It has never been so exciting that many people enjoy torrent sites for DVD-quality movies, even for latest released movies. Torrent sites as we all know are quite elusive in nature. A site that may be working just fine one day, might not work the other day. YIFY is a typical example of this category. Nowadays, smart guys will seek ways to turn their YIFY movies to digital files or even DVD for long-lasting preservation. Our topic today will shed some light on YIFY and the ways to convert YIFY to common digital files within clicks.

Part 1: Introducing YIFY

Knowing nothing about YIFY? Don’t be panic. We will get to know it through a brief introduction here. Be it legal or not, YIFY is sweeping the globe with unstoppable wind. YIFY is the name for a part of a digital file. It’s like MP4, AVI and so on. YIFY is a torrent website which later modified its name to YTS. The site allows users to upload high-quality movie files that other users can download and save to their devices so they can avoid paying to watch it at the theaters. YIFY’s current collection contains everything from current blockbusters to golden oldies. It is said to bring Hollywood films to the masses at smaller file-size. Unsurprisingly, Hollywood stakeholders regard it as a thorn.

YIFY started learning how to re-encode movies to take minimal HDD space while retaining a respectable level of quality. This was achieved using the newly popular x264 encoding software for the H.264/MPEG-4 codec.

Part 2: Three Ways to Convert YIFY to Common Digital Formats

There have been tons of ways to convert YIFY files to common digital formats, like mp4, avi, etc. Speaking of convenience, online video converter, VLC, and Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate will be our top picks. Some prefer online freeware and think they will use it rather randomly so they do not need to buy one program in particular. Some professionals may have frequent demands to download and convert YIFY to common digital files so they usually will buy a program for full access to rich features. In most cases, people will use the most common video converter like Windows Media Player or VLC for completing the job. In the following, I will show you around to take a glance at these programs.

No. 1 Handbrak

HandBrake is a tool for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs. Among all, it supports to process most common multimedia files and any DVD or BluRay sources that do not contain any kind of copy protection. That said, you can basically convert what you want to common video or audio formats within a few clicks. Besides, it offers rich features such as title/chapter and range selection, batch scan and queuing of encodes, chapter markers, subtitles (VobSub, Closed Captions CEA-608, SSA, SRT and so on to suit needs of both beginners and professionals.

Handbrake - 1

No. 2 VLC

VLC is known to almost everybody. Being a very popular multimedia player developed for Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, Unix and various other operating systems and platforms, VLC is not only a media player but also a powerful video converter. Using VLC you can do many creative things with your videos and one of the examples that we have already seen is its ability to convert videos from one format to another. It will give you so much convenience for playing and converting videos hassle-free.

VLC - 2

No. 3 Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

This UniConverter is said to be the best video converter ultimate, which is a professional paid tool for users to have full access to video conversion. It can convert, download, compress, edit, burn videos in 1000 formats and do more. The most outstanding feature is that it downloads or records your favorite 4K/HD videos from popular video sharing sites for enjoyment and it can smoothly convert them to compatible formats for playback on TV, smartphone, or other devices. It is a brilliant program to be honest with so much surprise for you.

Wondershare - 3

Part 3: How to Convert YIFY to AVI with Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

With Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, now known as UniConverter, you can freely convert your YIFY files to any common media formats such as AVI in fast speed. It is a powerful YIFY to DVD converter. The tutorial guide here will tour you around to get familiar with the procedures.

Step 1: Download and install the program to your PC.

Click the button below to download the installation package. Both Mac and Windows are provided respectively.

Step 2: Launch the program and import the downloaded YIFY files.

Follow the installation wizard to install and then launch the program after installation completes. From the home page, click Add Files to import the YIFY files to the program.


Step 3: Change the output format.

Once your files have been imported to the program, choose the target output format from the top right area indicating that you can choose one format from the drop-down menu.


Step 4: Edit the files.

Before converting the files, you can edit the files such as trim, crop or add effects to the video by clicking the editing icon individually. Then, click on the Convert button to convert YIFY files.


Step 5: Set an output format before conversion takes place.

After clicking the Convert button, you will be asked to set an output directory to save the output file. Afterward, click Convert All to kick off the conversion process.


Step 6: Check for converted files.

After conversion completes, you may find the converted files from the Converted tab. You may stream these files to other devices for playback or further processing, or directly play them within the program.

Part 4: How to Burn YIFY Files to DVD

Some people may still need to burn their converted files to DVD for the sake of a personal hobby. Okay now we have the YIFY files converted to AVI with Wondershare, we can further burn the YIFY files to DVD with the best burner ever – Leawo DVD Creator. Being a great media processing program, this DVD burner can burn 180+ formats of videos and photos to DVD with 40+ beautiful DVD menu templates at 6X higher speed. This takes the lead in the industry and it employs the support for Intel Quick Sync acceleration technology to ensure users to burn DVD with high speed. Best of all, 1:1 output quality is offered to make sure users can enjoy a better movie experience. Here comes a step-by-step guide to show users how to burn AVI files to DVD with Leawo DVD Creator.

Step 1: Download and install the program.

Click the button below to download the installation package and install the program following the installation wizard.


DVD Creator 

☉ Convert videos like MP4, AVI, MKV to DVD format fast.

☉ Create DVD-5, DVD-9 disc, folder or ISO image without quality loss.

☉ 1-click operation to create photo slideshows and burn to DVD.

☉ Easily editable effects, 2D to 3D conversion support.

☉ Built-in menu templates and edit disc menu with personal preferences.

Step 2: Click the button below to download the installation package and install the program following the installation wizard.

Launch the program and click Add Video to import the YIFY files that have been converted to AVI into the program. Note that you can import files in batches so as to save time. Insert a blank disc and specify the disc type to either DVD-5 or DVD-9 and choose the video aspect ratio at the bottom area.


Step 3: Choose a template menu for the DVD.

Click on the template you like from the built-in templates shown on the right pane or you may download templates online or even customize a template based on your requirements. Note that you can adjust the background music, image, text, and fonts on the built-in templates. Besides there is an editing icon next to the video, allowing you to edit the video like trimming, cropping, or adding effects to the video. This step is optional.


Step 4: Set the burn to type and save to directory before burning process starts.

Click on the green button Burn from the top right toolbar, and a sidebar will display immediately to let you specify the burn to type and save to directory. You can set these items based on actual conditions. As soon as the settings are done, click on the round button Burn below to kick off the burning process. When the process completes, you will have a disc ready for playback anytime or anywhere you wish. With this program capable of burning YIFY to DVD, you won’t bother to worry when YIFY will disappear and you will have nowhere for quality movies.


Part 5: Conclusion

No matter you are keen on age-old movies or newly releases, YIFY can satisfy your needs but it is just a torrent website and will disappear anytime when regulators find it doing illegal stuff. In this case, YIFY to video converters or DVD creators that are capable of burning YIFY movies to DVD has gained vitality from the market. To assist users with video conversion and DVD burning, we have introduced several top-ranked programs that are quite impressive in the industry. Among them, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and Leawo DVD Creator are eye-catching thanks to powerful features they provide in terms of video conversion and burning. With them, there is no need to worry about torrent movies and you can easily convert the movie to other common video formats or even disc for long-lasting preservation. Try them out and your comments are welcome.