Are you fond of watching Twitch videos to relax? Do you like to play games when you are free? If these are your hobbies, you may consider enjoying Twitch videos at ease whenever there is a network or not. Most people are searching on the Internet to find great ways to fix the issue of how to download Twitch video. However, they need to try various methods to prove which one is the most effective. The testing process can waste their much time. If you are lucky to get here to read this article, you will be glad to know three fantastic tools to assist you to download Twitch video whenever you need. Continue to read this guide, you will gain more methods.

Part 1: What is Twitch?

If you are not familiar with Twitch yet, here I would like to introduce to you in brief. Actually, Twitch is one of the most commonly applied streaming platforms all over the world, which allows you to broadcast your live game feed and upload a recorded video to audience globally. Other viewers can enjoy watching your games live via this platform. It becomes increasingly popular, for game players can not only watch the matches, but also learn some strategies to win the games from other players. Players are able to employ mobile phones to watch diverse game matches videos.

Sometimes, you may find a fantastic twitch video and desire to download it for watching on the go or for many times to study the game strategies offline. Is there a way to download Twitch video? In fact, as for how to download Twitch video, there are many apps for you to take advantage of. This enables users to watch Twitch game videos whenever they like, which is quite convenient for them to enjoy themselves. The following part will list 3 applications for you to handle this issue properly. You can get clear introductions to these tools.

Convert Twitch Clip to MP3

Part 2: 3 Best Twitch Video Downloaders

Twitch video downloader is various in the market for offline watching since there is no download button available on the platform of Twitch, read this part and you will learn three apps to realize the goal of fixing how to download Twitch video. After scanning this part, you will be able to download our favorite gaming content without any trouble. Here I would like to recommend you Leawo Video Downloader, Clipr and Freemake Video Downloader for you to apply.

  Leawo Video Downloader

Leawo Video Downloader can help you to solve the problem of how to download Twitch video at ease, for it can download videos and music from more than one thousand sites. It supports nearly all video and audio formats. The downloading speed is high, which is 6X faster to meet your time demands to a great degree. It ranks high in the market, which is favored by users who has the need to download high-resolution videos from diverse online video sharing websites. The advanced video loading technology is its great advantage when it comes to downloading videos, and the smarter downloading settings are also excellent. With the assistance of this efficient and user-friendly tool, there will no need for you to worry about how to download Twitch video any more. When you complete the task of downloading the video, you don’t even have to search for the video in your hard drive. With the built-in video player of Leawo Video Downloader, only one click is required to play the downloaded videos within this fantastic downloader. You can enjoy watching the Twitch videos conveniently.



Clipr is another Twitch video downloader that is not hard to use. It is considered to be one clean and reliable Twitch clip downloader. This online downloading platform often tries to accelerate its user experience and maintain the service. With just a few clicks, you will be able to download Twitch video and clips to the local folder on your computer fast. The ad-free feature is also very welcome. You just need to put the link of the Twitch video into the blank box in Clipr and then hit on the button of "Download Twitch VOD" to drag the slider to select the segment you would like to download. The video quality is also available for you to choose when downloading files. In the end, you can hit on the "Download Video" button to initiate the Twitch video downloading process immediately.


  Freemake Video Downloader

To download Twitch video, Freemake Video Downloader can also be applied simply. You can use this tool to download and save Twitch videos on your computer and learn the methods to pass a difficult game level, which is quite useful for strategy mastering. It is totally free of charge and you can just copy the URL of Twitch video to the program to choose your desired video parameters to download video to your computer. It calls for no special technology.


Part 3: Comparison & Conclusion

The above-mentioned three applications are all great to use to fix how to download Twitch video. In order to help you to decide which one to choose, here I would like to compare them and list their information in detail in the table below for your reference.

Products Leawo Video Downloader Clipr Freemake Video Downloader
Supporting Formats 180+ Many Popular formats
Resolution Support 1080P, 720P 720P 720P
Supported Video Sharing Websites 1000+ Twitch video websites Popular video-sharing websites
Download Speed 6X Higher Slow Medium
User Interface Easy and friendly Simple Clean
Built-in Player Yes Yes No
Built-in Browser Yes No No
Charge $29.95/Year;$39.95/Lifetime Free Free

By comparing Leawo Video Downloader, Clipr and Freemake Video Downloader, you can conclude that Leawo Video Downloader is the most comprehensive tool for you to employ. With the help of Leawo Video Downloader, you will be able to enjoy watching Twitch game videos with high resolution and your favorite parameters.

Part 4: How to Download Twitch Videos with Leawo Video Downloader?

Since Leawo Video Downloader is the best Twitch video downloader for you to use, here I would like to show you how to apply this software in detail with the following steps.

Step 1: Download Leawo Video Downloader

  • youtube-downloader-l
  • Leawo Video Downloader

    -Support downloading video and music from 1000+ sites
    - 50x faster to remove DRM
    - Support multi-task processing
    - Support batach conversion
    - User-friendly interface and practical functions
    - Support Windows & Mac OS

Step 2: Run Leawo Video Downloader

Leawo Video Downloader is just one module of Leawo Prof. Media. Start up Leawo Prof. Media and then hit on the module of “Video Downloader” to open it. The built-in web browser of this module would be activated and it will navigate to automatically, which can be altered to other websites as well.


Step 3: Locate Sources

Since your target website is Twitch in this guidance, you need to input the address of the game video webpage of Twitch in the location bar. If you desire to download videos from other websites like YouTube videos, you can also paste the URL of the video to the blank box in the software to make it.


Step 4: Set the Output Directory

Go to the gear button at the top right corner of the interface to hit on and call out the “Settings” panel. Here you can set the saving routes, home pages and related viewing parameters according to your professional demands. You can hit on the file button to find a proper place to save the downloaded video files. You need to make sure the folder has enough space to save the files. The tool allows you to download multiple files at a time, which is quite efficient for you to make use of.


Step 5: Download Twitch Videos

After you launched the link of a Twitch game video, Leawo Video Downloader will recognize the Twitch video sources that can be downloaded in diverse resolutions and formats. Afterwards, you can hit on the “Download” button with a downward arrow to begin to download Twitch game videos. The whole downloading process is viewable on the software and you can check the downloading list by hitting on the “Downloading” button on the top right corner. The software also allows you to “Pause”, “Delete”, “Start” these downloading tasks according to your needs. When the downloading procedure comes to an end, you will see the Twitch videos on your computer at once.


As you can see, Leawo Video Downloader is quite simple to handle and you can settle the issue of how to download Twitch videos with just a few clicks.
It is sensible for you to download and install Leawo Video Downloader on your computer right now to give it a go. After you use this software for a time, you will know how powerful it is in downloading various videos from numerous websites. Its functions are comprehensive and its features are wide to use. Compared with the other two tools, Leawo Video Downloader has more advantages over them.