"Hey, dude, I just bought a new Samsung phone, but no wonderful songs on my phone. Do you know any terrific Samsung music APKs that can free music download for Samsung?" One of my friends said to me. It must be annoying that you can't find a good Samsung music downloader when you want to download wonderful music. Don't worry, today I will introduce you several best music downloaders for Samsung.

Part 1: 5 Samsung Music APKs

There are bunches of Samsung music downloaders. Here I would like to introduce these 5 Samsung music APKs to download music for Samsung.

1. 4Shared


4Shared is one of best Samsung music APKs that provides a plethora of music ranging from classic to rock. It embodies over 6, 000, 000 free music for Samsung users to download music. In this APK, you can search music you want by title, artist or their combination. This Samsung music downloader grants users 15GB cloud folder to listen to free music online. Meanwhile, you can make your own favorite playlist with your favorite songs.

2. Music Maniac

Music Maniac

To download music for Samsung, Music Maniac is really a good choice. It gives you free access to a number of MP3 songs and allows you to play music on Samsung. In this app, you can search song name by title or artist to download. You can check the download progress in this Samsung music downloader or see notification bar. Generally speaking, Music Maniac will automatically download muic tags like song and artist title, album title, etc. You can check downloaded music in the folder "Musicmaniac".

3. Palco MP3

Palco MP3

This Samsung music downloader has embodied music from more than 100,000 artists in different styles. In this software, you can appreciate songs like hip-hop, rock, electronic, etc. It is an ideal music app for independent Brazilian musicians. Hence, if you want to explore what Brazilin music feels like, you can download this APK and create your own playlist.

4. SnapTube


When you see the app at first sight, you will be attracted by the clear and modern interface. This Samsung music downloader enjoys 11 sub-categories with many popular music and videos from YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. When you need to download music or video, you can select the quality of audio or video based on your actual needs.

5. Anghami


This music downloader for Samsung mainly centers on Arabic music and it has various genuine and new kind of music. Since the app enjoys a great popularity, you don't need to bother to create your own playlist but can find playlist you need here. Anghami has four parts: new songs, playlists, most popular songs and new album, so you won't miss any popular and new music. The software gives you free access to a lot of music and it is really a good choice for downloading music for Samsung.

Part 2: How to Download Music to Samsung with Leawo Video Downloader

To mention Samsung music downloader, Leawo Video Downloader is no doubt one of the best choices. This software allows you to download audio and video from many websites like YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, iFilm, etc. Its built-in browser enables you to play and watch audio and video directly. The shortcoming is that it can't download music with copyright or songs need to be charged. Now, let's take a look of how to download music to Samsung with it. Here we take YouTube.com as an example.

Download and install Leawo Video Downloader on your computer. Then launch it to follow the below steps to learn how to download music to Samsung devices by taking YouTube music downloading as an example.

Step 1. Paste the audio URL to the browser box

add url to leawo video downloader

Find the music website you want to download and copy URL, then launch Leawo Prof. Media and open "Video Downloader" or click "Download" at the top. Paste your audio URL into the browser box. The software will show the music on the website.

Step 2. Set the output directory

Set the output directory

Click the gear icon at top right to go to Setting > Downloader to set the target output directory. Click "…" after "Save video to" box to browse destination folder.

Step 3. Select YouTube audios

Choose YouTube audio to download

Click the green arrow on the right and downloadable audios will show up. You can see a download icon right after each audio name. Besides, you can know the duration, resolution, size, etc. of the audio. Click the download icon to select audio to download.

Step 4. Start to download music

download audio from youtbue

Go to "Downloading" at top right to see the downloading progress and "Downloaded" to see the downloaded audio.

Video Demo of How to Use Leawo Video Downloader

Part 3: How to Download Music to Samsung with Leawo Music Recorder

How to download music to Samsung in audio files? Leawo Music Recorder gives you an answer. It can record any sound from local computer, microphone and many popular websites like YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, etc. This Samsung music downloader can record audio in over 300 formats without the limit of copyright and save audio in the formats of MP3 and WAV. Furthermore, you could also adjust bit rate, sample rate and edit music tags for downloaded music.


Leawo Music Recorder 

☉ Record any sound from computer and microphone audio.
☉ Record from 1000+ music sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc.
☉ Schedule music recording via recording task scheduler.
☉ Automatically/manually add tags: artist, album, etc.
☉ Save recordings to either WAV or MP3 format.

Download and install Leawo Music Recorder. Now let us follow these steps to learn how to download music to Samsung with Leawo Music Recorder.

Step 1: Set output folder

Click the inverted triangle icon at to right to go to Settings > General and select the target output directory.

output settings

Step 2: Set output format

Go to Settings > Format > Output Format to select either MP3 or WAV as the output format and change the configuration of audio codec, bit rate and sample rate.


Step 3: Choose the output directory

Click "Audio Source" on the settings panel to choose "Record Computer Audio" to download audio online.


Step 4. Start to download music to Samsung

Find the music online you need to download. Click the recording button and then play the song. Click the button again to stop recording.

Record and download

Step 5. Modify music tags

Music tags can be automatically added. However, you can right click the recording on the media panel and choose "Edit Music Tags" to add music tags like song title, genre, year and album.

Edit music tags

Video Demo of How to Use Leawo Music Recorder

If you're using a Mac computer, Leawo Music Recorder for Mac could help you easily convert CDA to MP3 audio on Mac OS 10.6 and later.

Part 4: Difference between Leawo Video Downloader and Leawo Music Recorder

Though both Leawo Video Downloader and Leawo Music Recorder could help you easily download music for Samsung devices, there are some significant differences between these 2 Samsung music downloader apps:

    1. Music tags editing feature

    Leawo Music Recorder can automatically download music tags and allows you to edit music tags like song title, artist, album, year and genre, while Leawo Video Downloader doesn't have the ability to edit music tags.

    2. Output formats supported

    Leawo Music Recorder allows users to save music in the output formats of MP3 and WAV, but Leawo Video Downloader can only remain the original format of the downloaded audio.

    3. Output profile parameter adjustment

    Leawo Music Recorder can modify the parameters of bit rate and sample rate to enhance music recording, while Leawo Video Downloader doesn't allow users to change the original parameters of audio.

    4. Multi-task processing feature

    Leawo Video Downloader supports to download multiple songs at the same time, but Leawo Music Recorder can only download a song at one time.

    5. Audio source

    Leawo Music Recorder could not only download music from video sharing sites to Samsung, but also other audio sources like built-in microphone sound, online audio, radios, local audio files, streaming audios, etc. On the contrary, Leawo Video Downloader could only download music for Samsung devices from various online video sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook, VEVO, etc.