As we all know, there are thousands of different video and audio formats in the world, but our media players like mobile devices, PC programs, etc. only support a few specific formats. For example, AVI, WMV and MKV files are not supported by iPhone without being converted to MP4, MOV or M4V files. Therefore, you need a video converter which allows you to convert a video from one format to another. Here, we provide a review of top 3 best paid video converters and 1 best free video converter in 2020.

Part 1. Top 3 Best Paid Video Converters in 2020

When evaluating a video converter, we mainly focus on software features and functionalities, such as supported input and output formats, conversion speed, editing tools, operation difficulty and other bonus functions. The best paid video converter enables you to organize and maximize your video collections, and apply them to different media players and mobile devices.

The following are 3 best paid video converters we found on Google, in order to help you make a right decision. Of course, we have conducted extensive research and rigorous testing.

Top 1: Leawo Video Converter

Leawo Video Converter, as one of the best paid video converters, is a comprehensive media converter suite, including video converter, audio converter, photo slideshow video maker, video editor and 3D movie creator. Leawo Video Converter supports video and audio conversion between 180+ formats for almost all media players and all portable devices on the market. At the same time, it is a professional photo slideshow video maker which helps you create photo slideshow video via drag-and-drop. The internal video editor, slideshow editor and 3D creator also allow you to edit your video, audio and photo files at will. With advanced GPU acceleration technology and user-friendly operation interface, Leawo Video Converter can greatly improve user experience.

Leawo Video Converter costs US$ 29.95 for 1 year license and US 39.95 for lifetime license. Leawo also provide a free trial version which can convert the first five-minute video/audio content.



  • Support 180+ video and audio formats
  • Internal video editor
  • Internal media player
  • 2D to 3D converter
  • Convert in batch
  • Photo slideshow video maker
  • Advanced GPU acceleration technology
  • Advanced GPU acceleration technology
  • Support both Windows and Mac

Top 2: AVS Video Converter

AVS Video Converter, rank in top 2 of the best paid video converter list, allows you to convert video in the most video formats, including HD video. Batch conversion is also possible with this converter, which means you can convert several videos at once. With AVS Video Converter, you can edit your video by trimming, cropping, adjusting video effects, adding and editing audios, etc. The latest version also presets various devices formats, then you can directly convert videos and apply them to your portable devices such as iPhone 11, iPad 2019, Samsung Galaxy S10, etc. Compared to some video converters, AVS Video Converter doesn’t support 2D to 3D conversion and it can’t add your own watermarks on videos. This video converter only support Windows, no Mac and Linux version available.

AVS Video Converter costs US$ 39.00 for 1 year access subscription and US$ 59.00 for unlimited access subscription. The free trial version doesn’t support GPU acceleration and will add watermark on converted video.



  • Support converting all key video formats
  • Various device models are preset
  • Speed up video conversion with GPU
  • Batch conversion
  • Built-in video editor
  • Built-in audio editor
  • Built-in video player and instant previewer

Top 3: Total Video Converter

Total Video Converter, as a powerful video convert for both Windows and MacOS, is able to convert video to most of video and audio formats like mp4, 3gp, xvid, divx, mpeg4, avi, amr audio, etc. It can also combine several video and audio files into one video file. Featured with photo slideshow maker, this video converter allows you to create a photo slideshow video with music. With instant video player and media player, you can enjoy your videos on this converter and monitor videos status while editing. However, the interface of Total Video Converter is quite complicated and out-of-date. What’s more, this video converter supports batch conversion but the conversion speed is the lowest among these 3 best paid video converters, because it doesn’t support GPU acceleration. The internal video editor is difficult for green hand to operate. This video converter also doesn’t support 2D to 3D conversion.

Total Video Converter costs US$ 29.96 for personal license and US$ 49.99 for commercial license. You can fully enjoy all functions and features, technical support and free regular upgrade with license.



  • Support 80+ video and audio formats
  • Support batch conversion
  • Built-in video editor
  • Photo Slideshow video maker
  • Built-in video player and Instant previewer
  • Support both Windows and Mac

Part 2. Comparison of Top 3 Best Paid Video Converters

Below table compares the main features of each product and shows the price of 1 year license, helping you quickly and intuitively locate on what you need.

