We couldn't remember exactly from when we can't watch movies without 3D effects. The popularity of 3D movies has proved it a general trend for movies to be shot in 3D. However, not all the movies are necessarily made in 3D. Some 3D movies are only studio scam. For many of the movies that have been made into 3D, most of them haven't been materialized as planned in terms of artistry. That is why we don't recommend audience to watch all the films in 3D. The number of the best 3D movies are countable with only one hand.

Best 3D Movies of All Time

3D movies attract people not only by its 3D effect, but the unmatched plot. For these movies, 3D effect is not only the tool to decorate the movie, but integrated well with its plot and emotional expression. Here is the list for the best 3D movies of all time.


Avatar was launched in 2009. Thanks to it, 3D technology reached its peak in the next few years. Movies maker has strived in making movies with 3D effect to attract more people and stir up the sale of tickets. It is a piece of visual brilliance that is hard to be transcended. After its great success in 3D, some countries like Korea even made it into 4D. Some theatres installed 3D facilities just to show it. Watching the movie is like that you are in a real world full of aliens, nature and all the wonders Pandora has to offer.


The success of this film is by utilizing the 3D effect, it makes people enter the space in which they feel like trapped along with the two astronauts. This film is highly praised for its performance, direction, screenplay as well as the effect in 3D.

Life of Pi

Attributed to his endeavor to this eye-blowing film, the Life of Pi, Ang Lee deservedly won the best director Oscar. After a furious accident at sea, a boy is stranded in the middle of ocean. Together with him is the fierce tiger. Being solely with the tiger makes no difference with abandoned in the middle of the ocean with nothing else. How does he survive the arduous environment? The director impressed the audiences by taking advantages of the 3D effect unprecedentedly.

The walk

Even though you know that it is unrealistic to walk on the tightrope, the extraordinary and unhurried 17-minute scene that uses 3D has made you feel like that you are walking together with Phillipe Petit on the tightrope. The film is based on the 2008 documentary Man On Wire but does better than it. Audience gathers outside the entrance of the World Trade Center, watching the performance of Petit amazed and in awe. The feeling of queasiness is stirring people's heartstrings that some screening reports has warned people getting physically sick during the film.

Best 3D Movies in 2021

In the year 2021, are there some more 3D movies worth our anticipation? If you are searching for the best 3D movies in 2021, then you are in right place for them.


The story is about Paul Atreides who is born into a great destiny beyond his understanding to travel to the most dangerous planet in the universe otherwise his family and his people will be endangered. In the planet, there existing a commodity that can unlock humanity's greatest potential and only those who can conquer their fear will survive. The scheduled date for the launch of Dune is Oct, 1, 2021.


The film is about a young woman who tries to escape from the tragedy that she has gone through in her childhood. She enters into a new world full of fantasy and fairytale. Only by this can she get away with the pain of her childhood. The film is going to release in May, 21, 2021.

The SpongeBob

SpongeBob starts looking for his beloved pet snail Gary when he gets missing. One clue has lead SpongeBob and Patrick to find the king poeidon who has captivated Gary in the lost city of Atlantic city. The unity of SpongeBob and his teammate has given them the strongest power to rescue Gary and they find that nothing is stronger than cohesiveness.

Sites for Best 3D Movies

Unlike 2D movies, 3D movies are provided in a special manner. Sometimes you might find that the 3D movies you download have no difference with the normal movies. It is possible that you have downloaded the fake 3D movies. Here is the list of some 3D movies downloading sites.

YIFY Torrents

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The Pirate Bay

If you browse with 3D on title, kinds of 3D movies from Hollywood, Hollywood, Bollywood, Disney etc. can be reached on tip of your finger via this 3D torrent movie download site. There is something worth your attention to be aware of the extra ads, plug-ins and even virus when you are browsing and downloading the movies for free.


The movies provided on this download site are kept to update so you can enjoy the latest 3D movies via downloading it from this site. It allows you to download 3D movies, Blu-ray via direct download link with iMax quality and it is totally free.

How to Download the Best 3D Movies for Online Playback?

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