As the most famous online video-sharing site, YouTube enjoy its great popularity among those who would like to spend their spare time in watching online video contents. However, every coin has two sides. YouTube videos are only accessible to people who have Internet access, which means offline playback of YouTube videos is out of way in most cases. Thus some people might consider downloading YouTube videos to their computer for offline watching. In most cases, videos downloaded from YouTube are contained in FLV, a format less acceptable by most video players. For playing YouTube videos on QuickTime player, a conversion from YouTube to MOV is necessary. Here I will show you how to convert YouTube to MOV with a YouTube to MOV Converter.

Part 1: Why People Convert YouTube Video to MOV?

As is said in the very beginning, the videos downloaded from YouTube in most cases are contained in FLV format as this format is popular over the Internet, and most video-sharing sites take FLV format as a priority. For those who employ QuickTime Player as their frequent media player to play back media files, FLV videos (YouTube videos) seem not to be a good option as QuickTime Player does not natively support FLV while MOV videos can be well compatible with QuickTime Player. Take those factors into consideration, people might want to download YouTube videos to MOV, and in order to achieve the aim, two separate processes are required. On the one hand, people need to download videos from YouTube with a professional online video downloader. On the other hand, people need to convert YouTube videos to MOV with a YouTube video to MOV converter.