Japanese TV drama is very popular all over the world. Maybe you have been watching a lot of fascinating Japanese drama for example Hajimete Koi wo Shita Hi ni Yomu Hanashi (A Story To Read When You First Fall in Love), in this article, we will talk about the latest Japanese drama in 2020 and make recommendations to all of you. Besides, we will share some wonderful sites to let you download Japanese TV drama with ease. In the end, we will also talk about a powerful video player for you to watch any videos with the best quality remained.

Part 1: Best Japanese TV drama recommendations 2020

As known to all, the year of 2020 has witnessed a difficult beginning due to the outbreak of corona virus, the covid-19. This pandemic has requested people to stay home as much as they can and comply with certain quarantine rules in an attempt to reduce the risk of getting affected. However, the TV entertainment industry has never stopped and in fact, it gets more and more popular during people staying at home. What can they do when they are bored? Watching TV!! That’s why so many brilliant TV dramas are coming in droves. Here we will recommend the best Japanese TV dramas to you and all of them are newly put on screen in 2020.

  • 1. Private Detective Rintaro Yuri
  • Aired from Jun 16, 2020 to Jul 14, 2020, this TV drama contains 5 episodes. Even though this TV drama seems to have fewer episodes than other TV series, the storyline of it is attractive. The main character, Yuri Rintaro, was head of the First investigation team in Tokyo, however, he resigned for some reason and moved back to his hometown. After that, he worked as a forensic psychologist in Kyoto and helped police with their investigations using a unique method. Never miss this one if you're the one who prefers detective dramas.

  • 2. Haken no Hinkaku 2 (2020)
  • Employment in Japan, traditionally consisted of hiring someone as a full-time employee at a company and they worked for that company until their retirement. Things have changed in recent years. Reform has taken place, which involves outsourcing, introduction of AI, and other new methods. Do you want to know what happens afterwards? Keep watching this Japanese TV drama from the very beginning. It surely will surprise you.

  • 3. BG: Personal Bodyguard 2 (2020)
  • As you read the name of this Japanese TV drama, you will feel that it must be very intriguing. Indeed, it is! The private security company, where Akira Shimazaki worked, is sold to a large company. The large company's policy is only focused on making a profit, so Akira Shimazaki isn't happy about with his new employer. To stay true to his belief of protecting the weak, he quits his job at the private security company. Akira Shimazaki begins to work for himself as a private bodyguard. Masaya Takanashi has a strong sense of duty as a bodyguard. He wonders why his Akira Shimazaki quit his job at their security company. To find out, Masaya Takanashi visits Akira Shimazaki.


    Part 2: Where to download the popular Japanese drama

    Are you wondering where to download these popular Japanese TV dramas for streaming offline and anytime you want? In fact, many sites are able to provide download support for Japanese TV dramas as well as other dramas like Korean drama. For example, Dramafever, Kissasian, Netflix, New Asia tv, View Asian, J Dorama are all available to download Japanese TV dramas.

  • 1. Dramafever
  • This video streaming website is owned by Warner Bros. It offers on-demand streaming video of documentaries, movies, and TV shows with subtitles. Dramafever's content offering was both ad-supported for regular users and available in high definition for premium subscribers. It is true it is easier to stream Japanese TV dramas online while it also provides support to download Japanese dramas with ease.

  • 2. Kissasian
  • Besides Japanese dramas, this site also includes other popular Asian TV dramas with high-quality. As indicated, Kissasian lets you watch and download high-quality dramas, and enjoy various formats from 240p to 720p HD (or even 1080p). It also makes HTML5 available for mobile devices. That’s why it is so popular among TV drama fans.

  • 3. Netflix
  • Netflix is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries, and more on thousands of internet-connected devices. It covers many famous and renowned Japanese TV dramas too. I bet you will get the various TV drama from this site. What you need can be fully answered in Netflix within clicks!


    Part 3: How to play Japanese TV series smoothly

    Honestly, streaming online Japanese TV dramas can be very smooth and enjoyable but at the same time, it can be very annoying and disturbing if the network condition is poor. That explains why so many fans want to download their favorite Japanese TV drama for offline streaming, which is free from any network problem and it is more flexible to watch Japanese TV dramas. Well, downloading Japanese TV dramas is not the ultimate goal but watching Japanese TV dramas with the best quality and best performance is! You have the best Japanese TV drama and don’t forget you need to have the best quality video player in order to make the streaming experience enjoyable! Here is what we recommend to you - Leawo Blu-ray Player.

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    Step 1: Make sure you have installed the player on your computer

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    Step 2: Load the downloaded Japanese TV dramas to the player

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    Step 3: Edit the settings

    Click the editing button to enter the settings pane, where you will be able to set the details like subtitles, video settings, and audio settings. You can set them according to your preference and what suits for your drama.


    Step 4: Play the drama

    After all settings are done, you can click the play button to start streaming the Japanese TV drama with the best quality and your personal settings output. It must be very enjoyable.



    I know many of you are Japanese TV drama fans, and would like to watch the latest TV drama with best quality. From different genres, different actors, and different directors, we have chosen three best Japanese TV dramas of this year to you, which may be very intriguing and exciting to watch during free time. As mentioned before, the year 2020 is not easy for all of us around the world, but we still need to have faith and enjoy our life as much as we can. Watching TV is a good choice. For those who favor downloading Japanese TV dramas for offline streaming, we have given three sites for them to download their favorite Japanese TV dramas with ease, among which they can take a glance of dramas from other regions as well. They present as a resource bank, and allow you to enjoy the most out of them!

    Besides best Japanese TV dramas, sites to download Japanese TV dramas, we have shed some light on a powerful yet 100% free media player, Leawo Blu-ray Player to our readers. With this Blu-ray player, you will be able to watch your downloaded Japanese TV dramas with best quality and most outstanding settings on your own. Besides playing downloaded files, it also supports disk and ISO playback, which makes it very popular among fans. I would strongly suggest you give it a shot!