It is known to all Michael Jackson is the most popular male singer in the 80’s, he and his brothers began their music career when they were a child, finally, they became the most famous Jackson brothers and start his single career. Though his life was full of controversy, no one can deny his talent in music.
10 albums were released in his music career, the album thriller became the most hot-sale album of all. 59 singles of his career have gained the Top 10 songs in the past 40 years, 13 of which have ranked into No.1.

Part 1: Top 10 Michael Jackson songs

Below is the list of top 10 Michael Jackson songs, where you can choose your favourite Michael Jackson songs free download mp3.


Song Name




This song is said to be a horrible movie, the video of this song is directed by John Landis. It mainly describes that Michael Jackson is watching movie with his girlfriend, due to the horror of the movie, she leaves, however, Michael Jackson becomes a werewolf and runs after her on the way home. Then Micheal begins zombie dance when he becomes a zombie, it is a very wonderful song.


Man in the Mirror

This song ranks No.1 in Jackson’s album, the lyrics is regarded as the best one in his career, though, the lyrics were not written by Michael, this song requires the listener to observe what the first problem is needed to solve to change their world.


Billy Jean

This is a hot song in his album, also it is one of the bestselling songs at all times, this song helps Michael Jackson become the most popular singer. As Michael said, this song is not based on the real events but his view on fans.


Beat it

This was a rock song and won the best performance award of male rock voice, also it ranked No.1 on Billboard hot 100 charts.


The way you make me feel

This purpose of this song is to use a relaxed tone to show love to Michael Jackson.


Smooth Criminal

This song describes a woman named Annie, she was hurt by a smooth criminal, it ranked No.7 on Billboard Hot 100 charts.



This song was a successful thriller one and helped Michael Jackson make a further promotion for his career. This song reached No.1 on Billboard hot 100 charts, the video of this song was directed by a famous director Martin Scorsese and the unknown director Wesley Snipes.


Black or White

This song came from the first single album Dangerous which was released in 1991, this song was more difficult than his early music, but it was a successful one. It hit No.1 on Billboard hot 100 charts and became the hot song in three decades.


Rock with you

This song was released in 1979 and was the second song in Jackson album named Off The Wall. This song was a hot one in the disco era of Jackson, it was the top one on Billboard chart and R&B chart.


Human Nature

It was released in 1983 and was the fifth song in Michael Jackson’s Album Thriller, this song was a folk music and was the fifth consecutive hot song entering the Top 10 in Thriller, it reached No.7 on hot 100 charts.

Part 2: How to download all Michael Jackson songs mp3 free

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