At the very exciting moment to get access to the climax of the movie, suddenly a prompt-up window appears on the screen showing that your playback is no longer possible now. How do you feel? In order to obtain the more superior picture and audio quality, more people choose to view the Blu-ray movies. However, for the purpose of anti-piracy, Cinavia protection has been applied to the majority of video products released in recent years. This is the source reason for most of the failure during the playback. Today, we will guide you to know how to check Cinavia protection on Blu-ray content.

Part 1: Why to Check Cinavia

Cinavia is an anti-privacy protection technology that is built in the digital audio soundtracks which is to protect video users from sharing the original content to others for commercial use. Nowadays, there are two ways of Cinavia watermarking technology. The first is to protect theatrical video products which have been embedded with a special hardware chip to keep from being pirated. In this case, the Cinavia watermarking is usually recorded in the audio. Each movie must contain audio, so the audio protection can be then applied. Secondly, the Cinavia protection is used to protect Blu-ray copies. The Blu-ray films are embedded with a subcode which is different from theatrical films. Commonly, Blu-ray discs usually adopts AACS encryption with a key within subcode watermark.

Then you may wonder how this Cinavia protection affects my life. For example, if you are a movie lover, then you will not be allowed to play the video contents as you like. But if you can check Cinavia protect ahead, then you can directly use some professional Cinavia protection tools to save more time. What’s more, Since 2012, all the Blu-ray manufacturers are forced to support Cinavia if they would like to release the Blu-ray products. Especially, when you have bought some Blu-ray disc for friends as the gifts, if you have not checked whether this Blu-ray has Cinavia protection or not, then it may bring some inconvenience to others.

For some people who would like to copy Blu-ray movies for backup, they would be disappointed if they can’t play the copied Blu-ray because of Cinavia protection. So, it is quite necessary to check and detect if there is any Cinavia protection first. Here, we would like to show you some tools to check Cinavia.

Part 2: 3 Software Tools to Detect Cinavia

Since it is quite necessary to detect Cinavia protection, are there any good ways to detect Cinavia of Blu-ray content? Of course, the answer is positive. But for more convenience and permanent use, the necessary software tools will be urgently needed. Here, for your further references, you can refer to the following tools which can easily allow you to detect the Cinavia protection on the Blu-ray movies.

No. 1 Leawo Blu-ray Cinavia Removal

On the top of my recommendation list, Leawo Blu-ray Cinavia Removal can be your first choice. It is able to remove all kinds of media protections, including Cinavia, AACS, BD+ and MKB protection at the same time. With only one piece of removal software at hand, you don’t need to buy any other protection removing tools any longer. Besides, it can not only be used as a removal tool, but also it is able to make exact copies of Blu-ray content without any quality losses. It also offers two copy modes for users including Full Movie and Main Movie.

Furthermore, this tool can allow the copied Cinavia-free Blu-ray movies to be played on all Cinavia compliant devices. At the same time, Leawo Blu-ray Cinavia Removal can also complete the Cinavia watermark removal process at high speed due to the Intel Quick Sync GPU acceleration technology. By the way, users can be attracted by the user-friendly UI, especially for beginners.


Leawo Blu-ray Cinavia Removal  

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☉ Get 1:1 Copy Cinavia-free Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray folder or ISO Image file.

☉ High Cinavia removing speed and copying speed

☉ Easy to use with user-friendly UI.

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No. 2 CinexHD

CinexHD is another piece of video processing software that can perfectly remove watermark on Blu-ray video. The biggest feature of CinexHD is that it can perfectly remove Cinavia silent watermark. Cinavia is probably one of the most interesting anti-piracy technologies. Because its watermark can cause many modifications during the conversion / compression / recording of audio stream code, this technology can effectively prevent people from copying and sharing movies. The watermark needs to be detected by the playback device. If it does not match the attached security key, playback will be forcibly stopped. The advent of CinexHD perfectly solves this strong watermark problem and completely solves the problem of audio quality degradation caused by the workaround of removing watermark parts by traditional means.

