Are you furious with yourself for not knowing how to convert TS to MOV? Never mind, There are several solutions available for you to make it since some professional and extraordinary video converters are particularly developed for converting different formats to each other including converting TS Files to MOV with simple operation.

Know about TS and MOV

TS is the initials of Transport Stream, full-named MPEG transport stream, which is often used in real-time broadcast systems. And TS files often can be played by WinDVD 5.x, VLC Media Player and Elecard Player, etc. And MOV, the format of QuickTime developed by Apple, is one of the most popular video formats that are widely used among users. However, if you would like to play TS files on Mac in QuickTime player, or watch them on iTunes or edit them in iMovie, it would not work. You’d better convert TS to MOV, the default format for most Apple products. Under such circumstances, video converters solutions are recommended to convert TS files to MOV files at first.

Convert TS to MOV with best TS to MOV converter – Leawo Video Converter

Leawo Video Converter is a professional video/audio converting program developed to offer solutions for users to convert the different formats between each other, such as MP4 to MKV, AVI to WMA, FLV to MP4, MP3 to AAC, TS to MOV etc. This video converter can not only convert TS to MOV with 100% quality reserved at 6X faster speed but also offers the internal video editor for personalizing the video output, like trimming, cropping, watermarking, adjusting video effect, applying 3D effect, etc. Here you can download and install Leawo Video Converter on computer first through the download buttons below. And with this converter downloaded and installed, you can easily convert TS to MOV by following the steps below:


STEP1: Add TS Files to the Converter

Click “Add Video” on the top bar of the software to add TS files to the converter. Or you can directly drag and drop the TS files into the program.

Convert TS to MOV

STEP2: Choose MOV as the Output Format

After importing the TS files, open the drop-down box next to the big green “Convert” button, and then click the “Change” button to enter the “Profile” panel to select “MOV Video” as output format under Format panel.

Convert TS to MOV

STEP3: Set Parameters for the Output MOV files

Back to the drop-down box, choose “Edit” option to enter the Profiles Settings page where you can set the video and audio parameters including video/audio codec, resolution, bit rate, etc.

Convert TS to MOV

STEP4: Set Directory for Output MOV files

Return to the main interface, click “Convert” button to pop up a sidebar where you can set a directory to keep output MOV files in the “Save to” box.

Convert TS to MOV

STEP5: Start to Convert TS to MOV Files

Click “Convert” at the bottom of pop-up sidebar to start converting TS to MOV Files. And after the converting process in minutes, you will get the MOV files in the directory you set.

Convert TS to MOV

As the best TS to MOV converter, Leawo Video Converter works in such a simple and effective way. Anyone can be an expert to follow the guidance above. Of course, there are also some other solutions that can convert TS to MOV. And TS to MOV converter online would be one of the helpful ones.

Convert TS to MOV with TS to MOV converter online

As there are a lot of different formats and players, there is need for users to convert different formats between each other. Video Converters online would be one of the most popular solutions for users to get the files in targeted format. TS to MOV converters online are also developed for converting TS files to MOV, and the following ones are working:

1. Office-Converter: it can quickly convert any video file formats to MOV file format online. And this online converter supports the maximum document file size in 50 MB for uploads for free user and most large files in 1G for members.

2. Convert.Files: It is an online TS to MOV converter that you can use to convert TS to MOV with ease and convenience. And after finishing converting, you can get the output file immediately by downloading or receiving it from your E-mail you directed.

3. Zamzar: as the most commonly used online solution, it offers format conversion between over 1200 different formats in simple steps. And here comes the guide:

  • Step1: Upload the TS video files you are willing to convert to MOV.
  • Step2: Select MOV as the output format in the drop-down box.
  • Step3: Enter the E-mail address for receiving the output MOV file.
  • Step4: Click “Convert” to start converting TS files to MOV. And the process will finish in seconds.

Convert TS to MOV

Anyway, there are so many useful solutions that can convert TS to MOV. If you would like to play TS files on QuickTime or any other players that support MOV or other formats rather than TS, you will never worry about the incompatibility at all, you will be able to freely convert WMV to MOV, or even videos you downloaded from YouTube to MOV. However, by contrast, Leawo Video Converter is superior to online video converter in term of conversion speed, functions, features, safety, etc. Therefore, I recommend Leawo Video Converter.