When you see some BDMV files standing on your computer, many of us would be confused about what this is and how to use it. And a group of advanced users is also looking for how to convert BDMV to ISO because it seems like a practical method to keep the content. Today, we will explore this field.

Part 1: Introduction to BDMV and ISO File

Some files with the file extension of BDMV and ISO could be unfamiliar to many folks. Here is a brief introduction to both terms.


BDMV stands for the Blu-ray Disc Movie Information format. Unlike other actual media containers that host a large pack of videos and audio, the BDMV format is distinctive from them. As the name suggests, it possesses certain information data link to the Blu-ray disc content. Precisely, most common BDMV situations can be found including index.bdmv, MovieObject.bdmv, and sound.bdmv. For example, index.bdmv means the BDMV directory info while MovieObject.bdmv describes the video objects in the BDMV/BACKUP locations. But the sound.bdmv files are optional and located in the AUXDATA folder since it is connected with HDMV Interactive Graphic streams software.

ISO Image File

ISO file is a type of the disc image format, which is also called ISO image. Basically, it could be metadata files that store all the data that has been written to a hard optical disc. Being an archive file, it can work for Blu-rays and DVDs to save massive components even the whole disc file system through via sector by sector. In other words, it is like a parcel of tons of individual segments that can form an entire movie with the menu, etc. Therefore, only particular software is able to reassemble the package and stream the inner media content.

Part 2: How to Convert BDMV to ISO

Regarding how to utilize the ISO BDMV files, people are always creative with new ideas. Some would think of the best methods to convert BDMV to MKV. And maybe the major amount of Blu-ray users will search for a way to convert BDMV to ISO effectively on different platforms. For unconditional conversions, there is always robust Blu-ray ripper software involved. Therefore, I will introduce this optative Leawo Blu-ray Copy to create Blu-ray ISO from BDMV folders with ease.

Leawo Blu-ray Copy is a reliable Blu-ray-associated program which is specialized in transferring BDMV to ISO Mac and Windows stably. Aiming at lossless Blu-ray media transmissions, it is capable of fully covering Blu-ray discs of BD25 and BD50, Blu-ray folders, ISO image files. The BDMV to ISO Mac converter can clone 1:1 disc content without compressions. That is to say, all the elements such as subtitles, soundtracks, even 3D Blu-ray effects will be saved into the same files. It can remove the encryptions of every Blu-ray with AACS, BD+, and the new MKB protection and region code.

To shorten the procedures, you can convert BDMV to ISO in three selectable choices: Full Movie, Main Movie, and Custom Mode. At the same time, it is armed with the caliber to boost 6 times faster of the BDMV to ISO Mac speed by accelerating the graphics card. Enriched with diverse settings to create Blu-ray ISO from BDMV folders, you can decide burn engine, region code, UI language, and so on.

Now, the detailed steps will be illustrated to convert BDMV to ISO files. You can learn everything immediately with this intuitive and easy-to-navigate layout.

Step 1. Download and install.

Click on the image below and download the Leawo Blu-ray Copy on Windows or Mac.

Step 2. Load source Blu-ray BDMV files.

Launch the program and click on the “Add Blu-ray/DVD” to open your disc drive. There is a more convenient operation to read files, which is dragging the BDMV directly in the screen.

Step 3. Select a copy mode and other settings.

The imported file will display in a preview section on the right. You can quickly choose one copy mode from the bottom of the left sidebar and change several options according to requirements.

Step 4. Begin to convert BDMV to ISO files.

Click on the green “Copy” button above the preview panel. The coming side menu is for the directory. Tick the second check-box of the “ISO File” under the “Copy to” title. You can also rename the disc label. Fill out the “Save to” box and hit the “Copy” underneath to create Blu-ray ISO from BDMV folders.

Part 3: How to Play BDMV and ISO

Since the basic introduction about both ISO, BDMV formats are explained in the first part, it is not hard to find out that there are only a few Blu-ray authoring software able to support ISO BDMV files. To be more specific, certain programs are supposed to equip the ability to burn Blu-ray discs. And they are almost paid applications. However, there is one powerful media player that provides free services for ISO BDMV playback on Windows and Mac.

The recommendation is Leawo Blu-ray Player which plays ISO BDMV content regardless of any format incompatibility and potential limitations. Acting as a professional Blu-ray player product, it is designed to seamlessly stream Blu-ray and all the formats correlated to it., Blu-ray folders, 4K Blu-ray, HD Blu-ray and ISO BDMV of any kinds. The cutting-edge technology will guarantee everyone the lossless display no matter what resolution is, be it 720P, 1080P, 1080i, or 4K (2160P).

Meanwhile, the flawless Blu-ray decryption is making it a region-free tool to accept Blu-ray/DVD and ISO BDMV files from all over the world. To optimize user experience, the inbuilt audio support like Dolby and DTS is serving for extraordinary cinema-like moments. Moreover, you can have a bunch of handy toolkits with all-customizable performance. What really stands out is the capability of ripping Blu-ray to MKV losslessly in the premium version.

With a friendly interface, it looks perfect to have a try right away. This following guide will take the Windows version for demonstrating how easy it is to play ISO BDMV data on the computer.

Step 1. Download and install the free Leawo ISO BDMV player software on your PC.

The Leawo Blu-ray Player for Mac is available on Mac operating systems and the processes are all the same.

Step 2. Open and import ISO BDMV files into the tool.

Once the installation is finished, double-click on the icon to enter the main interface. A big green “Open File” box will be sitting in the middle of the window. Simply click on this button to browse local drives and add wanted ISO BDMV files. Alternatively, it offers an easier feature of drag-and-drop. So you can just drag the ISO BDMV files onto the interface.

Step 3. Change the subtitles.

When the media content is being caught, it will start playing automatically. To quickly adjust multiple settings, you can move the mouse around the headline and click on the first subtitle shortcut. You are allowed to merge external subtitles by choosing the last option.

Step 4. Make adjustments to parameters.

Tap the second icon from the drop-down banner to reach the video-related panel. Users can have a wide range of configurations here.

Step 5. Set ISO BDMV volume and audio output.

Likewise, pull the mouse to the upper portion and click on the third item to approach this dialog box. The special volume amplification features worth trying.

Part 4: Conclusion

I hope the general view of what is ISO BDMV can give you a clear understanding. Thus, it is important to convert BDMV to ISO for better usages, especially, there is a lot more to benefit from the versatile Leawo Blu-ray Copy. After going through the beefy solutions above of how to convert BDMV to ISO, the majority may have questions about how to open and play such files from BDMV to ISO Mac directly. To answer that, all you need is just an all-in-one ISO BDMV player such as Leawo Blu-ray Player. If you pick up this Leawo freeware for any future utility, the hassle-free theater life is all accessible.