If you are a movie franchises enthusiast, asides from the audio and picture quality of the movies, one of the most important factors that should be paid attention is the subtitles. Concerning the functions of subtitles, you can easily get to know that subtitles are the key aspects for users to get deeper and exact understanding of the movie content. Without the subtitles, to some extent, the movie is not to be complete which may result in some misunderstanding of the movies. However, in the digital era, some online movies are not equipped with related subtitles. Today, we will set MKV movies as the example to show you how to add the SRT file to MKV movies.

Part 1: About SRT File

While talking about subtitles, many of you are quite familiar. But when we put forward SRT file, some users may feel puzzled about this term. Simply speaking, you can regard SRT file as a kind of subtitles for the movies. Actually, SRT file is subtitle file that is commonly known as SubRip Subtitle file, which has contained the subtitle information of the movies, including the start and end timecodes of the text which can ensure your subtitles can match the audio in the movies. To some extent, the SRT file is a plain-text file which is quite important to be used alongside video and audio for a movie. Without the context of the movie content, SRT file has no meaning at all.

The more popular text subtitles are SRT, SMI, SSA, because it is a text format, so it is relatively small, generally not more than a hundred k. Among them, the SRT text subtitle is the most popular, because its production specification is simple, a time code + a subtitle, making the modification is quite simple. With the kind of style file, you can also let SRT bring some special effects on the font. Several text subtitles can be converted to each other. Text subtitles are generally generated by OCR or hand-made graphics subtitles. OCR English subtitles are not difficult. After all, English recognition is difficult, OCR Chinese is more difficult, and the software used is not small.

Usually, SRT files can be generated with the help of some specific SRT editors and videos players. Also, these editors and players can be able to convert SRT files to other subtitle formats. In some cases, when other subtitle formats are in the need, for example, SCC, MCC, TTML, you can also seek help from some online SRT files converters to complete the conversion.


Part 2: How to Merge SRT File with MKV Movies

Since SRT files are a quite necessary part of the movies, it is quite important to create the SRT files for the movies. Actually, creating SRT files is not an easy thing for many people, because it requires a professional text editor which can allow you to set a correct format and save it with SRT file extension. Or simply as it shows, you need to use a third-party program to create a whole SRT file. Well, there is a lucky news for you today. You don’t have to spend so much time and energy in searching for the solutions on how to create SRT files. Alternatives, you can now easily download the SRT files from the subtitle websites with a wide range of multi-language database available for download.

Today, our focus will be put on how to merge SRT file with movie videos, for example MKV movies. Before we get started, we need to prepare a professional Leawo Blu-ray Player or SRT merger. Here I will introduce Apowersoft Video Converter Studio for you. Apowersoft Video Converter Studio is a popular Leawo Blu-ray Player for you to make further amendments or editing to the original videos, including MKV files. You can use this tool to add SRT file to MKV, also it can allow you to convert SRT format to other different formats at the same time to meet various needs. This program also supports iPhone, PS3, Apple TV, iPod and Android smartphones. Utilizing Apowersoft Video Converter Studio to combine SRT files with MKV is quite easy. For the details, you can refer to the following steps.

Step 1: Download Apowersoft Video Converter Studio and install it on your computer. Just go the official website of Apowersoft Video Converter Studio and had better not download from a third-party website to prevent from virus.

Step 2: Import your preferred MKV movie to the program. You can simply click “Add files” button on the main interface of the program to load the MKV movie you would like to add SRT with. Before it, you need to make sure you have download the SRT file already.

Step 3: Click the “Edit” button to enter the editor panel where you can find “Subtitle” icon which is like a capital letter “A”. Tap this icon and you can add subtitle file which has been downloaded from the Internet to this tool.


Step 4: Adjust and edit the subtitles (optional). You can adjust the subtitles’ line position, color, height and font.

Step 5: Start adding the SRT file to your MKV movie by clicking “OK” button.

Part 3: Add SRT File on MKV Movie during the Playback

However, in some special cases, the SRT file can’t be the necessary part for the videos. For example, if you are a foreign language learner and now you are watching some foreign movies which are helpful for you to test your listening skills. In such a case, you can try to omit the subtitles during the playback which may be beneficial to focus on listening to the original audio in the foreign movies. This can be quite interesting and helpful, can’t this? But still, for some users, if the SRT files or the subtitles can be shown during the playback at the moment they need, it could not be better. Asides from downloading a specific Leawo Blu-ray Playeror subtitle merger, here you only need to select a powerful MKV player which has the built-in feature of adding SRT files during the playback. That is to say, this player can allow you to call up the subtitles whenever and wherever you would like. As one of the free MKV players, Leawo Blu-ray Player is falling to this kind of group. With Leawo Blu-ray Player, you can’t only play more than 180 types of digital video formats as well as various physical discs, but also can be able to add SRT file on MKV movie during the playback easily. If you are interested in this function, you can take a try by following the steps below.

Step 1: Download Leawo Blu-ray Player and install it on your computer.

Step 2: Import MKV movie to Leawo Blu-ray Player. After opening this media player, you can simply click "Open File" button on the home interface. When you have imported the MKV movie, then you can see it on the playlist and you can watch the MKV movie immediately.


Step 3: Set the subtitles during the playback. Once you have imported the MKV file to the player program, on the Playback menu, you could control "Playback Settings" where you can set the subtitles during the playback. Click on "T" icon and you could get into the subtitle settings.


Then you could enable or disable subtitles and browse for more subtitles as you like.


Step 4: You could also get into the playback setting and customize the subtitle effect including color, style, size, etc.


Part 4: Conclusion

Therefore, by referring to the above solutions, the question on how to add SRT file to MKV can be easily resolved. What you need to do is to download the SRT file from the website and then make full use of SRT merger or some video editor to combine SRT files with MKV movies. For your further references on where to download the SRT file, I will list two of the best SRT download websites for your further details.

1. OpenSubtitles. This is a popular subtitle website which has contained a variety /of multi-language database available for download. You can find your own targeted subtitles in a very easy and quick way because this website has a good collection of the movies which can provide you the convenient way to locate your subtitles. This website keeps updating all the time.

2. Moviesubtitles.org. This website is good for hot movie followers because it is popular for offering subtitles for the most famous films and TV shows all over the world. The subtitles on the website can be supported by WinZip. You can even easily download the subtitles according to your download history in a quick way.