The booming digital industry has brought us a brand new view on how to make our own DVD productions. Everyone is given the right to create and record daily media content while the DVD disc is made for saving all the best moments. But have you ever thought about a good way to manage and organize media files on DVD? It is highly recommended by the majority that a proper DVD maker with menu and chapters functions will be able to help, which is true. The question is how to burn DVD with menu and chapters? Now, this article will tell you.

Part 1: Why Choose DVD Maker with Menu and Chapter Features

I believe that there are so many users expecting more than just simply burning DVDs. In terms of the specialized functions that a DVD maker should possess, you could have a look at why a DVD creator with menu and chapters is necessary for a couple of good reasons.

What do menu and chapter creation is necessary for DVD burning software? In common situations, they are tools to mark out specific sections for quickly locating the wanted content. They serve as the index to sort out everything that may look like a mess otherwise. For example, you can set the menu by dates, months, or years in order to find one little piece from dozens of files in just a few seconds. In other words, it turns out to be a time-saving action that you can do beforehand. And if you look from an organized system instead of a stressful view, you will be thankful to create DVD with menu and chapters. Also, this feature is likely to free your mind for being creative. Personalizing menus and chapters would be so much fun.

Part 2: Top 5 Best DVD Makers to Create Menu and Chapter

Top 1. Leawo DVD Creator

The first recommendation of DVD maker with menu and chapter feature is this versatile DVD burning software, Leawo DVD Creator. Running with flawless cross-platform performance, this powerful software supports most media formats input such as MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, MTS, FLV, WMV, Xvid, etc., as well as uncommon files like OGM, RMVB, NUV, NSV, FLC, DVR-MS, WTV, and more. It has full support of 4K/HD content that can be up to 2160P resolution. What really makes it the best DVD creator with menu and chapters is the advanced ability to offer DVD menu templates over 40 presets. If you just want a simplified operation on managing DVDs, it is available to create DVD with menu and chapters just within a few clicks.

For homemade video enthusiasts, there are a bunch of customizable items regarding menu and chapter settings covering item reposition, title rename, the font of the text, etc. Apart from the skillful menu creation, there is an extra editor in-built for further video-oriented editing. You can consider this program as a master of imagination, which even enables users to make photo slideshows out of tens of thousands of pictures. And that is not enough as it is capable of retaining all the original quality during the burning process. Maybe you are interested in other handy tools like the instant preview, screenshots, fastest burning speed, 2D to 3D effects, so on.

Top 2. iSkySoft DVD Creator

If you want a lightweight and simple tool without advanced settings to create DVD with menu and chapters, then this software can offer a series of DVD menus with an easement. It mainly features in the implanted video editor that supplies the casual yet compendious menus and chapters. The interface is designed in four sections as you may be able to navigate yourself when you first time touching this app. However, if you want to configure expert-level settings, this DVD maker with menu and chapters could look a bit childish.

Top 3. DVDStyler

DVD Styler acts as another good source to create DVD with menu and chapters. Even though it is only compatible with Windows systems, the functionality of address how to burn DVD with menu and chapters can be totally covered via the all-around capability. It can bring you many separate sets for the background image, button shapes, and more. The whole interface seems like launching a PowerPoint. If you don't mind the outdated theme, it is decent.

Top 4. VobBlanker

VobBlanker can be one of the most classic old-school gears among DVD creator with menu and chapters you can find in the market. You might be surprised how it still runs well today. Well, that is the secret of this tough steel. It indeed functions on any windows based computers without difficulties. Especially, if you are with some previous systems like Windows 98/XP, give it a try.

Top 5. Ashampoo Burning Studio

As another popular DVD creator with menu and chapters, this Ashampoo Burning Studio is equipped with a few menu templates. It performs as a CD/DVD authoring program that allows diverse burning tasks even coping with how to burn DVD with menu and chapters. Since it has been commenting with positive reviews, the application is capable of operating with good services and a big forum online. Nevertheless, the steps to use Ashampoo Burning Studio is a little bit complicated if you are a novice.

Part 3: How to Create DVD Menu in DVD Maker

Step 1. Download and install Leawo DVD Creator on your computer.
Leawo DVD Creator has two independent versions for Windows and Mac. If you are Mac users, go for the Leawo DVD Creator for Mac.

Step 2. Load files into the DVD maker with menu and chapters.
It is easier to take advantage of the drag-and-drop feature that draws the source media into the main interface. Instead, the "Add Video" button is accessible for importing.

Step 3. Select the desired DVD menu.
Look to the right of the home panel, there is a DVD menu sidebar. On top of the menu presets, three tabs are reachable responding to your personal choice. You can tap into each label to browse multiple templates online. Once you decide to download one, the download button is open for free. Then click the eye icon to dress up the DVD menu.

Step 4. Design the DVD menu according to preferences.
When you enter the menu editing page by pressing the pencil icon on the upper-left corner, there are plenty of settable options. You can start from the text items including the color and size of the font, underlined, italic, and more. There are background soundtrack and image buttons that allow additional modifications at the bottom.

Step 5. Preview the results.
Now move back to the preview window and make sure everything arrives at the satisfaction level.

Step 6. Start to create DVD with menu and chapters.
Click on the illustrious green "Burn" on the upper-right to call out the directory sidebar. Insert a blank writable DVD disc and fill out the destination aiming at your DVD disc drive. Now you hit the white "Burn" button down there to finish how to burn DVD with menu and chapters.

Part 4: How to Create Chapters in DVD Maker

Step 1. Get the DVD maker with menu and chapters online and install it completely.
Check the website of the Leawo DVD Creator and download the correct version for your system.

Step 2. Import your media data to the professional DVD menu creator.
Two ways are provided to add any videos to the program. One is through the “Add Video” button while another one ensures the direct dragging to the file frame.

Step 3. Put on one DVD menu.
Pick up the DVD menu that you like from the right sidebar. If it is not downloaded, easily tap the download icon in the middle of the menu image and then keep on with the eye button to polish your DVD files.

Step 4. Enter the menu editing panel to make DVD chapters.
Find the editing icon which is displayed next to the preview button, click on the pencil and you can begin creating chapters here. In the middle of the top area, you can see two icons representing the home page and the chapter page.

Step 5. Set the chapter parameters.
Click on the chapter 1 button to change chapters. There are buttons for adjusting music, image, text, etc.

Step 6. Apply configurations then verify with the best DVD player.
Press the "Burn" to settle the burning settings. Tick the last box and appoint it to the disc drive where you put in your DVD disc. Tap the one last "Burn" to kickoff DVD maker with menu and chapters. It is highly recommended to play the burned DVD with a robust player like Leawo Blu-ray Player.

Part 5: Conclusion

Basically, why I like to utilize a DVD maker with menu and chapters is because of the better DVD managements. There are a lot more benefits from the menu and chapters organizing. To some extent, the DVD maker with menu and chapters requires the highest technology to meet particular demands such as formats support, quality, speed, security, and more. Therefore, you should obtain the top DVD creator with menu and chapters - Leawo DVD Creator. This application is super practical to solve how to burn DVD with menu and chapters using the most convenient operations. No matter menus or chapters are needed, follow the simple and easy instructions above to get your own style DVDs.