Can’t find an iPhone app? Or are you looking for a particular application and just can’t find it? Or have you recently downloaded a new app that you can’t find on your home screen or iPhone? Actually, fixing this problem is quite simple. After updating the iOS, apps sometimes move to new locations or folders. Sometimes you can’t see it because of the clutter on the screen. Or delete it to make room for new iOS or app updates.
Whatever the reason, follow below guide to help you find your missing application.

Part 1: How to fix iPhone camera app missing

It is commonly seen that the iPhone camera app is missing when you upgrade your iPhone to the latest version, the problem is easy to cause due to the iOS system upgrades, so how to fix iPhone camera app missing become an important knowledge for the iOS devices users. There are three ways below which help you to solve the problem of camera app missing.

1. Check the restrictions of camera is essential to fix iPhone camera app missing. Because camera will be prevented to appear on home screen due to the restrictions, moreover, it is probably accessed by other apps.

2. The icon layout should be reset on the screen to fix the camera missing problem, as you may move the camera to another folder by mistake, this is also the main reason for the camera app not be found. You can enter the Setting> General, then slide down to reset the layout on home screen.

3. If the above methods are not available to you. You can try to restore the iDevice as the last opportunity to help you fix iPhone camera missing app.

Part 2: How to fix iPhone phone app missing

You may also experience a curious case that iPhone phone apps are missing suddenly, this issue caused due to the software bug but not the mistake made by the users. Here we will instruct you how to fix iPhone phone app missing.

1. You should guarantee that no one is able to access your iPhone and move the phone app to another screen purposely or accidentally. Your kids would play your device and might drag the phone app to anywhere else on your iPhone without any purpose.

If there are lots of applications icons on your Apple device, a good method to search the installed applications on your iPhone is to use Spotlight. You just need to enter the name of the phone app, then it will be shown up in the result list as the picture below.


2. If the missing phone app cannot be found via Spotlight, that always means it has already been deleted. Don’t worry, you can download the phone app again in the App Store, even it is a built-in application, it also can be downloaded as the same as other applications.


3. If the missing phone app still cannot be found on your iPhone or App Store, it is most possible that some restrictions are set on your iPhone and leads to this problem. You can enter Settings > General > Restrictions to check whether the restrictions have been set by you, if yes, you are required to type into the password and then the apps with restrictions can be seen here. In this case, you can make the restriction disable by tapping the toggle beside each item, then the missing phone app will be shown on the home screen again.


Part 3: How to fix iPhone settings app missing

Setting app plays an important part in iOS system, because the work style of our iPhone is controlled by the important setting app. The wallpaper changing, the screen brightness adjusting, device restoring and password setting cannot be set without setting app, if one day, the setting app is missing accidentally, it would be a big problem for our device to work normally. How to fix iPhone settings app missing? Below are the methods for your reference.

1. The layout on your home screen should reset. Slide down and enter Spotlight Search, then type “Setting” and then search it. You can go through Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout to reset the layout on home screen, then confirm it and the home screen will be returned to the original layout of factory app.

2. You can restore your device via iTunes by connecting the device to your computer and then open iTunes, follow the steps like this, select your apple device and click “Summary”, finally click the button “Restore”.

3. You can restart your iPhone by pressing the button “Sleep/Wake”, and then hold it for a few seconds until you see the sliders, switch off your device by dragging the slider button from left to right. When your device has been turned off, press the button “Sleep/Wake” again and hold it for a while until the Apple logo appears.

Part 4: How to fix iPhone music app missing

You can enjoy your favourite music in the music app, but if you find the music app missing one day or it is deleted on your iPhone accidentally, do you know how to fix iPhone music app missing? There are some great solutions to help you restore the missing music app on your device as below:

1. The music app can be found via Spotlight search, which helps you check whether the music still exists in your iPhone. Your music app will be displayed in the search result if it is still on your device.


2. You can reset the layout on the home screen. All the applications will be back to the original location on the home screen.

3. You can download the music app again in the app store if the music app is deleted accidentally.


Part 5: How to fix WhatsApp missing via Leawo iOS Data Recovery

Apart from the above-mentioned method which can help you restore the missing app in your iPhone, here we will recommend you another good solution to assist you to find your miss app back to your device, that is Leawo iOS Data Recovery . This software specializes in recovering the data on Apple device, it can help you recover the lost data in a quick way, no matter what reason leads to the data missing. Safety and accuracy are main features of the software, moreover, you are allowed to preview and choose the data you want to recover. Below we will instruct you how to fix missing WhatsApp via Leawo iOS Data Recovery.


iOS Data Recovery 

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☉ Recover data lost due to jailbreak, iOS upgrade, deletion, etc.
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Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

1. Enter the main interface of the software and choose the mode “Recovery from iOS device”.


2. Connect your iPhone to computer, then choose your device in the list as seen below and press the button “Start” to scan your Apple device.


3. A full list of data for your Apple device will be shown on the window once the scanning is completed. You can view the missing WhatSapp via the option “Only display the deleted items”. Check “WhatSapp” and click the button “Recover”.


4. A prompt will pop up and requires you to select the target folder to save the files needed to recover by clicking the button “Open”. You also can check the option “Automatically open the output folder after finishing recover”. Finally, click the button “Go” to begin to recover the missing WhatSapp to your device.