"Recently I was touring around the state and gave a lot of presentations to my colleagues about the sales FCST and how to meet the company goal in the near future. I found that a lot of PPTs saved in ppsx format take a lot of space and I am wondering whether I can convert these files to video online for better sharing with my colleagues even when I leave the state? "

There are a variety of ppsx to video converters on the internet for you to have a try. Here I would like to introduce an online and an offline solution respectively to you.

Part 1: The online ppsx to video converter

Tons of online freeware are available out there and here I would like to introduce mp3care for you. This is an amazing app for users who want to make videos from PowerPoint files in ppt, pptx, pps, or ppsx format. This app has embedded resources like fonts, tables, styles etc and these will be all reproduced in the video. Come and follow me to have a try with this online ppsx to video converter.

Step 1: Go to mp3care.

Step 2: Select your source ppt file and add it to the app.

convert ppsx to Video

Step 3: Set the transition time from slide to slide.

Step 4: Click CONVERT TO VIDEO and the process will kick off immediately.

Part 2: Leawo PowerPoint to Video Pro to convert ppsx to video

Online freeware is convenient but it has a natural disadvantage which requires network access all the time. Besides, online freeware always has limits on its features and users who want to make better videos out from ppt files will feel disappointed if they cannot modify their files and make them perfect on videos. Never mind, there is still some good and powerful options here which will enable you to convert ppsx to video offline and better of that, you can have a lot of choices to customize the file. Leawo PowerPoint to Video Pro is a good choice for you. This program is designed to meet the increasing demands on converting PPT files to video and share them on most trending websites, like Facebook, YouTube, just to name a few.If you want to share it on websites. You can also refer the detailed steps about how to upload PowerPoint to Youtube. It works fast to convert files and being a professional multimedia tool, it provides sufficient features for users to customize their file before converting them to video for sharing. More than 180+ video and audio formats are supported by this program. Here is a guide on how to convert ppsx to video with the help of Leawo PowerPoint to Video Pro.

Step 1: Click below button to download and install the program to your computer.

Step 2: Import your ppsx file to the program.

Click the "Add" button to import your source ppsx file to the program.

convert ppsx to Video

Step 3: Choose a format for the output file.

Under the "Profile" drop-down list, choose your target output file format. Here we choose mp4 for example. Then, set the output file folder for saving the converted file in the "Output" box.

convert ppsx to Video

Step 4: Customize the file.

Click "Customize" and "Customize settings" is shown. In this page, you can set time transition for slides, add background music to the file, etc.

convert ppsx to Video

Step 5:  Set a logo on the file (Optional). .

Click "Watermark" to customize your logo on the file if you wish to protect the file and prevent others from changing or modifying it.

upload PowerPoint to Facebook

Step 6: Convert ppsx to video.

Up to this moment, all settings should be done and now click Start to convert ppsx to video immediately. As soon as it completes, you will find your video under the folder that you set in step 3.

upload PowerPoint to Facebook

Part 3: Summary to the above two solutions

Given the above two solutions for converting ppsx to video, mp3care is less competitive due to limited features and network access requirements. On the contrary, Leawo PowerPoint to Video Pro turns out to be a more powerful and dynamic solution for users to convert ppsx to video. It supports both online and offline conversion. Moreover, various settings/features are available for users to make videos more vivid and attractive. Compared with the online freeware, it is more stable and reliable, at least users do not need to worry about privacy leakage. I strongly believe you will like it as well.