Borrow a movie DVD from your friend that you wanted to watch for years but now have to return without watching? Quite a lot of movie lovers are plagued by the fragility of the DVD movie discs, for the DVDs you bought a long time ago even cannot be played anymore. Therefore, it’s necessary to make backup copies for your precious collections periodically. No worries when you can copy DVD to DVD and enjoy whenever and wherever you want. In the following part, our article will discuss the best ways of how to make a copy of a DVD.

Part 1: Why to Copy DVD

There are a lot of reasons when you want to make a copy of a DVD, and here the role of a good DVD to DVD copying tool comes into play.

Firstly, when you borrow or rent a movie from a friend or from service, you are unable to watch it due to several reasons. In such situations, you are anxious to know how to copy a DVD movie so that you can watch it later whenever you have time. Also, even if you have watched the DVD and would like to watch again, having a copy gives you the freedom to enjoy again whenever you want.

Secondly, if you have a collection of some rare and special DVD titles there is always a fear of accidental damage or loss of the disc. In such scenarios, you can copy DVD to DVD and have a backup disc.

Thirdly, if you have a DVD that you need to share with a number of friends and other people, then you would need a DVD to DVD copy tool to create multiple copies. If you run a training center and have created a visual presentation on a disc, you can share the same with your students by creating copies of the DVD.

Last but not least, if you need customization or personalization of your present DVD, you can do the same while creating copies of the discs. From your existing video, you can trim or cut the unwanted part, add background image or music, add special effects, and perform other functions.

Part 2: 5 Best Online DVD Copy Service for You

Maybe you have the experience about buying DVDs online, but do you know that you could also copy DVDs online? For people who are willing to pay for a high-quality DVD copying, we highly recommend you to choose online DVD copy Service. With this service, you could easily get a copy without spending unnecessary time. And following are 5 best online DVD copy service.

NO. 1 DigiRAW

Transform the way you enjoy your physical media and hire DIGIRAW to get your discs off your shelves and onto your computer/NAS so you can play them on TVs, smartphones and tablets. Since 2012 DIGIRAW has been assisting households and AV specialists to convert their DVD, Blu-ray and 4K (UHD) collections to superior MP4 and MKV formats for streaming to their TVs, smartphones, tablets, projectors, computers and home theatre systems.


NO. 2 Timeless DVD

Timeless DVD’s DVD duplication specializes in 1–100 copies! They cater to individuals, families, and groups who just need a few DVD copies. Unlike large media duplication companies, they don’t require a minimum order, setup fees, or online signup.

Timeless DVD copies your DVD using a 3-step process. First, your master is verified to ensure it can be duplicated correctly. After the discs are duplicated, they are compared to the original to ensure they are exact replicas, and then verified individually. The result is the most error-free, rock-solid duplication possible.

When copying DVDs, they exclusively use Taiyo Yuden discs, which are the most compatible and reliable media to copy DVD-R. These discs feature a vibrant, photo-realistic matte or glossy waterproof finish, and are printed on a Primera direct-to- disc printer (no sticky labels!).


No. 3 Movietyme Video Productions

No minimums, whether you need 1 or 1,000. Duplication and printing are done here in our Indianapolis office. Your discs are not shipped to another company. On-disc printing: Whether you want basic black text or full-color artwork, they can provide the disc print you need. Need help with disc art design? they can also design your disc face using photos, logos or your advertising materials. Once designed you will receive a sample of the artwork to approve. Your duplications will look better with a personalized, professional disc print. MVP can duplicate many different disc types including CD, DVD, DVD+R DL (dual layer DVD) and Blu-ray discs (25GB and 50GB).


NO. 4 DVDS4Less

This is the home of CD DVD Duplication services for less. DVDS4Less manufacture DVDs and provide DVD production services to the disc duplication and DVD copying services industry. DVDs4Less duplicates CDs, DVDs and dual-layer wholesale copies real cheap from any tape or VHS video format to DVD. DVDs 4 Less cheap CD DVD duplication copying services records and duplicates in all CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, DVD Dual Layer DVD+R disc and video duplicating formats. You can check on their website to burn the cheapest, short-run CD, DVD and dual layer duplication or manufacture DVD production services at wholesale prices.


No. 5 The Duplication Service

Its high-quality CD/DVD/Blu-Ray duplication service is ideal for music or data and it is also widely used for distribution of corporate presentations, advertising literature, DJ promos or demos, club events, and event promoters. Discs are available with stunning high quality on body print. A protective UV disc coating is available which gives discs a high gloss finish which also protects the disc print. CD or DVD/Blu-ray Duplication is ideal for short runs from as little as 25 units to 1000 units, CD or DVD Replication is ideal for larger runs from 1000 to 1 million units. It doesn’t matter whether you require unprinted CD/DVD/Blu-Ray duplication or require a full-on body print before duplication. Let them duplicate your media kits, beta software, music demos, cd catalogues, PowerPoint presentations or anything else you need all at a very reasonable price without losing quality!


Part 3: 5 Best DVD Copy Programs for You

If you are going to copy DVD to DVD in Windows or Mac, you may want to read this part to get the best free DVD copy programs.

