It’s not an easy task for Mac users to make a backup of their Blu-ray discs as Apple started to stop featuring optical drive on its MacBook lineup several years ago. If users want to back up their Blu-ray discs, their first step would be to get an external Blu-ray drive. Even Apple had made it hard for Mac users to back up their Blu-ray collection, still backups are necessary because you’ll never know if you would scratch the disc and leave permanent damage on it someday. Here I would show you how to perform a directly Blu-ray to Blu-ray copy on Mac.

The Best Program to Perform Blu-ray to Blu-ray Copy Mac Users Could Try

The program we are using to perform Blu-ray to Blu-ray copy in this post is Leawo Blu-ray Copy for Mac. It’s capable of copying Blu-ray discs to your hard drive and even directly to another Blu-ray disc if you have two Blu-ray drives connected to your Mac. It’s a production from Leawo Software’s Blu-ray processing software lineup. Leawo Software is one of the top software developers in developing multimedia processing software. And Leawo Blu-ray Copy for Mac is a high-quality Blu-ray backup tool from the company. It can perform 1:1 lossless Blu-ray copy and high quality BD50 to BD25 copy.


The Best Way to Do Blu-ray to Blu-ray Copy Mac Users Could Try

To perform a Blu-ray to Blu-ray copy, you will have to have at least one Blu-ray drive. We will discuss how to do the copy when you have one Blu-ray drive and when you have two separately. Most of the steps are universal, though. Check out detailed instructions in the content below. First we will talk about how to perform Blu-ray to Blu-ray copy on Mac with this program when you have two Blu-ray drives.

Step 1. Leawo Blu-ray Copy for Mac is inside Leawo’s software suite called Prof.Media. Open Prof.Media and find Blu-ray Copy tab on it. And then click on it to open it.

Load Blu-ray Ripper

Step 2. Right on the upper left corner above the blank area, there’s an Add Blu-ray/DVD button. To import the Blu-ray content to the program, click on this button and then choose Add from CD-ROM. You should see your disc in here. Click on it to load the Blu-ray disc.

Load Blu-ray Ripper

Step 3. After the disc is loaded, you can see all the content on the interface of the program. On the top left is the title list that shows you all the titles in the disc. Below the title list are the subtitles and audio tracks in the disc. Right below the subtitle and audio track lists are the 3 copy modes. You will have to choose among the 3 modes and they will decide what content in the disc will be copied.

Choose Copy Mode

  • 1. Choose Full Movie to back up the whole disc.
  • 2. Select Main Movie to copy the movie itself only and exclude other content.
  • 3. Custom Mode is for you to manually choose the content you want.

After choosing the right copy mode, click the box below the Full Movie button and choose the disc type for the copy. You can choose from BD50, BD25, DVD-9 and DVD-5. As we are copying Blu-ray to Blu-ray here, So I would suggest that you go with BD50 or BD25. If your disc is BD50, you can choose BD50 if you want to keep the quality as good as the original one and choose BD25 to compress BD50 to BD25 with high quality.

Step 4. Click the Copy button in the upper right corner to call out a sidebar. The following sidebar contains several options and we will go through them one by one. If you have two Blu-ray drives connected to your Mac, insert a blank disc in another Blu-ray drive and you can find the name of both Blu-ray drives in the drop-down menu next to ISO File on the top. Select the Blu-ray drive with the blank disc from the down-down menu. You can also check the Folder and ISO File options and set an output path under Save to to save the Blu-ray disc content to your Mac in the form of a Blu-ray folder and a Blu-ray ISO image file. And then click Copy to start copying the disc.

Start Copying

Note: If you only have one Blu-ray drive, use the Folder and ISO File option to create a Blu-ray folder or ISO image file and save it to your Mac. The program can not only copy disc to hard drive, it can also copy Blu-ray folder or ISO image file from your hard drive to a blank disc. So after you get a Blu-ray folder or an ISO image on your hard drive, you can repeat the above 4 steps and copy the Blu-ray folder or ISO image you got to a blank disc.

That’s how you can copy Blu-ray to Blu-ray using Leawo Blu-ray Copy for Mac. It’s actually very easy and convenient as you can still copy Blu-ray to Blu-ray even when you only have one Blu-ray drive.