In the digital era, you are accessible to various media resources in a single day. In order to obtain better multi-media experiences, you had better have a further understanding about the different types of media formats. Asides from the common media formats, such as MP4, MP3, WMV, MPEG, you have to keep other formats in your mind for your further references. For example, when you see a music file, at the first glance, you may regard nearly all the music files as “MP3”. In the real case, is this completely accurate? Negative, this is not entirely accurate. As a music file, MP3 only refers to a specific type of audio file which is only commonly used in most cases. But if you have an iPhone, or other Apple devices, you would find that MP3 is not the audio format on these devices. Then, what is the audio format in the Apple devices? Well, it is the AAC format that we are going to explain next. What is an AAC file? How to play AAC files then? Is it necessary to prepare a specific AAC player so as to play the AAC files smoothly? What are the best AAC players currently? Just take it easy, let’s figure out the above questions one by one. Be more patient to read through this article, you will be beneficial from the following information.

Part 1: About AAC files

What are AAC files actually? Simply speaking, as one of the most common and popular audio format, AAC stands for Advanced Audio Coding, belongs to container format category and it’s the default audio format used by iTunes. As a kind of MPEG-2 Advanced Audio Coding files, AAC is similar to MP3 audio format to some extent, but it has some more performance improvements, such as a higher coding efficiency for signals, a simpler filter bank and better handling of frequencies above 16 kHz. You can simply regard AAC format as the superior quality format to MP3 while using the same amount of disk space. For many people, they all consider AAC as the proprietary Apply format. But is this totally correct? Actually, this not correct because AAC was developed by many companies, not only Apple, such as AT& T Bell Labs and Dolby and so on. So AAC files are also compatible with a range of non-Apple devices. The more correct way is to say that Apply has adopted Advanced Audio Coding as the default encoding method for music files. More specifically, Apple iTunes and iTunes Music Store use AAC as the default encoding. Besides, AAC is also the standard music file format for Nintendo DSi and 3DS, PlayStation 3 and DivX Plus Web Player. Here, you should pay attention to another point. Even though AAC is the default audio format in the Apple devices, sometimes the AAC extension is not commonly used or saved, instead, an .M4A extension is much more commonly used. Asides from the above information about AAC, people are quite confused about another question that how to separate AAC from MP3 format. Both AAC and MP3 are popular and well-known lossy digital audio compression formats. AAC is designed to be the successor of the MP3 format, AAC generally achieves better sound quality than MP3 for a given data rate (e.g., 128 kbps) and at the same bit rate, and is playable in almost all software that can play MP3 files.

Part 2: Best AAC player in 2018

Since AAC audio files are not such a rare in our daily life, it is quite necessary to get to know more about AAC audio files next, especially how to play AAC files? Without any doubts, in order to provide the best audio quality of AAC files, you need to prepare a powerful AAC player at hand. What are the best AAC players in 2018? Next, in order to provide further references on AAC players, please take some time in reading the article below. I will recommend the top four AAC players in 2018 for you.

No 1. Leawo Blu-ray Player

Concerning one of the most powerful and comprehensive media players, Leawo Free Video Player is the one that I have to push in the first place. If you fail to find a proper media player to play AAC files, then choosing Leawo Blu-ray Player will be the most correct which can provide you the best AAC audio quality without any quality losses. Why is it so powerful? You can take a glance at its specific parameters and comprehensive functions.

  • As a 100% free and 6-in-1 media player software, Leawo Blu-ray Player contains all media playback solutions you need for your leisure entertainment, including Blu-ray, DVD, CD, HD (4K), ISO file with AVI, MPEG, WMV, ASF, FLV, MKV/MKA and other popular formats supported.
  • With advanced image and audio processing technology,Leawo Free Blu-ray Player software could provide you quality-lossless image for even 4K video, stereo audio enjoyment, all regions free DVD decryption and user-oriented playback control.
  • Besides, Leawo Blu-ray Player’s practical bonus features including useful power manager, custom skin / language / background, snap screenshots, especially virtual remote controller make it a better choice for all playback choice.
  • Furthermore, within Leawo Blu-ray Player, you could obtain the personalized settings according to your preference and all the settings could be done automatically. The instructions for playing are quite easy.

    Free Blu-ray Player

    – Region-free Blu-ray player software to play Blu-ray disc and DVD disc for free, regardless of disc protection and region restriction.
    – Play 4K FLV videos, 4K MKV videos, 4K MP4 videos, etc. without quality loss.
    – Play 1080P videos, 720P videos with lossless quality.

No 2. Apple iTunes

Since AAC is usually regarded as the default audio coding on Apple device, then Apple iTunes has to be included as one of the most direct way to play AAC files. As a free media player on every Apple device, Apple iTunes can allow you to purchase music or movie from the iTunes store, and you can also stream music, movie, TV shows and any other multi-media files through iTunes Radio. Once your Apple device is connected to your computer, you can sync all your iTunes purchases to you Apple device within several minutes. Here Apple iTunes is most outstanding in that it is a great media player with an easy-to-use interface. Therefore, playing AAC files with Apple iTunes is such an easy thing. It can provide you the best audio quality for you.

Apple iTunes

No 3. Nullsoft Winamp

If you are looking for an AAC player for home use, then Nullsoft Winamp is the best for your option. As a professional audio and video player, Nullsoft Winamp supports a lot of multimedia formats which can meet nearly all of your requirements, of course including AAC format. This media player can’t only be used as a perfect AAC player, it can also manage multimedia content in a single library so as to provide you the best experience. In order to present in a various style, Nullsoft allows you to customize the interface according to your own preferences. Furthermore, you can enjoy additional features with this media player by using different plug-ins. For example, you can download some specific plug-ins to provide tempo and pitch control. With such a media player at hand, you can obtain majority of multimedia solutions with standard features and functions.

Nullsoft Winamp

No 4. Audials OneNo

Next, I will introduce another useful AAC player for you. That is Audials One. Maybe this is not quite frequently known and used by the public. But it is really worth using in the daily life. Audials One can be used to record, download and find music, movie, podcasts and convert these format to others you like. It can help you to save music or movie from other websites, such as YouTube. Also, it allows you to record video from other streaming websites, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Therefore, with such a media player, you can be accessible to various audio tracks all around the world. Of course, it supports a lot of multimedia formats, including AAC format. If your multimedia formats are not compatible with this player, then you can take good use of its handy conversion function to convert media files. The conversion function of the media player is built inside the tool, you can complete the whole conversion process within it immediately.

Audials OneNo

Part 3: How to play AAC files with Leawo Blu-ray Player?

Referring to the above introduction, I have to say that Leawo Blu-ray Player will be outstanding due to its comprehensive functions and handy features. So, how to play AAC files with Leawo Blu-ray Player? Well, it is quite easy.

Step 1. Download Leawo Blu-ray Player and install it.

Step 2. Enter the main interface and load the AAC file on the computer by clicking the “Open File” button on the home interface. When you have imported the AAC file, then you can see it on the playlist.

Introduction to AAC and MP4

Step 3. Set audio parameters. Once you loaded the AAC audio file to this player, then move your mouse to the top left corner where you can see four icons. Click the third “Audio” icon to enter the audio setting panel. You can set the file’s volume, amplification, audio offset and so on.

Introduction to AAC and MP4


Just keep all of the information mentioned above, now you have fully understand how to play AAC files with the above players. Next time, just take it easy when you encounter an AAC file. Just follow the above steps, and you can easily obtain a perfect solution to it. Just take it a try!