Many iPhone users may get into some embarrassing situations while dealing with iPhone. The causes of these problems are different. Among them, many users are very familiar with the situation: when they tried to update iOS system or some applications, the iPhone suddenly got stuck on "Connect to iTunes" interface and users can do nothing with their iPhones. So why would this happen and how to fix this iPhone stuck on Connect to iTunes? Just be patient. We would like to show you some effective solutions on how to fix iPhone stuck on Connect to iTunes and provide more related information to help you better use your iPhone.

Part 1: Why does the iPhone get stuck on Connect to iTunes

When we use our iPhone, you may be prompted with notice that "iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes". What happens to your iPhone? Why does the iPhone Stuck on Connect to iTunes come out?

Actually, there could be diverse reasons that lead you to the iPhone stuck on "Connect to iTunes" issue:

  1. You may have tried to update iOS system in an unexpected situation and the system can not take reaction in time.
  2. Some iPhone users are fond of jailbreak. But during the process, the original iPhone system gets crashed and can not move on.
  3. The iPhone stuck on Connect to iTunes issue may happen due to some misuse of some buttons and functions.

Concerning the first and second reasons, we can confirm that the iPhone with such an issue is entering Recovery Mode. Under this mode, usually it will get stuck on "Connect to iTunes" screen and nothing more could be done except updating iOS system again.

Part 2: Restart iPhone to Fix iPhone Stuck on Connect to iTunes

When you find your iPhone gets stuck on "Connect to iTunes", the easiest method of fixing this issue is to press the iPhone’s Power button and Home button for more than 5 seconds. If the iPhone turns black, then you can press Power button to start it over again. If this operation fails and it still shows "Connect to iTunes", maybe you have to follow the steps below to fix the "Connect to iTunes" issue under the Recovery Mode.


Part 3: Fix iPhone Stuck on Connect to iTunes under Recovery Mode

In summary, when iPhone stuck on "Connect to iTunes" issue happens, the key solution is to update the firmware of iPhone’s iOS system on iTunes and then get out of Recovery Mode by simply rebooting the iPhone.

1. Detailed steps on how to fix iPhone stuck on "Connect to iTunes" issue via Recovery Mode:

Step 1. You need to find a computer with iTunes and connect your iPhone to iTunes. You can just connect this iPhone under such a Recovery Mode to iTunes.

Step 2. After connecting iPhone to iTunes, iTunes will show you a message saying that iTunes has detected an iPhone under Recovery Mode.


Step 3. Click the icon of iPhone and there will be a list of settings. Just choose "Summary" and you will see the detailed iPhone system information.


Step 4. At the same time, you can see "Check for Update" button. By clicking this button, it will show "Download and Update" button.


Step 5. After clicking "Download and Update", the iTunes will download the latest version iOS firmware in several minutes.


Step 6. When the update is finished downloading, it will load to your iPhone main screen. And of course the iPhone will get out of Recovery Mode.

iphone main screen

2 How to Enter Recovery Mode

However, you may find that after you connect your iPhone with computer and launch the iTunes, your iPhone is not in Recovery Mode. There is no prompt out there on iTunes to tell you it has detected an iPhone under Recovery Mode. What would you do to enter Recovery Mode? you can do as follows:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone with computer and open iTunes.
Step 2. Press and hold the Home and the Sleep/Wake button at the same time.


Step 3. Continue holding the two buttons until your iTunes shows that it has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.


3 Back up iPhone Data before Entering Recovery Mode

By the way, before updating iOS system, you have better back up the data on iPhone. You can use Leawo iTransfer software to back up file from iPhone to computer. Leawo iTransfer is a wonderful iOS data transfer and backup software program that could transfer data between iOS devcies, iTunes and computer, and backup iOS device data for multiple uses.

The below step-by-step guide would show you how to transfer data from iPhone to computer for backup before your iPhone device enters the Recovery Mode.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to computer and run the software.

Launch Leawo iTransfer

Step 2. All the files on iPhone will appear on the left bar. Select the files and right-click and choose Transfer to > My Computer.

Transfer data from iOS to computer

Step 3. Choose the target folder. Then click Transfer Now to start backing up iPhone files to computer.

Transfer data from iOS to computer

Part 3: Tips to Connect iPhone to iTunes Successfully

Since iTunes is so important to transfer data and update iOS system for iPhone, knowing the correct way to connect iPhone to iTunes is necessary. Just as you know, this is so simple. Firstly, you need to prepare a USB cable which is used to connect your iPhone to iTunes. Secondly, open the iTunes on your computer and then iTunes will recognize your iPhone immediately and all the data on iPhone will be showed on iTunes.

However, sometimes, your iPhone can not be recognized by iTunes. Maybe you could try the following suggestions to solve this problem.

  1. Make sure your USB port can be working.
  2. Make sure the cable is fully plugged in to your device and into the computer.
  3. Go to Settings on iPhone, then tap on General and finally select Restrictions> turn the slide "Off" on. See below for details.
  4. You need to "trust this computer" before you can manage your iPhone on iTunes.
  5. Make sure you are using the latest version of iTunes.
  6. Restart your iPhone and connect again.