“Hello, I was trying to get some of my MP4 videos converted to AVI and I started looking on the Internet for a free video converter, and then I found Avidemux. It’s free and, according to certain reviews, powerful. But the interface looks a bit complicated to me and some terms on it are just too professional for a beginner like me. So I was wondering if anyone could please teach me how to use it to convert my MP4 videos to AVI with it. Thanks.”

If you are in need of a free and high-quality video converter, Avidemux is absolute worth trying. But as is mentioned above, it is, in fact, a bit complicated for a beginner. But never fear, this program is fairly easy to use when it’s used as a video converter. And despite its old-fashioned interface, it’s actually pretty powerful. Not only can it convert videos and audio files between different formats, it can also edit videos with the built-in video editing feature that Avidemux called Filters. In order to help beginners to learn how to use Avidemux to convert MP4 to AVI, I will include the detailed instructions in the content below.

How to Convert MP4 to AVI with Avidemux

To make things as simple as it can for beginners, I will only include the necessary steps in converting MP4 to AVI. Optional steps like editing, adjusting video and audio parameters and editing videos will be eliminated from the content below.

1. Add MP4 video to Avidemux

First, add the MP4 video to Avidemux. You can drag it to the interface of Avidemux directly or click File>Open and import the source video from the file importing window. Note that you can only import and convert one video at a time. For batch converting videos, go check out this site.

Avidemux MP4 to AVI

2. Choose video codec

AVI videos can use different video codecs. If you have one video codec in mind, you can go find it in Avidemux. Find Video Output option and the option box below it on the interface. Click on the option box to select the ideal video codec you need from the drop-down menu.

Avidemux MP4 to AVI

3. Select audio codec

As you know, video files in AVI format can use different video and audio codecs, so the audio codec can also be change if you want. Find the Audio Output label on the left side of the interface and click on the option box below it. The following drop-down menu will include a lot of different audio codecs which allow you to freely choose from. Select the right one from the menu and move on to the next step.

Avidemux MP4 to AVI

4. Set AVI as output format

As you’ve decided to use AVI as the video container format, you can choose it from the Output Format option box. Click on the box and select AVI as the default output format from the drop-down menu.

Avidemux MP4 to AVI

5. Start converting MP4 to AVI

The program requires you to select where to save the output video before you can start the conversion and it doesn’t have a place for showing the output directory. So just click the Save Video button or click File>Save to select a folder to save the video in and click Save on the window to finish the setup and start the conversion.

Avidemux MP4 to AVI

With Avidemux MP4 to AVI conversion can be easily done. Avidemux is useful for converting one video, but for batch file conversion, there are better choices you can go with. If you are converting a certain amount of videos, maybe you should look someplace else for a better option.

How to Perform Batch Video Conversion with An Alternative to Avidemux

Leawo Video Converter is the perfect program for you to do batch conversion. Not only is the program powerful enough to support more video formats than Avidemux, it also does something that Avidemux can’t. For instance, batch conversion with Leawo Video Converter is extremely easily and intuitive, no extra complicated settings needed. So if you want the video converter to be able to convert multiple videos at the same time, go with Leawo Video Converter.


1. Import MP4 videos

The video importing process is similar to Avidemux. You can also use drag-and-drop to import MP4 like with Avidemux. Also the program provides an Add Video button for video importing. Choose the way you are most comfortable with and import the MP4 video.

Add video to the program

2. Set AVI as output format

This is a key step for the MP4 to AVI conversion process. There’s a dedicated button that shows the default output format and it locates on the right side of the Add Photo button on the top row of buttons. Usually when you open the program for the first time, you should see MP4 Video on it. Just click the button and click Change on the menu that comes up after the click. It will take you to the Profile page where you can find all the supported output video formats. Find AVI from the format list and click on it and it will be set as the default output format.

Set AVI as the default output format

3. Customize video parameters

Some people like to customize the video parameters themselves. And for those people, Leawo Video Converter provides several video and audio parameters for adjusting. And it’s hidden in the Profile Settings page. To enter the Profile Settings page, click that button that shows the default output format again. As you’ve been through the above step, that button should be showing AVI right now. Click that button and click Edit to go to the aforementioned Profile Settings page and change the offered video and audio parameters as you like.

adjust video parameters

4. Get the conversion started

The conversion can now begin if you’ve got the above 3 steps done properly. Click the Convert button to the right of the Format button and you are only one step away from getting the video conversion started. The sidebar that follows includes the setting of output path and the Convert button for starting the conversion. Set the output path and then click the Convert button to get the MP4 to AVI conversion started.

Start conversion

For users that are not familiar with this kind of video converting software, I would say that Leawo Video Converter is the better or the simpler choice here. And it’s at the same time more powerful regarding video conversion as it supports more formats. With it you can easily convert MP4 to play on Android and a lot of other mobile handsets. So for beginners, Leawo Video Converter is what you need.