Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod run on the iOS (formerly known as iPhone OS) operating system which is specifically designed for this hardware. It uses multi-touch gestures to operate the devices. The original design of iOS was skeuomorphic, but the major design change came with iOS 7, which many users referred to as ‘cartoonish’ and Apple still continues with that flat design. iOS is quite unique in comparison to Android, its biggest competitor. iOS apps are almost always first, and are better looking because Android apps contain around 38 percent more code to achieve the same functionality. For that reason, the Apple AppStore has more than 2 million iOS apps available, which makes it the most popular mobile operating system market place for apps. iOS also has multi-tasking capabilities, like Split-view multitasking on the iPad which enables you to open and use 2 apps simultaneously.

The other uniqueness of iOS is instant iOS updates for all supported devices, since Apple has complete control over when it’s operating systems roll out. iOS is also a much more secure platform in comparison to Android, according to reports a jaw-dropping 97% of mobile malware targets Android. There is much more to iOS, and now we will discuss about iOS 13 as well as problems with iOS 13.

Part 1: Brief Introduction to iOS 13

iOS 13 is the successor to iOS 12, and is the thirteenth major release of this operating system. It was initially released on September 19, 2019. iOS 13 is said to be a huge overhaul to iOS, with its long list of new features. It is the fastest and most efficient iOS today, as apps launch 2 times faster, and app download sizes have been reduced by 50 percent in size. The biggest feature is a systemwide Dark Mode which changes the entire look of the operating system from the traditional white, to a darker appearance. The photos app has also been overhauled, introducing a new feature that curates the photos. Another welcome change is streamlined and less obstructive volume HUD. Siri has an all-new voice that sounds more natural, and the new ‘Find My’ app combines the old ‘Find My Friends’ and ‘Find My iPhone’ into one app. The Maps app got a new refresh, and the new changes to this app feature broader road coverage, better pedestrian data, more precise addresses, and more detailed landcover.

There are a dozen other features that come with iOS 13, as well as bugs which early adopters encountered. The bugs were so bad that Apple had to overhaul software testing as was reported by Gurman. The report also states that iOS 13 developers were adding many new features to the mobile operating system along with inevitable bugs, such that internal test versions were even unusable to Apple testers. On the next section of this article, we will outline the problems with iOS 13 and methods for iOS 13 bug fixes.