Is there any way to avoid being pressed for returning the borrowed DVD? Is there any solution to ensure that the precious DVD discs will not be scratched by naughty kid or pet? Do you want to share the self-made DVD with beloved ones? The answer is positive if you have a DVD copy software program. There are different kinds of DVD copy software in the market. Let's take a look at a solid program called CloneDVD, which could help you to clone DVD.

Part 1. The review of DVD copy software CloneDVD and why do we need CloneDVD alternatives?

SlySoft CloneDVD 2 is one of the DVD copy software programs that give customers what they want: the ability to copy their original DVDs, including the menus and extra footage, to a blank disc in a few steps.


In its DVD copy package, this software offers the abilities to copy all the menus, subtitles and bonus features allow you to compress two discs to fit into one disc, or you can just copy the main movie to a single disc. It supports multiple languages, and different operating systems including Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.

For those who just begin to explore DVD copy software, the CloneDVD is a good starting point. We will do a simple review to help you know more about it.


  1. Duplicating a DVD with Slysoft Clone DVD is quick and easy.
  2. This software enables users to copy, rip, and create, as well as convert common video files and build slideshows.
  3. It allows users to configure output audio and video settings, merge and trim clips, make image adjustments, select the preferred audio and subtitle language, as well as apply watermarks.
  4. It supports multiple languages and includes help documentation.


  1. This application lacks some simple features and it is not effective considering converting quality.
  2. It does not have a built-in CSS decryptor, and in order for the product installation to even be worth the effort, you must download a CSS decryptor first.
  3. The image quality after DVD copying is relatively poor.

To be fair, SlySoft CloneDVD is an easy-to-use DVD copy software application. However, it lacks some of the important user-friendly features.

How to find out the most suitable DVD copy software is still challenging, in the following paragraphs, we will share some CloneDVD alternatives for DVD copy.

Part 2. How to use Leawo DVD Copy to clone DVD?

Talking about DVD copy software, we have to mention the best DVD copy software: Leawo DVD Copy. It is not only a CloneDVD alternative, but also provided with outstanding performance.

Leawo DVD Copy is a great video burner program that enables users to clone DVD, including DVD to DVD, DVD to folder and DVD to ISO image files. This software is an effective all-in-one choice for DVD copy without quality loss.

Step 1: Open DVD Copy module

Run Prof. Media, then click "DVD Copy" button to initiate the DVD Copy program.


Step 2: Add source DVD/ISO file to the program

Click "Add Blu-ray/DVD" button and you will find the drop-down menu providing three selections: "Add from CD-ROM" for importing DVD files from your CD-ROM; "Add from folder" for importing DVD folder from your computer; and "Add ISO file" for importing ISO image file. Also you directly drag and drop the source files to the interface to fulfill the foresaid action.


Step 3: DVD copy settings

After importing the source DVD/ISO files, click "DVD-5" at the left bottom to choose disc type between DVD-9 and DVD-5.

There are 3 copy modes provided: Full Movie, Main Movie and Custom Mode for you to back up whole content, movie-only or whatever clips you like.

Since subtitles and audio tracks included in the disc will all be listed, you can choose whatever you want to copy under "Subtitle" and "Audio" Option.

Note: The size of the output file could be seen at the bottom of the interface.


Step 4: Start the copy process

Click the "Copy" button on the top-right to call out the sidebar for backup settings.

Under "Copy to" option: you could insert a writable blank disc into your computer's CD-ROM, and select it as the backup destination for copying DVD/ISO file.

Under "Save to" option: Check either "Folder" or "ISO File", you could save your DVD content in a folder or as ISO file to your hard drive.


Click the "Copy" button at the bottom of the sidebar to start the copy process. If you click the "Cancel" button while processing the backup, you could cease the whole process at any moment.


We could see, among the best DVD copy software programs, Leawo DVD Copy is easy to use and extremely user-friendly.

Part 3. More DVD copy software alternatives for you to clone DVD

There are some other CloneDVD alternatives and I will list another two for everyone's reference.

First, we will check the program AnyBurn. AnyBurn provides a solution for CD/DVD /Blu-ray burning. The greatest benefit to this software is that you needn't pay for using, and it is has an easy-to-use interface as shown in the below.


However, since the program is lightweight, it has obvious negatives, for example, there are lacks of functions like direct dragging and dropping for files, output quality control and it is not stable for Blu-ray burning. It is a good choice for those who just start learning cloning DVD, but it cannot meet various needs for detailed editing while cloning DVD.

Secondly, let's check the program called 123 DVD Copy. It's a multifunctional DVD toolbox that allows you to make exact copies of your movies and convert them into video files. To its advantage, you can use this program more than DVD copy. It has tools for converting, customizing and creating new DVDs. However, like many CloneDVD alternatives, its compressed copies have noticeable video quality issues that could distract user from the viewing experience.


There were many people spending time on cloning DVD, and they all somehow experienced trouble when copying DVD. No matter how you want to do your DVD copy, there are always several options. By reviewing the CloneDVD and several CloneDVD alternatives, we could see that how to choose DVD copy software depending on the user's needs. Anyone who appreciates high-quality output and multiple editing modes, Leawo DVD Copy is the best choice and this software is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.