcode.

If you would like to use another Apple ID instead, you also can have a try as the above-mentioned steps.

Additionally, check whether your Apple ID account has listed your present phone number. The old phone number or fix-line phone number will cause FaceTime errors. You can follow the steps as below:
1.Disable FaceTime.
2.While it has been turned off, enter Settings app.
3.Choose Apple ID Profile.
4.Select Name, Phone Number and Email.
5.Slide to the section of Reachable At.
6.Make an essential change on the listed iPhone and email account. Once this information has been updated, turn on FaceTime again.

Afterwards, check whether the error of FaceTime connection has been fixed.

Solution 3: Reset iPhone/Re-download FaceTime app

If the above two solutions are unable to fix the error of FaceTime connection, then you can try to reset your iPhone or re-download FaceTime. The following steps can help you reset your iPhone:
For iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max and Xr:
1.Press and hold the two button one the side which include the Top button and one Volume button within a few seconds, then you can see a prompt Slide to Power Off to show on your device screen when you release the two buttons.
2.Swipe the slider to off position to get your iPhone powered off completely.
3.After a while, press and hold Top button one more time till you see Apple logo to appear on your phone screen.

For iPhone 8, 8Plus or the previous models, you can do as follows:
1.Press and hold the Power button in a few seconds till you see a slider Power off to show up.
2.Switch the slider to off position to get your device powered off.
3.After a while, press and hold the Power button again till you see the Apple logo to appear.

Once your iPhone has been finished restarting, then enable Wi-Fi connection. After that, run FaceTime app one more time and check whether error has been fixed.

Extension: How to Recover Call History on iPhone

Call history on your iPhone includes missed calls, incoming calls and outgoing calls from your iPhone, which might make your privacy easily reveal and even take you into trouble. Thus, lots of iPhone users may delete their call history to protect their privacy. This is a good idea to prevent your privacy against spying. But, removing call records from your iPhone also get you into some trouble, such as when all the call records are cleared from your iPhone, you may find that you have forgotten to get your call history checked and choose some important call history to maintain and save in Contacts app. In this case, you may ask how I can recover the deleted call history from iPhone if I delete the important call number accidentally. Don’t worry. Keep on reading and you could get a great way of recovering the call history easily with an outstanding third-party tool Leawo iOS Data Recovery.

Leawo iOS Data Recovery is an integrated data recovery program for iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod. It is an excellent iPhone, iPad and iPod data recovery tool to get the data from all models of iOS devices recovered in a simple way. No matter what leads to the data loss, mistaken deletion or device broken or other occasions. More than 14 types of data are supported for recovery. In addition, Leawo iOS Data Recovery is a great data backup program to back up iPhone notes.

What benefit can you gain from Leawo iOS Data Recovery?
1.This program is not only a wonderful data recovery tool but also a perfect data back up software for iPhone, iPad and iPod.
2.There are 3 recovery modes of data recovery available for your selection.
3.No matter what reasons cause the data loss, iOS update, device jailbroken or other occasions, the data can be recovered from iPhone, iPad and iPod effectively.
4.With the help of Leawo iOS Data Recovery, speediness, safety and accuracy are assured during the recovering process. You are even allowed to preview and choose the data you need for recovery.

Hereby, we will show you a full tutorial of how to recover history call on your iPhone in the following steps.

There are two modes of recovering data from iOS devices, which include Normal mode and DFU mode. The data covering Messages, Contacts, WhatsApp, Notes, Call History and more can be recovered under Normal mode. While, DFU mode not only can recover what Normal mode recover, but also it can data including Camera roll, Photo stream, Photo Library, Message attachments, Voice memos and WhatsApp attachments. However, only iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4 are supported by DFU mode. While all iOS devices are supported under Normal mode.

Step 1: Run Leawo iOS Data Recovery on your computer and then click on the first selection from the main interface of the software. Afterwards, connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable.

choose mode

Step 2: After connecting your iPhone to the computer, choose your iPhone model from the bottom device list. Then click on the Start button to begin scanning your iPhone.

scan data

Step 3: After the scanning process is completed. All the data from your device is listed on the left sidebar. You can select to get the deleted data viewed only by checking the option Only display the deleted items. Afterwards, all the data that can be recovered from your device is displayed on the left column. And the specific files are shown on the right part. Choose “Call history” from the left sidebar and the related files can be seen on the right. Check the call history that you want to recover and then click on “Recover” button from the right corner bottom.

recover call history

Step 4: A dialog will pop up and ask you to choose an output directory for saving the recovered call history. Click on “Open” button to set an output directory to save the call history files on your computer. You also can choose the option “Automatically open the output folder after finishing recover” below “Save to” option to let the output folder open in an automatic way once the recovering is finished. After that, click on “Go” button to begin recovering call history from iPhone to your computer.