It is known to all that HD video formats, such as TS, TRP, TP, MTS, MKV, M2TS, TOD etc. provide us high-quality video with clear image and lossless audio. And videos in high-definition are indeed more appealing and attractive for video fans and movie lovers. However, as everything has two sides, an HD file is in large size which occupies too much space on your computer and you will lose your files when your computer crashes. On such occasion, you’d better burn HD video to DVD concerning the safety of your HD video. Then, can you burn HD video to standard DVD so that you can playback on any DVD player at any time you like? Don’t worry. There is an HD to DVD converter—Leawo DVD Creator which will give your great help.

How to burn HD video to DVD with Leawo DVD Creator

As one of the top DVD burner software app, Leawo DVD Creator supports more than 180 formats and is capable of converting HD video to DVD. Also with it you can easily create DVD from all kinds of videos like burning MP4 to DVD. What’s more, with the support for Intel Quick Sync acceleration technology, Leawo DVD Creator is one of the fastest DVD burning software you can find to burn HD video to DVD. It can preserve the quality of the original video while burning HD video to DVD and ensures that the DVD playback would look just as good as the original video. To get skillful at how to make HD DVD, you can follow the user guide to burn and convert HD video to DVD with Leawo DVD Creator step by step for this HD to DVD converter below:

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Leawo DVD Creator 

☉ Supports burning videos in all popular formats to DVD.
☉ No quality loss.
☉ Built-in video editing features.

Step 1: Add HD videos to DVD creator

You can import videos to the HD to DVD converter in three ways: the first way is to click the “Add Video” button to load videos; the second way is to click the invert triangle buttons next to the “Add Video” button and then select to import the HD video folder you are going to burn; and the third ways is to directly drag and drop files to the program.

Burn HD Video to DVD

After loading source video files, you could select subtitles and audio tracks from source videos, play back videos, etc. Set the output DVD disc type (DVD-5 or DVD-9), quality and aspect ratio (16:9 or 4:3) at the bottom.

Step2: Set disc menu (optional)

If you want to add disc menu to output DVD movie, you could choose from the right sidebar. If you want no menu, just select “No Menu” option on the right side bar after you load source videos.

Burn HD Video to DVD

Note: Leawo DVD Creator offers you multiple preset disc menu templates in different themes like Standard, Business, Education, Childhood, Holiday, etc., which also allows you to DIY disc menu with your own images and audios. You could get instant preview of the menu you’ve selected.

Step3: DVD Burning Settings

After setting disc menu, click the big green “Burn” button and enter the burning settings panel, on which you need to figure out Burn to, Disc Label, and Save to options.

Burn HD Video to DVD

Step4: Customize the video

This DVD burning software actually offers you to edit loaded video files and make output DVD movies customized. You could right click a loaded video and then select Edit button on the right-click menu to enter the editing panel and then you are enabled to trim video length, add video watermark, crop video size, and adjust video effect as well as burn video to 3D DVD.

Burn HD Video to DVD

Step5: Start to Burn the video to DVD

You can click the “Burn” button on the popup burning settings panel to start burning videos to DVD when completing the burning settings. This DVD Creator would instantly start to burn and finish it in a few minutes.

Burn HD Video to DVD

Now you have been well experienced in using this HD to DVD converter and how to use it to burn HD video to DVD. That is to say, by using Leawo DVD Creator, you can not only know how to make HD DVD but also be an expert on how to edit it to meet your different needs.

To be concluded, when you are required to burn HD video to DVD, or the so-called HD 1080P to DVD, to prepare an HD to DVD converter like Leawo DVD Creator mentioned above and get familiar with usage of it, you can burn the videos of HD 1080P to DVD as immediately as you like. After that, you can enjoy yourself at any time and place with the burned DVD with its originally high-definition. Can you burn HD video to standard DVD then? If there is any question, Leawo DVD Creator is preparing for offering the solutions at any moment.