VCR shorts for Video Cassette Recorder, which is a device for recording and storing videos by using blank video tape. Since 2000 or so, VCR has been basically obsoleted, replaced by DVD players. Because the average VCR tape has a lifetime of 15 years at the maximum, while on a DVD the video quality will never degrade. However, some people may still have some VCR tapes on which they preserve precious home videos or movies. So here is the best way to watch and keep those VCR tapes for a long time: to convert VCR to DVD. Below I will show you how to transfer VCR to DVD.

Part 1: Convert VCR to DVD with Leawo DVD Creator

Leawo DVD Creator, an easy-to-use DVD creator, makes best DVD from all video sources including homemade clips (VCR tapes) and downloaded movies in video formats like AVI, MKV, MP4, WMV, Xvid, MOV, FLV, and more. Certainly, Leawo DVD Creator is the best DVD making software ever for you to convert VCR to DVD without any technical hassles. Here is the guide for transferring VCR to DVD.

Before you get started, download and install Leawo DVD Creator on your computer.

Step 1. Connect the VCR to a digital video camera, play the VHS videotape and record the content with the digital video camera. Once the video content is on the digital video camera, connect the digital video camera to a computer and transfer the digital video file from the camera to the computer.

Step 2. Kick off the program after installation completes, and click “DVD Creator” to enter the main interface of Leawo DVD Creator.


Step 3. Click “Add Video” button at the top left of submenu of main interface to import the digital video file that you restored on your computer to prepare the conversion, or you can directly drag and drop video file to the program.


Step 4. Set disc menu(optional). If you want to add disc menu for your output DVD movie, you can choose from the right side. Leawo DVD Creator offers you multiple different disc theme menu. Certainly, if you do not want any menu, just choose “No Menu” on the right side after you load source videos.


Step 5. Click the green “Burn” button on the upper right corner to do other settings including “Burn to”, “Disc Label”, and “Save to” options in the popup window. Then click the other “Burn” button at the bottom to start DVD burning process.


Step 6. Leawo DVD Creator will immediately start transferring VCR to DVD and finish it in a few minutes.


Part 2: Convert VCR to DVD with Video-Transfer Services

For those of you who do not want to convert VCR to DVD by yourselves and do not have much VCR tapes, we offer you a best way to solve the problem: to use a video-transfer service. Find the websites that offer VCR-to-DVD service with affordable price, place an order online and follow the process according to instructions. In most cases, you need to deliver the tapes you wish to transfer to a certain address or bring the tapes to the local shop. The entire process may take several days.


Part 3: Convert VCR to DVD with VCR to DVD Converter or DVD Burner

If you have got tons of videos to transfer, you may need to take on the job yourself to save unnecessary expense. Thus you can choose to buy a VCR to DVD converter. You can find some models online, such as on eBay. There are several converters available, and they vary in their features and abilities. You can choose a suitable one and transfer your VCR tapes to DVD according to the instructions.


If you have already got a VCR, another suggestion for you is to buy a DVD Burner and a cable for connecting the VCR and the DVD burner. Hook up the DVD player to the VCR by the cable. Pop a tape into the VCR and a blank DVD into the DVD burner, then begin to transfer. Certainly, the method differs between models, so just follow the instruction to convert your VCR.

Part 4: Convert VCR to DVD to Computer

In addition to installing a piece of software like Leawo DVD Creator, to transfer your tapes directly from a VCR into DVD to your computer requires a VCR to DVD converter which is usable with computers. Also, this converter must be able to work with your operating system on which your computer runs. Before using the converter, attach the device to your computer using the included USB cable. After connecting the converter to the computer, you need to install all necessary drivers and software to make sure the proper transferring process. And then connect the device to the VCR by using cables. Next, click the record button on the software program and press play on the VCR to begin converting. When you finish recording, the software program presents you with an option of file formats to save the video. Then you choose DVD, and the process is done.


In summary, the VCR to DVD conversion is not an easy task unless you have a professional VCR to DVD converter. Therefore, to convert VCR tapes to DVD by using software is the most convenient way for you. Here we recommend you to use Leawo DVD Creator to convert your VCR to DVD. Hope it can help you to preserve your precious memories.