What Is iMessage?

Generally speaking, making calls and sending messages are the two basic functions to a mobile phone. Of course, this is also true to an iPhone. With time passing by, various features on iPhone have been updating all the time. What’s worth mentioning is iMessage. As an Apple’s instant messaging software, iMessage could be used to send text messages, audio recordings and videos which have high security. iMessage is different from the traditional messages and it could be sent under Wi-Fi or cellular data network. Users could send iMessages to each other under internet connection for free. What’s more, users can also create group-chats and if both are using iMessage, and they can see the status of iMessage instantly.

Problems Occur During the Deletion of iMessage

Since iMessage is used so frequently, many users may find too many iMessage history records stored on iPhone. They try to delete the iMessage on iPhone one by one, but they found that was not effective and the iMessages cannot be deleted permanently. So I will introduce several methods to delete iMessages on iPhone permanently to you.

Delete iMessages Permanently on iPhone

1. Sync your iPhone with iTunes regularly.

Usually, iPhone users will get the messages they want to delete selected and then tap the trash icon at the bottom left like the picture shown below. But actually, those messages were not deleted permanently from iPhone.

So in order to delete iMessages completely, users should add one more step —- sync your iPhone with iTunes and the messages will be gone. The steps are so simple. After deleting those messages on iPhone, then you need to connect your iPhone to computer. Secondly, open the iTunes and enter your iPhone’s Summary interface. Just click Sync at the bottom and the deleted iMessages on iPhone will be updated with iTunes and they will not exist on iPhone any more.

An Automatic Way to Delete iMessage on iPhone

Besides, users can try another method to delete iMessage on iPhone automatically. The steps are as follows.

Step 1. Tap on Setting > Message

Step 2. Tap on Keep Messages

Step 3. Then you can select the option for how long you want to keep these iMessages or text messages. When the deadline meets, all the iMessages on iPhone will be deleted automatically.

Delete iMessages on iPhone with Leawo iTransfer

The above are the several ways to delete iMessages on iPhone. Besides, you can also delete iMessages in a more effective way on computer with Leawo iTransfer tool. Leawo iTransfer could manage your iPhone without limits. Of course, it can import and export messages on iPhone to computer rapidly and safely. You can take the steps as follows to delete iMessages on iPhone.

Step 1. Connect you iPhone to computer and open Leawo iTransfer. Then it will detect your iPhone and you need to click your iPhone and you will see the library on the left bar. Select SMS option.

Step 2. All the messages will appear and choose the iMessages you want to delete and right-click the selected files and choose Delete.

After deleting the iMessages on Leawo iTransfer, users will find all the iMessages on iPhone have been deleted permanently.

It is so easy to delete iMessage on iPhone with Leawo iTransfer, isn’t it? Besides deleting iMessages on iPhone, Leawo iTransfer could also help you to manage 12 kinds of files from iPhone to computer which can safeguard your files in an effective way.

How to Recover Deleted iMessage on iPhone with Leawo iOS Data Recovery?

While sometimes, users may delete some iMessages by mistakes. Under the circumstances, how to recover those iMessages? Here, you will need another useful tool —- Leawo iOS Data Recovery. Why choose this recovery tool? Leawo iOS Data Recovery can help you recover lost data for different causes, no matter the data has been lost/damaged/deleted due to: iOS update, mistake deletion, device broken, system crash etc. You could refer to the following steps.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

If you only need to recover the deleted iMessages and your iPhone is not version 4, you can recover your iMessages under Normal Mode.

Step 1. Click the first tab on the main interface of the program.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to computer and select your device below. Then click Start button to start scanning your iPhone.

Step 3. When the scanning process is completed, you can choose Only display the deleted items option. Select Messages and all the deleted iMessages will be seen on the right. Then click Recovery button to recover the deleted iMessages.

Step 4. Then there is a Save to option. Click Open to choose the target stored place on computer and click Go button to start recovering the deleted iMessage to your iPhone.

Moreover, if you have got an iPhone 4, so how to recover the deleted iMessages on iPhone ? DFU Mode will be used.

Step 1. When you connect iPhone 4 to the computer, you will see the window Whether to enter DFU mode? You need to click DFU button.

Step 2. Then there would be instructions guiding you to activate DFU mode. Just follow the instructions.

Step 3. Once the DFU is activated, the tool will scan your iPhone automatically.

Step 4. Then just follow step 3 and 4 under Normal Mode to select the deleted iMessage and choose the target stored place. After selecting, click Recover and Go button to start.

That is it. By using Leawo iOS Data Recovery, you can recover all the deleted file on iPhone 100% accurately and safely. Just trust it and try it.