1. Leawo DVD Copy

To suit needs from different people, Leawo DVD Copy has 3 different copy modes which provides 3 different ways to copy the DVD. Full Movie mode copies the whole DVD, Main Movie mode can perform movie-only backup and Custom Mode allows you to choose which parts of the DVD to copy. As one of the best DVD copy software tool, Leawo DVD Copy allows you to copy DVD without any restriction. It can remove the CSS protection and region codes applied to the DVD disc thus allowing you to copy protected DVD regardless of the studio it belongs to or the region it’s released in. Leawo DVD Copy can provide users with high-efficient performance as it can copy DVD to hard drive or to a new DVD disc in 6X faster speed with Intel Quick Sync GPU acceleration technology.

Leawo DVD Copy

2. BurnAware Free

This free DVD copy software is feature rich to make copies of DVDs; hence, one of the best free DVD copy software. The software brings almost all the features that you would ever need including creating direct copies or saving as ISO. It also offers even the option to burn on disc later. It supports all major operating systems apart from iOS. The software also offers several tools to edit and customize the copy to make it look good. You can also create a DVD cover using the tool.


3. WinX DVD Copy Pro

The WinX DVD Copy Pro is a DVD copy software free that can help you the most with region-locking which is not something all tools offer. It also allows creating copies, though disc-to-disc copying is not allowed. Apart from this, it is much like any other software tools on the list. Supporting Windows only, the trial version has limited capabilities and upon expiry you will lose some more of the functionalities as well.

WinX DVD Copy Pro

4. IQmango DVD Ripper

Being one of the best free DVD rippers, it is also one of the best free DVD copy software tools to help you burn DVDs and make copies as well. You can also make ISO versions of the content of a DVD and later burn it to a disc. The clean and crisp interface of the software along with its quick and easy to understand process makes it one of the best on the list. Supporting only Windows devices, there is, however, an issue with this free disk copy software; it only allows you to work with videos from DVD. You would need another tool for data content.

IQmango DVD Ripper

5. Ashampoo Burning Studio Free

Ashampoo Burning Studio 16 is one of the most popular DVD copying free software available because of the bundle of thoughtfully designed extra features that make the user experience excellence. Supporting only Windows, this brilliant DVD copy software is a tool that allows you to do much more than just creating copies of the DVD and its contents.

Ashampoo Burning Studio Free

Part 4: Benefits to Copy DVD by Yourself

Despite the proliferation of online streaming services, some of us still prefer to watch movies on good old DVDs. However, you might be concerned about your DVDs becoming damaged or unplayable, and thinking how to make a copy of them.

With the technology developing, you don’t need a DVD duplicator anymore but just a computer. And nowadays, almost everyone has a computer, so why not have a try to copy a DVD just by your PC or laptop?

Moreover, it is known that you have to pay for online copying DVD service, and if you occasionally need to create DVD copies and do not want to invest too much in copying DVD, it would be much economical for you to copy DVD by yourself via a computer and a copying program.

Benefits to Copy DVD by Yourself

Part 5: How to Copy DVD on Your Own

If you want to copy DVD in the most professional manner, we recommend Leawo DVD Copy, which supports Windows10/8/7/Vista/XP/2003 and Mac system as well. It allows you to copy DVD or DVD Folder files to DVD/DVD Folder/ISO files with customization. Leawo DVD Copy also provides additional functions to convert DVD to video, edit video, make photo slideshow and others. Take a look on the following steps.

Leawo DVD Copy – The ever best DVD to ISO backup software for PC/Mac users to rip, copy and burn DVD disc to ISO image file on PC or Mac computer in only a few simple clicks.
* Copy DVD to ISO image file without any quality loss;
* Copy and burn ISO image file to DVD disc in clicks;
* Bypass any DVD disc protection and region code restriction;
* Easy to use interface for both novices and veteran;

Leawo Blu-ray Copy


Step 1: Open program

Run Prof. Media, click DVD Copy tab to enter DVD Copy module.


Step 2: Add source DVD/ISO file to the program

Click “Add Blu-ray/DVD” button (Note: if you get the DVD Copy module, you can only import DVD files). On the following drop-down menu. Click “Add from CD-ROM” to import DVD files from your CD-ROM. Click “Add from folder” to import DVD folder from your computer. Click “Add ISO file” to import ISO image file. Also, you can perform all the aforementioned action by directly dragging and dropping source file to the interface.


Step 3: DVD copying settings

After importing the source DVD/ISO files, click “DVD-5” to choose Disc type for the backup between DVD-9 and DVD-5. There are 3 copy modes provided: Full Movie, Main Movie and Custom Mode. Choose Full Mode to copy contents of the whole disc; Choose Main Movie for Movie-only backup; Choose Custom Mode to back up whatever chapters of video content in the disc.


Step 4. Start the copy

Click the big green “Copy” button on the top-right to call out the sidebar for backup settings. Insert a writable blank disc into the CD-ROM in your computer and select it as the destination of the backup under “Copy to” option. Check either “Folder” or “ISO File” to save DVD content in a folder or as an ISO file to your computer. And set the directory for the backup in the box below Save to option. Click the “Copy” button at the bottom of the sidebar to start backing up the DVD contents.