There are moments when people try to play videos, either on their computers, consoles or mobile devices, only to fail to do so because of video file formats. These formats are different and each one has its own unique characteristics that make it different from the other. To date, hundreds of them exist and these include FLV video and TS video. FLV video is short for Flash Video and this is a file format used to view video content online, but is now being phased out due to its vulnerabilities. The advantage of this video file format is that videos are usually of high quality, and you can save your video content by converting to a different file format. TS is another video file format standing for Transport System, which is specified in MPEG-2 for the transmission and storage of audio, video and data. The biggest advantage of this file format is its use for storing video on DVDs. You can take advantage of your existing FLV videos and convert them to TS, which you can watch on your DVD player. The following software tools can do that job, but they are not the same and we will look at which one works best.

Part 1. Convert FLV to TS with Leawo Video Converter

We will start with Leawo Video Converter, which is a professional software tool that can convert over 180 audio and video formats. What sets this software apart from the rest is it can function as a common video converter, a common audio converter, an HD video converter, and a 4K video converter integrated into one module. You can keep 100% of the original video quality, and powered by GPU-accelerating technology, Leawo Video Converter is 6 times faster than other video converting software in video and audio converting speed. Windows and Mac OS versions are available for users to choose from. To convert FLV to TS, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Importing your FLV video(s). Launch the Leawo Video Converter module from the main menu. After you open the module, click “Add Video” to open a browsing window from where you can search for the video file(s). To make things easy, you can also drag the video files into the program.


Step 2: Set TS as your video output format. Click the button labeled “MP4 Video” (please note that the text on this button will change depending on the type of video output selected. Select the “Change” option, and under “Common Video” select TS Video.


Optional step: For advanced users who wish to customize the output settings, click “Edit” instead of “Change” when you click the “MP4 Video” button. From this menu, you can manually adjust video and audio parameters like the video codec, aspect ratio, frame rates, resolution, audio codec, bit rates channel, sample rate and much more.


Step 3: Finally convert your FLV video(s) to TS video(s). Next to the “MP4 Video” button, you will see a green “Convert” button. When the side menu slides by, set your output destination and click “Convert” to begin the encoding.


Note: If need be, you can also edit your video(s) by using the built in and easy to use Video Editor. All of the editing options are well listed in the left bar in the video editing window, for example converting normal videos to 3D. When you are done editing, click “OK”.


Part 2. Convert FLV to TS with DivX Converter

This software is capable of converting videos easily and rapidly with high quality. The time of conversion depends on the file size and just like Leawo Video Converter, this software also comes with a built in video editor. However the biggest limitation of this software is that it is a 15 day trial. In the trial version, you also do not get access to some video formats. Since this software is specifically designed and created for playing and converting DivX files, the number of supported formats is also limited. This software is available for both Windows and Mac OS. Follow the steps below to convert FLV video to TS video.


Step 1: Drag and drop your FLV video file(s) from any folder in your computer onto DivX Converter or click on the “Add files” button and select your videos t
Step 2: Choose a video profile from the dropdown menu. In this case, select TS video and please note that for other video formats like MPEG-2 you will have to pay extra.
Step 3: Click the “Start” button once you have chosen your profile, and the software will begin the download. Once finished, it will show you the location of the converted video.

Part 3. Convert FLV to TS with Quick AVI Creator

This converter is a freeware which comes with a very simple interface that converts video from the supported 10 file formats (which also includes FLV) to AVI, MKV and MP4 video. This unfortunately means you will not be able to convert to TS video. You can still convert your FLV video(s) to the supported formats, but you will need Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0. If you use Mac OS, you are out of luck as this software is not supported on your system. Please follow the steps below to convert.


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