If you want to make your audio file played in the format you want, and your software does not support this format, you may feel annoyed what you should do to make a conversion between different formats. This article will teach you some methods of how to use free audio converter to convert 3GP to WAV. Therefore, if your preferred music are not supported by the music app on your device, audio files converter will be great help to solve this issue, the obscure format can be converted into the format that your device’s app supports via audio file converter.

Part 1: Best 5 3GP to WAV converters freeware

1. Freemake Audio Converter
This audio converter tool is available for some popular audio formats with simple operation. But, only the audio files within three minutes are supported by this tool. Apart from getting single audio files converted into the expected formats, multiple files can be joined into a larger audio file by using Freemake Audio Converter. Additionally, the output quality of the audio files can be adjusted before conversion. The disadvantage of this converter is that you have to purchase Infinite Pack to make audio files which is above three minutes into conversion. Though MP3 format is supported by Freemake Audio Converter, the video software is not, unless you spend money on it.


2. FileZigZag
FileZigZag offers an offline service of converting audio which makes the popular audio formats convert into the expected formats, as long as the audio files do not exceed the capacity 180 MB. What you need to do is to get the original files uploaded, select the output format you want and then wait for a link to converted audio files via an email. Moreover, the remote files and the files saved in the account of your Google Drive also can be uploaded by using their direct URL. The most terrible thing of this converter tool is that it takes time to get files uploaded and receive the email with the download link. In spite of this, most of audio files come in a small size, so it is not a serious problem.


3. Zamzar
This is another online service of converting audio files, which supports the most popular audio formats. Get your audio file uploaded from computer or copy URL to the online file which is needed to be converted. The most benefit you can gain from Zamzar is that they limit the source files to 50 MB. Though lots of audio files do not exceed this capacity, some formats with low compression will be bigger than this limit. In the contrast of other online service of audio converting, the conversion time of Zamzar is slower. But, luckily, there is no need to wait for the download link from an email. Zamzar is widely available for web browser on any operating system, like Windows or Mac or Linux. It also can be used via email, you just need to get the audio files to attached to the message and then send it to the special email address of Zamzar.


4. MediaHuman Audio Converter
This is a simple audio converter tool with no advanced options and complicated interface, so you will surely like this converter tool. Audio files can be dragged and dropped to the program, then select the output format of the converted files, the conversion of the files will begin.


5. Hamster Free Audio Converter
This program is an audio converter with free charge, it can be installed quickly, comes in a minimal interface and is easy-to-use. Not only multiple audio files can be converted in bulk, but also the files can be merged into one, which is like the tool Freemake Audio Converter. Once the audio files have been imported to this program, you are allowed to choose a desired output format or select from device in the case that you are not certain about which format your file will need. Hamster is applicable on Windows 7 or Vista or XP or 2000.


Part 2: How to convert 3GP to WAV with Zamzar

To convert 3pg to wav with Zamzar, you can follow the steps as below.
1. Open the online converter Zamzar on the computer browser.
2. Select 3pg file which you need to convert into wav.
3. Choose wav as the output format for the converted files.
4. Click on the button Convert to get your 3gp file converted.


Part 3: How to convert 3GP to WAV via Leawo Video Converter

Leawo Video Converter is one of the best audio and video converter software, up to 180 formats are supported by this software, the input formats of video files include MP4, MKV, AVI, etc. Meanwhile, the input format audio files covers MP3, AC3, AAC, etc. This audio and video converter can convert the files into different formats like common video format, common audio format, HD video format and 4K Video format. For example, you can convert 3GP to MP4. Apart from converting various kinds of formats of video and audio, Leawo Video Converter can make lots of portable devices set to be output profile in a direct way so that you can save much time in selecting the proper format for the files you need to convert. Moreover, this program is able to convert video and audio files with 6X faster speed, meanwhile, 100% original quality in the output format is guaranteed for the converted files. Here below we will instruct you how to convert 3pg to wav via Leawo Video Converter.

Note: Leawo Video Converter has been integrated into Prof. Media. So you can download Leawo Prof. Media to get Leawo Video Converter.

1. Launch Leawo video converter on your computer and click on the button Add Video on the upper right of the software, then a box will drop down, you can browse and select 3pg files for importing. Or you can get 3gp files dragged and dropped in to this program directly.


2. Once you have imported the source files, click on the drop-down box of MP4 Video before green Convert button, then click on Change button to go to Profile pane in which you can choose your desired output format. From the category Format and Device, you can select the proper format or you can search the desired format rapidly via the search bar of profile.



3. From the drop-down box of MP4 Video, you can go to Profile settings by clicking on Edit button to set the parameters for the output format, the parameter includes Video Codec, Bit Rate, Quality, etc. Once the settings have been completed, click on the button OK to save the parameters you have set.


4. Go back to the main interface and press on the green button Convert to get a sidebar popped up, here you will be asked to set a target folder for the converted files via Save to bar.


5. Click on Convert button on the bottom of sidebar to begin converting 3GP to WAV. Conversion in bulk is supported. Once the process of conversion is completed, all the converted files can be found in the target folder you saved previously.


Part 4: How to convert 3GP to WAV using ffmpeg

To use ffmpeg to convert 3GP to WAV, we will instruct the details in the following steps.
1. You should install ffmpeg on your computer first, then open its terminal.
2. Supposed you need to convert the file example. 3gp into wav format using H264 encoder. You can follow the command as below.
ffmpeg - i input_video. 3gp output_video.wav
3. You also can specify the options by using parameters like this:
ffmpeg - i input _video.3gp - f 3gp - vcodec h264 -acodec amar_nb output-video.wav.

Part 5: How to convert 3GP to WAV through Format Factory

To convert 3GP to WAV via format factory, the following guidance will teach you step by step.
1. Installed the program Format Fatory on your computer. Then launch this program.
2. You will come to the interface of this program after opening this program. In the left column, lots of formats can be seen below “Video”, choose wav format as the output format. For instance, choose All to WAV and then 3gp format will be have a conversion into WAV.


3. After that, what you should do is to add 3gp files to the program. Click on the button Add File to get your source files added to Format Factory.


4. The parameters of output files can be set in the Video Settings. The quality and size of the video can be selected. Other parameters like video stream, additional subtitle, Bitrate and more also can be set here. Usually, the settings by default have worked well.


5. After the settings are completed, click on the button Start from the top of tool bar and then wait until the conversion is finished. You should note that the progress of conversion can be seen during the process. And the time of conversion will depend on the size of video files and the computer running speed.
6. If you haven’t chosen the output folder for the converted files, you can open My Documents on computer. A folder named FFOutput will exist in My Documents. The converted files can be found in the folder. Or you also can choose an output folder to save the converted video files.