As a free-to-use video entertainment network, Crackle features full-length movies, TV shows, and original programming. It is available on a wide variety of platforms including connected TVs, mobile devices, set-top boxes, video game consoles and online at Here I will show you how to download Crackle videos for you to enjoy them anywhere and anytime.

Part 1: About Crackle

Crackle is a movie and TV streaming service that lets viewers watch uncut content in exchange for viewing a couple of ads. When it initially launched Crackle faced some difficulties with its player, but in the years since, the service has become a viable competitor to the big names in the industry.

Setting up Crackle is as easy as creating a basic account or using your Facebook to log in. Once you have an account, you’re ready to start watching. Crackle is available on every major mobile device and game console, as well as on Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, select smart TVs.

Crackle’s movie list often feels like an uncensored version of TNT or TBS. You’ll find the occasional big-name title from a few years ago, but most of the movies are second-tier flicks from the ’70s through the ’00s. There are some notable exceptions, like Oscar-winner Whiplash, so don’t write off the service immediately. However, when it comes to older movies, Crackle has an impressive array of classics worth revisiting. Training Day, Talladega Nights, Midnight Run, and The Quick and The Dead, are just a few of the hits waiting for you on the service.

While Crackle’s movie options often feel strange, its TV section can be an occasionally frustrating place to play. For example, at the moment Crackle is the only place you can stream full episodes of Mad About You, Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser’s ’90s sitcom smash, but because of streaming rights, Crackle can only show it one season at a time. So, you can watch all 25 episodes of one season, but you better watch them before Crackle switches out which episodes are available. While this does add some excitement to binge-watching, it gets annoying over time.

Don’t want to pick anything? Crackle’s Always On feature will stream movies and shows from your tagged favorites. It’s like having a live TV network based on your desires.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t at least give Crackle a shot. Yes, the app is a little buggy still. The Crackle app has had a frustrating history. If you tried it in the past few years and were put off by the experience, give Crackle another try. The app has dramatically improved, with fewer crashes than before and better picture quality. Sure, there are often a lot of ads. But within its budget confines, Crackle is an incredible product, offering far more value than its free foundation would imply. You get access to good Hollywood movies, a massive collection of new and classic TV, and a growing library of original content. Crackle may not be the coolest kid on the block, but it still has plenty to offer.

Part 2: Download Crackle Videos with Leawo Video Downloader

The fast way to download Crackle videos would be using a third-party video downloader. There are a lot of video downloaders that you can choose to download videos from popular online video sharing websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Crackle and Vimeo, etc. Here I recommend to you Leawo Video Downloader, which is claimed to be able to download videos and music from 1000+ Sites with 6X Faster Speed. It’s a powerful video downloader that’s capable of downloading videos from all popular online video sharing websites. With it you can easily download whatever online videos including Crackle videos you like with ease. The professional video downloader supports to output 720P, 1080P HD Videos. Leawo Video Downloader is efficient as well as user-friendly. It allows users to set the maximum download tasks, change the home page to whatever website as you like, delete browsing history easily and set directory for the downloaded videos. And to make things easily, it can download MP4 format videos online, which means you don’t need to spend extra time in converting the downloaded video to a format that is universally compatible with your device or media player. Leawo Video Downloader supports all together 11 kinds of languages: English, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Hungarian, Armenian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Dutch.

If you are using Mac computer, you can switch to the Mac counterpart of Leawo Video Downloader. Download and install the right version of Leawo Video Downloader on your computer, and then follow the guide below to download Crackle videos.

Step 1. Open Leawo Video Downloader

The program is included in a software bundle: Prof. Media. Kick off the bundle, and then click the Video Downloader tab to open the downloader.


Step 2: Open Video Link

When you enter the video downloader, the built-in web browser would open automatically by default. You can change it to other websites in the settings. You need to input/paste a new Crackle video link in the address bar to open a video. This video downloader would detect all the downable video sources on the current page and provide you with the option to download them.


Step 3: Download Crackle Videos

The downloadable video sources would be listed on the sidebar on the right. If you can’t find the sidebar, click the button in the middle of the scroll bar on the right to call it out. Click the Download button on the desired video source to download the video.


Step 4: Manage Downloaded Videos

All the downloading tasks would be listed in the Downloading Tab, and when the downloads are finished, check them out in Downloaded Tab. If you want to go back to the video page, just click on the address bar.


After getting the downloaded Crackle videos, if you are not satisfied with the video format, you can make good use a professional video converter to convert it to your desired video format or even audio format.

Part 3: Download Crackle Videos with 4k Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader allows downloading videos, playlists, channels and subtitles from YouTube, Crackle, Facebook, Vimeo and other video sites in high quality. Here we are going to download Crackle video with 4k video downloader.

Step 1. Copy and Paste Crackle Video URL
Download and install 4K Video Downloader on your computer, and then kick off the program to enter the main interface. Open the Crackle video you want to download, and then copy at the bottom of the video post’s window. Click “Paste Link” within the downloader.

Step 2. Start to Download Crackle Video
Click the “Download” button to start downloading Crackle video. That’s it! Now you can enjoy watching Crackle videos even when you are offline.


Part 4: Download Crackle Videos with VideoGrabby

VideoGrabby is a free Crackle video downloader web app that allows you to download your favorite videos right into your hard drive so that you can watch them later, edit them, transfer them to your mobile device, etc. It also allows you to convert a Crackle video into MP3 format and also supports High Quality mode.

Step 1. Copy Crackle Video Link
Go to the Crackle page, and then copy the link of the video you want to download.

Step 2. Input the Link into the VideoGrabby
Go the official site of VideoGrabby, and then input the link into the blank box of VideoGrabby.

Step 3. Start to Download Crackle Video
If you want to save video content, you need to choose “Record Video”. If you want to save audio content, you need to choose “Record MP3”. After a while, Crackle video will be successfully downloaded.


Part 5: Download Crackle Videos with Cam Studio

Fourthly, we can download video from Crackle by screen recording with Cam Studio. Cam Studio is a tool that enables you to record a SWF or AVI video of your computer's screen.

The program has a simple and easy to use interface. From the toolbar, you can start, pause or stop recording, toggle the view (normal, compact, buttons), the display of screen annotations dialogue and the recording mode (to AVI or SWF). Here we use Cam Studio to download video from Crackle.

Step 1. Select Recording Area
After the installation of Cam Studio, kick off the program to enter the main interface, where you need to choose recording area. You can record the selected region or the whole windows.

Step 2. Start to Record Before Playing Crackle Video
Click the record button on the top left menu bar to start recording, and then go to Crackle to choose your preferred video for playback. After video playback finishes, you need to click stop recording button to save recorded video content on your computer.