Do you like taking selfie photos? Without doubt, for most young people, the answer is absolutely yes! With the rapid update of digital devices, we have many choices of smart phones, digital cameras or even SLR cameras to take selfies. Look around, you will find most people around you have been equipped with devices that can allow them to take different selfie poses as easy as possible at any place. Well, if you would like to take a good selfie of yourself, you should firstly have a high quality smart phone or camera. Besides that, you must learn some cute selfie poses in order to make the selfie more attractive. The selfie poses include poses for selfies with friends, couple selfie poses and some easy but cute selfie poses for single person.

When speaking of couple selfie poses or poses for selfies with friends, we know it would be easier, since people will be more relaxed when interact with other people. However, when a person takes a selfie along, it will be harder for him or her to find the best shooting angle and poses. Most people might have encountered this problem; it is not very simple to take selfies, especially a single selfie. But don’t worry; now we will introduce some cute selfie poses for single, couples as well as friends.

Part 1: Top 10 Selfies Poses for Single Selfie

Actually, there are many single selfie poses for us to choose, the point is that we need to relax ourselves, so that the selfie can be taken without affectation. What’s more, some best selfie app for iphone or Android phons can also help. Just imagine it, some beautiful selfies on social media page would always attract more visitors. If you want to know how to take a good selfie for instagram, we will introduce top 10 selfie poses for single.

1. Just sit with your legs relaxed, angle the camera above your body and take a picture. You can either lie on your bed or the comfortable sofa.

Just sit with your legs relaxed

2. Randomly lifting one arm like you’re reaching to do something important, like moving a strand of hair off of your face or adjusting a jacket.

Randomly lifting one arm

3. Pose seductively, put on a duck face if you can. Use soft lighting. You can download some best selfie light app on your phone.

Pose seductively

4. Take a selfie in front of a big mirror. You can hold a phone in your hand and stand in front of a mirror that can reflect the top part of your body, and then pose at your option.

Take a selfie in front of a big mirror

5. Lift some hair up with one of your hands in a casual way, and take a selfie of your face with eyes closed. Believe it or not, this pose will make you cute.

Lift some hair up

6. Sometimes, you could take a selfie with an item holding in one hand, or pretend to take something to eat.

take a selfie with an item holding in one hand

7. Take a hat or something else big enough to cover half of your face, just show your attractive eyes.

Take a hat

8. Crop in tight on your face in the shot. You should hold your phone closer to yourself to avoid busy and distracting background.

Crop in tight on your face in the shot

9. Taking a selfie of you in water will also be fun. You can lie down in the water when you are going to take a bubble bath, and then take a selfie of your face surrounded by the bubbles.

Taking a selfie of you in water

10. Pretend to look at something else, give a selfie of your side face. You can either show your right or left face, only if it looks good.

Pretend to look at something else

Everyone has his or her own favorite top 10 selfie poses. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to follow others, what really matter is that the poses are suitable for you, so that they can be the top 10 selfie poses in your mind.

Part 2: Some Cute Selfie Poses for Couples

So many people want to know more couple selfie poses, in the following part, we will discuss the best selfie poses for couples.

1. A natural pose would be perfect for couples, the girl just put her head on the shoulder of the boy, and the boy takes a selfie of two smile faces. It is just sweet and comfortable.

A natural pose

2. This should be the best selfie poses for couples, the boy kiss the girl sweetly and take a selfie to record this moment. At the same time, the girl can give a cute smile.

the boy kiss the girl sweetly

3. To take a funny photo, both the couple can wear sunglasses and show half of their eyes, remember to make faces, which will add more enjoyment of the selfie.

a funny photo

Well, the above are three best selfie poses for couples. They are easy and natural enough to show the sweetness of couples.

Part 3: Some Best Selfie Poses for Friends

When it comes to the selfie poses with friends, things become a little bit complex, because it requires tacit agreement among the friends. And it will take more time to find the best angle for the selfie. Here are some poses for selfies with friends.

1. Everyone look at the camera and smile gently, remember to stand at both side and close enough to the one who holds the camera, since it might not be able to cover all the people in the selfie if they stand with space between them.

Everyone look at the camera and smile gently

2. Don’t like poker-faced selfies? You can all grimace differently to the shot or hold funny props in your hands to add pleasure. Before that, you can download some best selfie app for iPhone. Some selfie apps provide many interesting stickers, which can make your selfie more creative. And you can use some best selfie light apps.

all grimace differently to the shot or hold funny props

3. If you would like to take a selfie of more than 10 people, you should use a selfie stick, because it will help you cover the people as more as possible. The person who holds the selfie stick should stand far enough so that the shot can cover all people. And other people should sit trimly and adjust their poses to smile to the shot.

use a selfie stick

To avoid the light influence, you need to use some best selfie light apps when taking selfie of many people at the same time.

3.1 How to Backup Selfie Photos from iPhone to Computer

After taking so many selfie photos, how do you manage and backup them? You need to backup them to your computer or external storage device to avoid data loss. Leawo iTransfer provides perfect solutions for iOS devices data transfer issues. It’s quite nice to transfer photos, music, videos, SMS, contacts, and so on between iOS devices and computers. Moreover, Leawo iTransfer help users manage media files effectively and directly on computer. With it, you can simply know the way to backup selfie photos in only few steps.


Leawo iTransfer 

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Step1. Launch Leawo iTransfer and connect your iPhone to PC using the USB cable. The software will detect your device automatically, and you will get a main interface as below.

Launch Leawo iTransfer

Step2. When your iPhone is detected, you can see data catalogues listed on the left bar. Go to iPhone>LIBRARY>Camera, all photos are displayed on the right interface.

catalogues listed on the left bar

Step3. Choose certain photos, and then click the transfer button in the bottom right corner of the interface to transfer photos from iPhone to computer. Or you can give a right-click on the photos you want to transfer, and choose “Transfer to > My Computer”.

Choose certain photos

Step4. In the pop-up window of transfer settings, choose the output location on the computer to save photos. Choose “Save to Folder” and click “Change” to choose the target folder, and then tap “Transfer Now” to start backing up photos off iPhone onto computer.

transfer settings

If you have a large amount of precious photos stored in iPhone, don’t hesitate, go into action now to backup them from iPhone to computer before the storage space is full.