Have you ever encountered that when your Plex Media Player has something transcoded, the Error code will come up suddenly? Whatever for 4K content or Full HD content or downloading video definition from 1080p to 480p, this error always shows up. How to prevent this error from appearing to disturb us while using Plex Media Player? And how to fix this error if we meet this error code? In this post, we are going to show you several solutions to fix this issue and also will recommend another awesome media player as a good substitute for Plex Media Player. Now let’s move on and have a look.

What is ‘Error code: s1001(network)’?

When playback error code S1001(Network) comes up in Plex Media Player, that means there are something wrong with Plex Media Player inside. The potential causes are listed below for your reference.


1. The most common cause to trigger the s1001 error code is the terrible update, which leads to the inconsistency of Plex server.

2. When users get the box of Movie pre-roll video populated in the Extras menu from the Plex server menu, this error code will come up. In this situation, you have to clear the links in the box of Movie pre-roll video so that the error code issue can be fixed.

3. In some cases, the corrupted entries in the local database of the Plex server also may lead to this error code. To fix this issue, running a series of commands like Command Prompt can solve the problem of error code.

4. If the third-party internet firewall or anti-virus software is being used on your computer, it also becomes the possibility to interrupt your connection prematurely positively for Plex Media server. Under this circumstance, the disability of the real-time protection or uninstallation of an overprotective suite can be done to fix the issue.

Several ways to fix this error

Hereby, we will show you several solutions to the error code s1001 (network) as below, you can try to see which solution would be the best one to suit your needs.


Solution 1: Then reinstallation of Plex server

The most common cause to the error code is a terrible update. If your Plex version hasn’t been updated or an older version was installed in the recent time, which may cause an error code: s1001(network). In this scenario, you can reinstall Plex server to fix this issue so that all the remnant problems can be removed from the previous updates.

Solution 2: Get rid of custom URLs in the Extras menu

If solution 1 is not workable for you, the possibility of the error code may be caused by the custom URLs which are stored in the option Settings > Extras menu. But if the account of Plex media player is new, this solution is not available as there is no opportunity to block the streaming with custom URLs. Most of the users confirmed that the error code issue has been fixed once they get rid of the custom URL in Movie pre-roll video.

Solution 3. Fix corrupted database of Plex

Since solution 1 and 2 cannot be workable for you, it’s time to consider handling with the corrupted database of Plex Media Player. Under this circumstance, the error code issued can be fixed via the elevated Command Prompt that can get the corrupted database repaired so as to solve the problem of error code s1001(network).

Solution 4. Disable the interference from the third-party software

If the above-mentioned solution cannot work well for the error code issue, you can try to disable the third-party security tool like firewall or anti-virus software. That would be the possibility to make your Plex Media server as the potential safety thread that ends up the repair of Plex error code. In this case, you can get your real-time protection from the third-party tool like Firewall or Antivirus disabled. Mostly, this can be done directly via the antivirus icon from the tray bar.

Extra Content: Another superb media player for both Windows and Mac users - Leawo Blu-ray Player

Since Plex Media Player always has the error code s1001(network) come up and you have to find a solution to fix this issue every time when the error code appears, which takes a lot of trouble and convenience to you in the case that you are enjoying your favourite movie, so it may become an annoying interference during your movie enjoyment and get you annoyed about error code coming up. You may be wondering if there is another super media player as a good alternative to Plex Media Player. Of course, the answer is YES! Here we are going to show you the powerful Leawo Blu-ray Player which is absolutely deserved and highly recommended to you.

Leawo Blu-ray Player is a free tool which offers a perfect solution to all media playback, this media player tool is totally free. It serves well in playing Blu-ray disc, DVD disc, HD video, and audio. As a free tool for playing Blu-ray disc, it not only can play Blu-ray disc for totally free, but also it can play Blu-ray ISO image files as well as BDAV movie folder. Whatever the disc comes with a commercial or homemade version, Leawo Blu-ray Payer can play it without any limit.

  • Leawo Blu-ray Player
  • Leawo Blu-ray Player

    Region-free Blu-ray player software to play Blu-ray disc and DVD disc for free, regardless of disc protection and region restriction.
    Play 4K FLV videos, 4K MKV videos, 4K MP4 videos, etc. without quality loss.
    Play 1080P videos, 720P videos with lossless quality.

Hereby, we will show you a full tutorial of how to play your media files with Leawo Blu-ray player on a computer. You can follow the specific steps below to begin a great movie experience at home.

Step 1. Run Leawo Free Blu-ray Player on your computer

Then you will be guided to an intuitive interface with three options. Click on the respective buttons, you can upload your media files for playback correspondingly.


Click on the button Open File to get your video browsed and loaded for playback.

Step 2. [Optional] Subtitle, video and audio settings

Once you have loaded your source media files to the program, the media player will begin to play. You can set subtitles, video, and audio during playback. To set subtitle, you can show up 4 icons by moving the mouse to the title area, then click to “Subtitle” icon to make settings for the subtitle, you also can right click to the main interface to make subtitle panel settings pop up and then select “Subtitles” option to make settings.

To set video, you can click to “Videos” icon from the upper left corner, or you can have right click on the main interface and select “Video” to get Video Settings display, in which you can do settings for video during playback.

To set audio, you can click on “Audio” icon from the top left corner or you can have right click to the main interface, then select “Audio” to make audio settings like audio volume, amplification, offset, stream, output and so on.

Leawo Free Blu-ray Player is a multi-functional tool that it won’t have any error code appeared to interrupt your enjoyment of your favourite movie. Its versatile features do a great job of playing kinds of media files with different formats. So now why not have a try on this program to start a super movie experience in your own way?