As we all know that Youtube is one of the largest and most prevalent online stream services, which make people free to share their daily lives and watch various contents for entertainments or studying. Individuals are able to upload short videos while some organizations will be serving to provide valuable source video for the learners across the world. The contents cover every aspect you can imagine simply from listening to music to watching movies basically freely. What if you desire to save some videos? We will guide you through the process of how to burn Youtube videos to DVD.

Part 1: Why Do People Want to Copy Youtube Videos to DVD

Youtube is definitely the super coolest website ever offering reference in any genre from education, music, science, sports, game to movies and so on. Since the free access of videos is just out there, simple and easy with clicks, there seem to be no issues with any following consequences. Suppose that one day your internet will not work or some problems occurs with Youtube servers, what are you going to do with your saved libraries online? Besides, you will also be annoyed by the poor connection of the internet when the loading speed drops dramatically. Frustrated? As you may consider the same method that downloading the Youtube videos so that you can take pleasure offline at any time anywhere you like regardless of availability and speed of Internet connection. Though there is a multiplicity of helpful video substances on Youtube, not all of them are available for downloading directly. In the circumstance that the user wants to obtain the contents, we have prepared the following instructions of the solution to download videos from Youtube then burn Youtube video to DVD later on.

Why do people would like to copy Youtube videos to DVD discs? Another case could be when persons are on the move like traveling to somewhere else and need some enjoyments. The most feasible way to make it work is to convert Youtube videos to DVD after completely downloading from the website. Thus, the DVD disc is a better option to carry with all portable devices. You can also check out what the best portable players are while you are looking for a one. Moreover, when you finish the procedure of burning Youtube video to DVD, a compilation of all your liked collections will be produced, which saves more of your time and energy to take along with piles of videos or movies. Thinking about how to make the most out of DVDs with Youtube videos? The other way round is for storage since the physical optical discs bring significant benefit to storing data and files versatilely. From time to time, it provides convenience to upload DVD video contents to Youtube the vice versa. Overall, if you are living the advanced digital media world with indispensable video time on Youtube, you should everything about how to burn Youtube videos to DVD.


Part 2: How to Download Videos from Youtube

Although there are some other methods to download videos from Youtube, they have many drawbacks due to faulty codec packs or non-functionality. At some points, download tasks failure can occur frequently. Additionally, the time-consuming activity can make you exhausted while the whole running process will lag your computer far behind for operating other tasks. Therefore, a detailed description will show you how to download videos from Youtube with the best Youtube download program – Leawo Video Downloader. Once the files are downloaded, you will find most of them are with the file extension of MP4 or FLV. For your information, MPEG-2 is the best video format to be burned onto DVD. We need to match each of them correctly by switching one of their formats. Hence, a universal converter is highly advised to carry through the task. The Leawo Video Converter is the best of choice with its outstanding performance. This program will hand over the perfect score to you of the following up on how to burn Youtube videos to DVD.

The steps below show you how to download Youtube videos easily After you have downloaded and installed Leawo Video Downloader.

Step 1: Double click the icon to launch the Leawo Video Downloader, then you will enter the interface. At the same time, go to Youtube and aim at the URL of the video you like to save. Copy the URL and paste it into the address bar showing in the red box.


Step 2: Download the Videos you prefer. Click “Download” button to start downloading the preferred video. Different resolution for the video will be offered and you are able to choose the one you need. The video will be immediately downloaded then.


Step 3: Manage the Videos in Downloaded Panel. When the videos are downloaded, you can find them and arrange them by name, date, size, or length under the Downloaded Tab.


Step 4: Donwload and install Leawo Video Converter.


Open the Leawo Video Converter and import the Youtube video files. You can locate your download video files from Youtube by checking the directory set up through the Leawo Video Downloader and drag them into the software. Or click on the Add Video option to browse and input your Youtube media files.


Step 5: A waiting list of your added Youtube will be showing in the main interface. You need to set up the format in case you can play them in your own players. All the popular formats are offered by this formidable tool. To find and change the output formats you like, get into the "MP4 video" option on the bar and choose the "Change" in the following drop-down box.


Step 6: If you have decided the output for Youtube videos, then come to check the saving folders. This can be easily found when you click on the green "Convert" option and call out the sidebar. It is right on the upper portion, you can change to any directory.


Step 7: When you are ready, the white "Convert" button down there is obviously waiting for you to the finale the process. Multiple tasks are supported, you can convert a lot of Youtube videos at the same time. They can be done after a short time up to the video size.


So far, you are doing great and at present, we are going to ultimately know how to copy Youtube video to DVD in our last best part.

Part 3: How to Burn Youtube Videos to DVD

Even though you have seen many burning programs that are free on the internet, they can never compare with this Leawo DVD Creator. The coming instruction will illustrate the benefit of using this all-in-one tool to Leawo DVD Creator while resolving each piece of your concern. Well, you should start with the download and installation of this application on your computer first in order to continue our explanation of each step.

Step 1: The first step is similar to the initiation of Leawo Video Converter. Simply and easy to add any Youtube videos you like by dragging and dropping into it. It still provides another access by the “Add video” button.


Step 2: (Optional): After importing the video, you can edit the video or add a menu to the disc. If you want to do some further edits to your video, click the edit button on the video, you can trim, crop, add special effects, add watermarks, or turn 2D video to 3D in the built-in video editor. You can also create a DVD menu based on the beautiful DVD menu templates.


Step 3: So here is the real last step, and you may be even more excited about it. Set the “Burn to” box by choosing the third button for DVD option if you have inserted a blank DVD disc. Now, the “Burn” the button is really on fire that needs your push to complete all of this.


Part 4: Conclusion

If you still have some questions about how to burn a DVD from Youtube, you may have a necessity to review this article and find accurate information. From the very beginning, Leawo Video Downloader will be the right hand to make sure your download Youtube video in the best resolution as you wish. While your beloved Youtube videos are fully downloaded in the original quality, Leawo Video Converter is another great helper to convert any video with the finest image quality as well. And you are free to select every popular format. Leawo DVD Creator can be perfect to round off how to copy Youtube video to DVD because of its super advanced technology.