No. 3 AnyDVD

AnyDVD HD provides support for high-definition DVDs, and because it is very easy to use, the interface is quite simple, allowing users to enjoy high-quality movies through a digital display connection. Watching a DVD movie is a very simple task, as there are many applications that support DVD disc playback, but decrypting a disc to make a backup if the physical disc is damaged in some way is not an easy task. However, the practical tool to achieve this effort can be found with minimal effort. AnyDVD HD automatically adjusts the display’s vertical scanning frequency (eg NTSC 72 Hz, PAL 75 Hz)!

With the AnyDVD HD, commercially available copy tools such as CloneDVD, Pinnacle Instant Copy, InterVideo DVD-Copy, etc., are able to copy movies with CSS encryption protection. Once the disc is inserted into the optical drive, this program will remove the area code and encryption, as well as copy protection or Cinavia restriction. Any special feature is the ability to replace files on a disc without creating a copy.

Part 3: How to Check and Remove Cinavia on Blu-ray Disc

Above all, in order to perfectly check and remove Cinavia protection from Blu-ray disc, here you can adopt Leawo Blu-ray Cinavia Removal as your firm choice. With the simple interface and clear instruction guide, users can easily complete the Cinavia removal process easily by following the tutorial. The detailed steps on how to check and remove Cinavia on Blu-ray disc are showed below.

Step 1. Open Prof. Media, click Blu-ray Cinavia tab to enter the interface of Cinavia Removal (Blu-ray Cinavia Removal is one part of Prof. Media).

Step 2. Load Blu-ray disc to your disc drive on your computer. If your computer doesn’t contain internal Blu-ray disc drive, you may purchase an external Blu-ray drive. Once you have imported the Blu-ray disc, there will pop up a reminder. If the imported Blu-ray files are not protected with Cinavia watermark, then the reminder will show “No Cinavia watermark detected”. If the Blu-ray disc you have inserted has Cinavia protection, then on the screen you can see a pop-up reminder showing “Cinavia watermark detected”.

Step 3. Set the related parameters of the removal tool. When the original Blu-ray movie has been imported, then you can set the “Disc type”, “Copy mode (Full Movie is for copying contents of the whole disc; and Main Movie is for movie-only backup.)”, “Subtitle and Audio track” parameters accordingly. Based on your own needs, you can select the relevant parameters respectively. Once they have been set, click save button to follow the other steps. Remember, different settings may bring different output effects.

Step 4. Start the removing process. When all the settings have been done, simply click the big green “Cinavia” button. Then you can see the related output settings. Before it starts the process of removing, you need to confirm the “Copy to”, “Disc Label” and “Save to” options. Then click the “Burn” icon to start removing Cinavia protection from the Blu-ray movies. Cinavia Removal allows you to copy a Blu-ray disc to another blank disc while you only have one CD-ROM. You can first save the Blu-ray/DVD disc content to your computer and then copy the disc backup to a blank disc.

Part 4: Conclusion

For your convenience, in order to save more time, Cinavia detection tool can be quite necessary during the playback. Usually you may receive two kinds of promp-up reminders, the first one is Cinavia message code 1, the second is Cinavia message code 3. Once you have adopted the proper Cinavia removal tool to detect whether the Blu-ray content contains Cinavia or not, then you can save your time for viewing. What’s more, in order to make the exact detection, Leawo Blu-ray Cinavia Removal can be your wise option which can detect Cinavia and remvoe Cinavia at the same time without any losses of the original quality.

Of course, based on your own preferences, you can also take a try on other Cinavia removal tools, like CinexHD and AnyDVD which are all not be able to remove Cinavia protection, but also can be capable of solving other audio problems. But in comparison, based on the comprehensive features and functions, Leawo Blu-ray Cinavia Removal is much easier to handle with simple interface and easy instructions.

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