This post is a guide with detailed steps on how to copy and burn DVD Windows 10 users could follow to copy DVD to DVD on Windows 10 with one DVD burner and one program.

Say you want to copy a DVD disc to another DVD disc for backup, but only have one DVD drive. In a situation like this, a proper DVD copy software would be able to help you solve the problem. Check out what software out there that would allow you to use one DVD burner to copy and burn DVD on Windows 10 and how you can use it in this post.

The DVD copy program you can use on Windows 10 to copy and burn DVD with one DVD drive

The one program that I’m introducing to you that can copy and burn DVD on Windows 10 using one DVD burner is called Leawo DVD Copy. The main reason why it’s the best choice is that it enables you to save your DVD to your hard drive as a DVD folder or an ISO image, both of which can be used later to burn to a blank DVD disc and create an exact copy of the original disc using the program itself again. And its support of 1:1 lossless DVD copying guarantees the quality of the copy would be just as good as the original disc. It’s the best program to copy and burn DVD Windows 10 users could use.


How to copy DVD to DVD Windows 10 users could try with one DVD drive

To copy video DVD Windows 10 users could follow the instructions below.

Note that when you install the Leawo DVD Copy program on your computer, you will actually install Leawo Prof.Media because Leawo DVD Copy is a component of Prof.Media.

Step 1. Launch Leawo DVD Copy by opening Prof.Media first and clicking the DVD Copy shortcut icon on Prof.Media’s main interface.

Load DVD Copy

Step 2. Get the DVD disc you want to copy ready by putting it in your disc drive in advance. Then you can load the content in the disc to Leawo DVD Copy in this step quickly by clicking Add Blu-ray/DVD>Add from CD-ROM. Your disc will be shown on the menu that follows if the disc is ready in your disc drive. Click on it to start loading all the data in the disc to DVD Copy. You can do it in a more intuitive way and that is to open the DVD folder in a File Explorer window and drag the folder to the program for importing.

Import DVD

Step 3. Different people have different needs, and to suit the needs of different people, the program provides 3 different copy modes for different users to select different content in the disc to back up and copy. To directly copy the whole disc, go with Full Movie, it will have all the content in the disc selected for backing up to your hard drive or to a blank disc when you have a DVD burner and a blank disc ready for copying. You can also use the Main Movie mode to quickly find and select the main movie. It’ll save you some time from going through the video list to find out the main movie. You can also use Custom Mode to select multiple videos, audio tracks and subtitles from the respective lists by yourself. After picking one copy mode, click the drop-down button at the bottom of the left sidebar to select a DVD format for the copy between DVD-9 and DVD-5. The area on the right is a video player that you can use to play the videos with selected audio tracks and subtitles in the disc.

Select Copy Mode

Step 4. Hit the Copy button right above the video player. The following popup sidebar has several different settings on it. To use one DVD drive to copy DVD to DVD Windows 10 users have to firstly copy the DVD to computer hard drive either as a DVD folder or an ISO file. Check DVD Folder or ISO File or both from the top of the sidebar according to your needs. Select a folder on your hard drive to save the the backup files and click Copy to start copying the disc to your hard drive.

Copy DVD to hard drive

Step 5. After the copying process is finished, click the X button next to the title of your disc above the left sidebar to remove the original disc from the program and then eject the original disc. And then put a rewritable disc to the disc drive. Make sure your disc drive can burn DVDs and click the Add Blu-ray/DVD button again and this time, select Add from Folder or Add ISO File according to which from you’ve chosen to copy the original disc to in the last step.

Import DVD ISO/DVD Folder

Step 6. After adding the source file to the program, this time, directly choose Full Movie as the file already contains all the content you chose from the previous step. And then select a suitable DVD format in the format drop-down menu at the bottom of the left sidebar.

Choose Full Movie

Step 7. Click the green Copy button again and this time, check the third option at the top to select the blank disc in your disc drive as the target and then click Copy to start copying the backup to the blank disc.

Start copying

That’s how to copy and burn DVD Windows 10 users could try with one DVD drive. It’s very easy to operate. If you have some of your favorite movies in DVD discs, it’s for the best to back them up properly. Depending on the format of the original disc and the blank disc you are using, you can perform 1:1 lossless DVD-9 to DVD-9, DVD-5 to DVD-5 copying or DVD-9 to DVD-5 compression with Leawo DVD Copy.