Product Leawo Video Converter AVS Video Converter Total Video ConverterCreator
Convert video to video Y Y Y
Convert video to audio Y Y Y
Convert to HD video Y Y Y
2D to 3D creator Y N N
GPU acceleration Y Y N
Batch conversion Y Y Y
Internal Media Player Y Y Y
Internal previewer Y Y Y
Cut video Y Y Y
Crop video Y Y Y
Add watermarks Y N Y
Add subtitles Y Y Y
Add soundtracks Y Y Y
Adjust video effects Y Y Y
Photo slideshow maker Y N Y
Photo slideshow editor Y N Y
Quality lossless Y Y Y
User-friendly Y Y N
Mac version Y N Y
Price US$ 29.95 US$ 39.00 US$ 29.96


As can be seen from the above table, Leawo Video Converter possesses the most “Y” among these 3 paid video converters while it costs the least. Leawo Video Converter and Total Video Converter feature the function of making and editing photo slideshow video, which helps you merge your favorite photos into a slideshow for enjoyment. You can share your own photo slideshow video with your family and friends, and even apply it to your wedding or graduation. Leawo Video Converter is the only one that supports 2D to 3D conversion, you can apply converted 3D videos to your TV for more excited visual feast. In addition, Leawo Video Converter and AVS Video Converter have user-friendly interface, simple operation mode and GPU acceleration technology, which can greatly improve user experience. However, only AVS Video Converter is not available for Mac, which means if you switch your operation system to Mac, you have to find a new video converter.

Part 3. The Best Paid Video Converter vs. the Best Free Video Converter

There are a lot of options for free video converter, among which Freemake Video Converter ranks No.1. Some users will choose these free video converters for saving money. Do these free converters do the same things as paid converters? And do they differ a lot from each other? Let’s take a look about the best free video converter and compare it with the best paid video converter – Leawo Video Converter.

The best free video converter – Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is a free program which allows you to convert video between 63 mainstream formats like MP4 and MP3. You can also get plenty of options when it comes to editing and presetting profiles. With simple editing tools to trim extra footage and add subtitles, Freemake Video Converter meet the basic video conversion needs. But unfortunately, for all free conversions, the “Freemake” logo will be added at the beginning and the end of all videos. Moreover, Freemake Video Converter works on all Windows PC, but it doesn’t provide a Mac version. If you are a Mac user, then you should consider changing another converter. Please note that the conversion speed of this free video converter is very low. If you want to convert a 4K movie, you may have to wait for half a day.



  • Support 63 mainstream formats
  • Convert to HD video
  • Extract audio from video
  • Simple video editing function
  • Convert video with subtitles
  • User-friendly interface

Comparison between the best paid video converter and the best free video converter

Product Leawo Video Converter Freemake Video Converter
Non-removable watermark N Y
Convert video to video Y Y
Convert video to audio Y Y
Convert to HD video Y Y
2D to 3D creator Y N
GPU acceleration Y N
Batch conversion Y N
Internal Media Player Y N
Internal previewer Y N
Cut video Y Y
Crop video Y Y
Add watermarks Y N
Add subtitles Y Y
Add soundtracks Y Y
Adjust video effects Y Y
Photo slideshow maker Y N
Photo slideshow editor Y N
Quality lossless Y Y
User-friendly Y Y
Mac version Y N
Price US$ 29.95 FREE


Although Freemake Video Converter is able to complete simple video conversion work, it can’t satisfy those who have the demands in high-quality videos. At the same time, Freemake Video Converter lacks many features of Leawo Video Converter, such as creating 3D videos, adding watermarks, making photo slideshow video, etc. Plus, lacking functions of GPU acceleration and batch conversion makes you wait a long time for conversion.

Part 4. Which Is the Best Paid Video Converter in 2020?

This review shows 3 best paid video converters and 1 best free video converter on Google. All of them are worth downloading because of their array of features, among which Leawo Video Converter is the most worth downloading. Leawo Video Converter not only possesses the most functions, but also has the most competitive and the most cost-effective price. What’s more, acting as a video converter, Leawo Video Converter can also make photos into slideshow video.

However, it isn’t the only option, it depends on your specific needs. If you are a Windows user, only need simple video conversion and editing function, and don’t care a watermark on converted video, you can choose Freemake Video Converter. Otherwise, if you are looking for a fully functional and the most cost-effective video converter, Leawo Video Converter will be a better and wiser choice.

  • leawo-video-converter-download
  • Leawo Video Converter

    - Support video and audio conversion between 180+ formats
    - Support iPhone, iPad, and all portable devices video and audio conversion
    - Convert videos & audios in 6X higher speed without quality loss
    - Create photo slideshow on Mac for keeping precious memory
    - Personalizing video output with internal video editor and set video and audio parameters freely
    - 2D to 3D conversion