After downloading a lot of FLV videos from Hulu, I plan to convert them all to VOB for burning to DVD so that I can enjoy the video during my trip without being affected by network accessibility. Can any body give me some recommendation to find a powerful program to convert files in quickest way?

This post may perfectly meet your request. Apart from giving some efficient solutions to you for reference, there will also be some basci explanation on why we need to convert FLV to VOB in case some users need to dig out more.

Part 1. Why convert FLV to VOB

As its name tells, FLV, short for flash video, is a container file format used to deliver digital video content (e.g., TV shows, movies, etc.) over the Internet using Adobe Flash Player version 6 and newer.It is widely used and becomes a mainstream file format for various media players. VOB stands for Video Object. Files that contain the .vob extension are container files. The .vob file format is most commonly used for DVD media. A VOB file can contain the audio and video data for the contents of a DVD as well as the subtitle, menu and DVD content information. This file data is then multiplexed together into a streaming format that allows the user to watch the media on his or her computer. Now you probably know why we need to convert FLV to VOB. No matter for burning DVD or other purposes, a powerful and reliable FLV to VOB converter is required.

Part 2. Two methods to convert FLV to VOB

Method 1: Using Leawo Video Converter to Convert FLV to VOB

Leawo Video Converter is a professional program for converting files of 180+ formats from one to another. It is highly recommended here thanks to the fast conversion speed and rich edting features. To be frank, compared with other converters, its conversion speed is 6X faster, which greatly saves time and enhances user experience. Now let me show you how to convert FLV to VOB using Leawo Video Converter.

Step 1: Donwload and install Leawo Video Converter.

Click the buttons below to download the program and install it on your computer.


Step 2: Import source FLV files to the program.

Launch the program. On the "Convert" tab, import source FLV files by clicking "Add Video" or "Add Video Folder" from the menu bar to add files. To make it simpler, you can just drag your file to the window.


Step 3: Change the target output format.

Click Change under the format dropdown menu and you will be directed to the Profile panel.


Step 4: Select VOB as the target format.

Enter VOB on the left quick search box to quickly locate VOB or find it from the right panel by choosing relevant tabs.


Step 5: Edit FLV file before conversion.

Click Edit under the format dropdown menu. On the displayed interface, set detailed parameters for the output file.


Step 6: Convert FLV to VOB.

Click the big green button Convert on the menu bar and specify a directory to save the output file on the displayed window. After that, hit the round buttom below to start converting FLV to VOB immediately. The green progress bar will tell how much percentage has been completed. When the process completes, you will easily burn your output VOB to DVD via the burn function of Leawo Video Converter or you are able to stream the file within the internal video player without doing anything else.


Method 2: Using Online Freeware to Convert FLV to VOB

If you don't want to install any software, use online freeware to convert FLV to VOB. A lot of online free FLV to VOB converters are available out there and you may choose one to have a try. Honestly, these freeware works really simple and fast so many users choose to use them for file conversion. In the following, I will introduce some popular online video converters to you for reference.

1. AConvert

This program is quite popular for file conversion. It requires users to stay online for the whole conversion process after you decide to upload the file for conversion. With a lot of formats being supported, you are free to choose any target format for conversion and there is no need to worry about no match formats. The conversion procedure is briefly shown in below figure, which mainly consists of three steps, namely upload files, choose target output format, and convert.



Zamzar offers free online file conversion services for users. It's been universally popular and receives a lot of likes from users. It is capable of converting files of various formats from one to another and will return the converted file to users by sending emails. Users do not need to install any software and it is very convinient to use. The conversion procedure mianly consists of four steps, namely upload files, choose target output format, enter email address and convert.


Part 3. Comparison between Leawo Video Converter and Online Video Converters

Now you can see clearly how to convert FLV to VOB with a third party program or online freeware. However, they have their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of conversion speed, safety, editing features, and internal video player. Below chart can be your reference before you make a decision to select a program for converting files.

Features Leawo Video Converter AConvert Zamzar
Conversion speed
  • Offers 6X faster than other video converters
  • No network access is required, making conversion available anywhere and anytime.
  • Medium, largely depends on network speed
  • Always requires network accessisbilty
  • Medium, largely depends on network speed
  • Always requires network accessisbilty
  • Protects user privacy through the whole process without allowing any information being leaked to others
  • Uploading files may violate user privacy or cause privacy leakage to some degree
  • Uploading files may violate user privacy or cause privacy leakage to some degree
Editing features
  • Provides rich editing features for file modification before conversion such as trimming, croping, adding 3D effects etc
  • Adjusts codec, bit rate, aspect ratio
  • Provides simple editing options but not very powerful
  • Provides simple editing options but not very powerful
Internal vidoe player
  •  Provides an internal video player for users to stream videos anytime and anywhere they like
  • Not supported
  • Not supported

I believe you have comprehensively understood the difference between free online video converters and software programs thus far. Leawo Video Converter outperforms any other online freeware from the perspectives of conversion speed, safety, editing features, and internal video player. Moreover, free online converters are only used for temporary and small size file conversion and software programs are used for professional and high-standard file conversion. For better retaining output file quality, users will definitely choose software programs such as Leawo Video Converter.