“Twitter videos and gifs not playing: Whenever I view a tweet that has a video or gif, it does not play. Clicking the image does nothing, it just has an unresponsive play button. It has been going on for a while, today I finally just got tired of it. For some reason though, things work fine in incognito mode. I have tried disabling all extensions in normal mode, still no go. I have tried enabling all extensions in incognito, still works. What else does incognito change that could be causing this issue? Any help is appreciated.” A question from Reddit.

Many Twitter users are experiencing this error, and some have never solved this. It is extremely boring to get into this trouble. Well, in this guide, we would like to recommend you solutions on fixing Twitter video won’t play on iPhone/Android/Chrome.

Part 1: Solutions to Twitter Video Won't Play on iPhone/Android

A lot of mobile phone users have reported this issue of Twitter video won’t play on iPhone and Android smartphones. How to fix this? Below are some solutions to Twitter won’t play on iPhone/Android smartphones:

1. Connect a good network and restart Twitter app

Sometimes, the reason why Twitter video will not play on iPhone and Android smartphones is the poor network connection. It would cost you much longer time to get Twitter videos fully loaded for playback. The longer the loading is, the higher possible playback error it would become. In this case, you can connect to an enough-signal-strengths Wi-Fi, then restart the Twitter app to load videos again.

2. Update Twitter app to the latest version

If a Twitter app on your iPhone/Android is out-of-date, it may cost some inconvenience such as videos disabled. So, you can update the Twitter app in App Store/Google Play and open it again. Uploading to the latest Twitter app would help you solve many problems during use.

3. Reinstall Twitter app on iPhone/Android

Try to reinstall the Twitter app on your iPhone or Android. It is because there might be some glitches with the app itself. By reinstalling, there might be some default settings set to default that would let you play Twitter videos on iPhone and Android smartphones.

4. Launch mobile phone browser to check

If you encounter the Twitter video not playing issue when visiting https:// mobile.twitter.com on a mobile browser, you can clear all the data and cookies in your browser. After that, restart the mobile browser to see if the Twitter video can successfully play now. However, you will need to be careful because cookies store much information. All the sites will need to re-login by yourself after doing this.

5. Wait for a while and the restart your iPhone or Android smartphone

You could quit Twitter app, and then wait for a while before you restart your smartphone. This seems to have no sense, but it does work sometimes.

6. Update your browser on your iPhone/Android smartphone

If you are trying to play Twitter videos on your mobile phone browsers, you might need to update your browser Some people say this issue seems to be fixed by updating the browser to the latest version. You may also try.

7. Disable smartphone anti-advertising apps

Sometimes the anti-advertising or anti-virus apps on your smartphones would stop video loading and playback by mistake. Therefore, you could try to disable the anti-advertising or anti-virus apps on your smartphones to see if it works.

Part 2: Solutions to Twitter Video Won't Play on Chrome/Web Browser

If you are playing Twitter videos on your desktops or laptops with Chrome or other web browsers, what can you do to fix Twitter video won’t play issue? Follow the below suggestions to see if they work.

Step 1. Turn off all the add-ons, extensions and third-party toolbars in Firefox or Chrome browser.
Step 2. Try clearing all cache and cookies of the computer browser. Take Chrome as an example: click the "Menu" button in the upper-right corner of the Chrome window, choose "More Tools" and then "Clear browsing data…".
Step 3. Turn off your computer for a few minutes and reset later.
Step 4. Disable security software and firewalls in computer, and restart Firefox or Chrome.
Step 5. Try to update your browser to the latest version. Browser update sometimes would fix this issue successfully.
Step 6. Switch to another browser on your computer to see if this issue could be fixed.
Step 7. Make Sure Flash in Twitter is Not Being Blocked. Click the lock-shape button on the left side of the Chrome address bar, and make sure Flash is not "Block".
Step 8. If Twitter won’t play video on Chrome or other web browsers you have uploaded, make sure the video you uploaded to Twitter is compatible with Twitter. Currently Twitter supports MP4 and MOV video formats on mobile apps. On the web, it supports the MP4 video format with H264 format with AAC audio. You can upload videos up to 512MB, however you will be prompted to edit videos to 2 minutes and 20 seconds or less in length. You could turn to a video converter to handle the media compatibility issue.

