Every movie enthusiast would love to watch Blu-ray movies as Blu-ray is a compact disc format that can store high definition video with up to 2160P (4K) resolution as high as 60 frames per second (fps). That means you can have better movie streaming experience just like that in a cinema or even better than that. You can enjoy the best quality movie at home without hassle to go to the movie theater or sit there listening to surrounding noise if your neighbors are not quiet at all. In this article, we will shed some light on free download movies full HD 1080p Blu-ray and let’s get started.

Part 1: 5 Best Sites to Download 1080P Blu-ray Movie

Talking about the best sites to download 1080P Blu-ray movies, you probably would wonder that you have quite some choices in mind but when you really download 1080p Blu-ray movies, you still feel it is not that perfect due to various reasons. Never mind, here we have given the 5 best sites to download 1080p Blu-ray movies and you can verify their performance one by one.

1. Mkvhub

This site has the most outstanding high-quality 720p, 1080p WEB-DL HDRip BluRay movies and TV shows with a single direct download link. You may find anything you want from it and hopefully you can access to the full range of movie genres with ease. Click https://www.mkvhub.com/ to view more.


2. MyDownloadTube

Serving people all over the world, MyDownloadTube is another best choice of Blu ray 1080p movies free download site. From Hollywood to Bollywood, all trending Blu-ray 1080P movies can be found here so you can freely download them to your hard drive for enjoyment offline anytime and anywhere you want.


3. MoviesCounter

Here you can download the latest 1080p Blu-ray movies within clicks! That is shown clearly on its website. You can more than welcome to download latest movies in HD quality – 720p and 1080p at MoviesCounter. Moreover, you have the chance to experience downloading movies from their high speed servers.


4. KickassTorrents

Torrent sites are also incredible when it comes to download 1080p Blu-ray movies because users across the internet can share their resources with each other while this phenomenon cannot be ignored in today’s life. Kickass Torrents can bring us the opportunity to share and to get 1080p Blu-ray movie downloading free. Why not give it a shot?!


5. Cosmotube

If you simply want to get free download movies full HD 1080p Blu-ray, Cosmotube can do that for you! You can browse and locate the movie you like on its website and then choose to download the movie in HD for better enjoyment. You are welcome to rate the movie and leave your comments that other users can refer to when they have the needs to download the same movie.


Part 2: A Useful Tool to Download 1080P Blu-ray Movie

These days, privacy is increasingly important when it comes to personal data especially when so many hackers are breaking the internet rules in an attempt to steal others’ data illegally. That’s why downloading 1080p Blu-ray movies from a public website will expose to privacy leakage because you need to leave your email address and other information before you download the movie to your hard drive. Having a useful tool to download 1080p Blu-ray movie is another story because this professional downloader will firstly check for any potential virus or malware before downloading really takes place and you don’t need to fill in your personal information each time you want to download a movie. This protects your privacy better.

Speaking of this, Leawo Video Downloader is able to provide you with professional downloading service, allowing you to download videos from over 1000 sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Vevo and moreover, you can freely choose to download HD videos in 720p, 1080p, etc. Backed up by GPU accelerating technology, this video downloader is 6x faster than other peers in the same category. It is time to show you how to use this downloader to download your favorite 1080p Blu-ray movie.

Step 1: Download the video downloader.

Click the button below to download and install the video downloader to your hard drive. It is part of Leawo Prof.Media so after installation is done, click on the video downloader icon to launch the program.


Step 2: Browse for the target movie page and locate the movie.

Copy and paste the url on the address box to navigate to the target movie page or simply enter keys words on the quick search box to locate the target movie.


Step 3: Set a directory to save the downloaded movie afterwards.

Before downloading takes place, click the settings button to set a directory to save the movie which you are going to download. Keep in mind the space available should be able to accommodate the movie file.


Step 4: Download the movie to the directory in your hard drive.

Click the download button next to the target video and download it to the directory that you have set just now. When downloading starts, you will be navigated to a window where you can view the downloading progress in green bars. You may check for downloaded videos under the Downloaded tab as well.


Part 3: Best Free Player for 1080P Blu-ray Movie

After you download the movie to your local drive, you may need a professional media player for playback the movie. Here a professional media player will surely play an important role for you to enjoy the movie. Leawo Blu-ray Player is a leading media player in the industry, which acts as a 6-in-1 media player supporting DVD, Blu-ray, ISO, and 4K HD video. It offers a number of smart options for users to set the playback according to their preferences. All these features will help users to obtain a supreme movie experience. Furthermore, if users have the requirement to convert their disc, Blu-ray, or ISO to .mkv for playing back media files on other devices or systems, they can simply upgrade the Leawo Blu-ray Player to the premium version, which can act as a .mkv video converter then.

The media player is able to provide supreme movie experience for users to stream their media files on PC, mobile devices, or another system, just like creating a home theater for users. Despite all-powerful features it offers to users for movie enjoyment, it still remains an easy-to-use player. Take a look at the following tutorial guide to playback your downloaded movie on Leawo Blu-ray Player.

Step 1: Download and install the media player.

Click the button below to download and install the media player to your PC. Pay attention to your operating system so that you can select the correct version to download.

Step 2: Load the downloaded movie to the player.

Click the button Open File from the home page to browse for your downloaded movie and load it to the player.


Step 3: Edit the playback settings.

Click on the settings icon to edit the playback options, including subtitles, video and audio option, etc. You can set according to your preference.


Step 4: Enjoy the movie.

You are just one step to enjoy the supreme movie playback. Hit on the Play button to start streaming the movie file on this professional media player. Your downloaded 1080p Blu-ray movie will ensure you an amazing movie night, even better than that in a theater!


Part 4: Conclusion

Final word, if you happen to look for best sites to free download movies full HD 1080p Blu-ray, this article is exactly written for you. All these recommended sites are able to offer you the high-quality Blu-ray movies, which can be downloaded to your hard drive for playback anytime and anywhere you like. Besides the top-ranked sites to free download 1080p Blu-ray movies, you can consider using a professional video downloaded, which can minimize your efforts to download movies and also protect your privacy in a better and more reliable way.

That is the major reason why we strongly recommend Leawo Video Downloader for you. It is compact yet powerful. It lets you have access to more than 1000 video sites and offers 6x faster speed for downloading movies. The software is absolutely giving the best to its users and continuously improving and enhancing user experience. Apart from downloading 1080p Blu-ray movies, you still have needed to find the right media player for streaming these downloaded files. A professional media player is a bonus and will play an important role in creating a supreme movie experience.

Leawo Blu-ray Player is a valuable asset in this case because it can fulfill the movie playback with the best quality. All smart options to adjust playback settings will make the movie playback even more enjoyable.

Therefore, if you want to download 1080p HD Blu-ray movies at your fingertips, remember to review this article and find something useful. Feel free to add your comments here or share the article if you like it!