Part 3: Use Leawo Video Downloader to Download Twitter Video

If all the above troubleshooting measures for "Twitter videos won't play" don’t work for you, you need then try the ultimate solution to fix this issue. You could download the Twitter videos to your computers with professional Twitter video downloader tools, and then use some video converter tools to transfer the downloaded Twitter videos to your iPhone, Android smartphones, and other devices.

Leawo Video Downloader is the best tool for you to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vevo, Veoh, and 1000+ other video sharing sites, including Twitter. As a professional online video downloader, this professional program is capable of downloading 720P, 1080P HD videos from a bunch of popular online video sharing websitesIt offers multiple download options for you to choose in different file formats, resolution and quality. It offers a built-in browser to let you play back Twitter videos before you download.

Step 1. Open Leawo Video Downloader

The program is included in a software bundle: Prof. Media. Kick off the bundle, and click the Video Downloader tab, or the Download option on the menu bar to open the downloader.

Step 2: Set download path

Click the wheel icon at the top-right corner and then open the “Downloader” tab. Here you need to set download path in the “Save videos to:” box. Click “Apply” button after setting.

Step 3: Open target Twitter video page

When you enter the video downloader, copy and paste the Twitter video page address to open the target Twitter video you want to download. Click to play it back to make sure it’s what you want. This Twitter video downloader would detect all the downable video sources on the current page and provide you with multiple options to download them on the right sidebar.

Step 4: Download Twitter videos

The downloadable video sources would be listed on the sidebar on the right. If you can’t find the sidebar, click the button in the middle of the scroll bar on the right to call it out. Click the Download button on the desired video source to download the video.

Step 5: Manage downloaded videos

All the downloading tasks would be listed in the Downloading tab. And when the downloads are finished, check them out in Downloaded tab. You could view all downloaded videos here.

Leawo Video Downloader would start downloading and complete it quickly. After downloading, you could play back downloaded Twitter videos on your computer, or transfer downloaded videos to iPhone or Android devices for offline playback easily.


For technique reason, the Twitter video downloading has been disabled tempararily in Leawo Video Downloader.

Part 4: All-in-1 Total Media Converter Ultimate Solution - Leawo Prof. Media

As mentioned above, if you upload a video to Twitter but the uploaded video can’t play on Twitter on your computer or mobile devices, this might be due to the file format incompatible issue. You could use video converters to convert video files for uploading to Twitter.

Here, we would like to recommend you an all-in-one total media converter solution suite – Leawo Prof. Media, a professional and 14-in-1 media converter tool that could help you handle media conversions between Blu-ray, DVD, video, audio, images, online videos and ISO image files.

Actually, with Leawo Prof. Media, you will get much better digital entertainment experience. It offers multiple powerful and practical features, including:

  1. Act as region-free media player to play back Blu-ray, DVD, video, audio, and even ISO image files, without being restricted by disc protection and regions.
  2. As a Blu-ray/DVD ripper to decrypt, rip and convert Blu-ray/DVD to video/audio files in 200+ file formats for various uses.
  3. As a video converter to convert video and audio files between various formats for different media players and devices, supporting even 4K video output.
  4. As a Blu-ray burner to convert and burn videos files to Blu-ray/DVD content in disc, folder and/or ISO image file, and even burn image files to Blu-ray/DVD photo slideshow easily.
  5. As a Blu-ray copy to decrypt, copy and backup Blu-ray/DVD content to blank disc or computer hard drive, in full-movie or movie-only backup mode as you need.
  6. As an online video downloader to help you download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Veoh, VEVO, and 1000+ other video sites.
  7. As a photo slideshow maker to help you turn photos into photo slideshow video for saving in various formats, and edit generated photo slideshow.
  8. As a media editor to edit Blu-ray/DVD/video files to trim, crop, add watermark, adjust effect, apply 3D effect, etc.
  9. Choose disc menu for DVD/Blu-ray burning, and even design disc menu with preferred items.

No matter you are going to download videos from Twitter, convert downloaded Twitter videos, convert Blu-ray/DVD/video files for Twitter, or even burn downloaded Twitter videos to Blu-ray/DVD, Leawo Prof. Media meets all your needs.