In early 2020, the novel coronavirus started to generate titles all around this planet due to the earth-shattering speed of infections. Origins in a wildlife market in Wuhan, China, WHO has called it the COVID-19 officially. The disease travels through different continents from Asia to Europe and the far-flung United States. Causing over 4 thousand death toll, COVID-19 is much more deadly than seasonal flu. However, your pets may also have chances to catch the coronaviruses. This article will bust the myth of what are the symptoms of the coronavirus and coronavirus symptoms in adults, dogs, and cats.

Part 1: Possible Coronavirus symptoms in adults

When we are going to step in the primavera, the COVID-19 is unlikely to slow down the spreading all over the world. You may have heard of some rumors such as conspiracy theories and fabricated biochemical terrors while this epidemic has been developing to a pandemic. Standing on the highest level of international threats, the coronavirus keeps breaking down the financial crisis, cultural developments, and lagging science innovations. Despite the global panic from the news and unbelievable rumors, people cannot actually trace the COVID-19 unless they have been contracted the coronavirus.

While the medical staff is working hard each day on how to diagnose and cure COVID-19, we realize that the initial phase might not show coronavirus symptoms in adults. Some people could carry the coronavirus up to 2 weeks until the common coronavirus symptoms in adults being noticed. In spite of mild cases, what are the symptoms of the coronavirus 2019? Based on a large scale of reported illnesses, the following signs can be observed from very mild cases to severe emergency patients.

1. Fever
If you are having a low-grade fever, be aware of the gradual surge in temperature. In general, the CDC (The Centers for Disease Control) considers the threshold of suspicious measured temperature is 100 °F (37.8 degrees Celsius). In other words, the normal body temperature which is 98.6 Fahrenheit goes up to anything over 100 degrees would be considered a fever linked to coronavirus symptoms in adults.
2. Cough
This could be common to people with regular flu. But the coronavirus symptoms in adults coughing will get more intense over time. Meanwhile, the pressure of pain signs in the chest may develop.
3. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
When the resistance from breathing keeps increasing, the person will have to do harder respiratory. This will influence the oxygen efficiency and leads to further concerning.

More lists of coronavirus symptoms in adults are under investigation. The clinical data indicates the tendency of catching serious coronavirus symptoms in adults by particular groups of people who are older or with existing medical conditions. That is to say, individuals having heart disease could be at higher risk of severity.

If any of these emergency warning signs are developed from common coronavirus symptoms in adults, you should call your doctor or healthcare provider for medical attention in no time.

  1. Persistent chest pain or pressure
  2. Extremely difficulty breathing
  3. Unknown confusion or fatigue, inability to arouse
  4. Drab lips or lackluster face

Part 2: Possible symptoms of coronavirus in cats and dogs

In point of fact, coronavirus can be infectious to pets and sometimes symptoms of coronavirus in cats and dogs can be fatal. Many researches imply the differences amid coronavirus symptoms in adults, cats, and dogs. After tens of thousands being infected, there are some cases related to domestic pets being suspicious to contract the COVID-19. Meantime, COVID 19 is a type of zoonotic virus that can be transmitted between animals and humans. No doubt, there will be certain connections with pets infecting with the COVID-19. So far, we know that once someone is confirmed to infected, common coronavirus symptoms in adults are possible to appear from 2 to 14 days. Conversely, what are the symptoms of the coronavirus 2019 on pets?

Unlike coronavirus symptoms in adults, some symptoms of coronavirus in cats can be asymptomatic. For instance, most cats carrying SARS appear no developed signs according to study. And the special coronavirus disease passing on cats is called feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) that occurs in both wild and domestic cats. Cats with FIP will turn out these typical symptoms of coronavirus in cats:
– Fever
The fever symptoms of coronavirus in cats may not be responding to any antibiotics
– Anorexia
There may be a loss of appetite that causes significant weight loss.
– Sluggishness
Obvious inactivity and lethargy can be exhibited from daily movements analogy
– Labored breathing by the accumulation of fluid
The “wet” form symptoms of coronavirus in cats can manifest in progressive abdominal distension because the fluid is stuck in the abdominal cavity. When it is stuck in the chest cavity, arduous respiration will present.
– Various organs can be affected
On the opposite, dry form symptoms of coronavirus in cats will arise neurologic system failures, vomiting, excessive urination, jaundice, etc.

Likewise, the coronavirus aims at dogs is named canine coronavirus infection. The majority of adult dogs will turn out to inapparent symptoms. However, a vast array of canine coronavirus symptoms in dogs are associated with an intestinal disease that is highly contagious. This virus family targets dogs specifically, no matter domestic and wild. Comparing to coronavirus symptoms in adults, fever happens rarely in dogs. Still, be careful when you see these coronavirus symptoms in dogs:
– Depression and food aversion
You can find these common coronavirus symptoms in dogs and cats.
– Protracted dehydration
The instance of vomiting and explosive diarrhea can be found from infected dogs.
– Mild respiratory issues
Your pet dog could experience such problems occasionally.
– Enteritis
Thi condition means small intestines are inflamed, which is likely to result in decease.

Part 3: How to self-isolate at home

Understanding what the symptoms of coronavirus 2019 are will help human beings prevent worse scenarios primarily. Recently, worldwide authorities constantly encourage citizens to stay at home. Although present-day science is not capable of providing a responsive remedy to coronavirus, people can still contribute to a bright future by effective means. Due to the unwelcome outcome, social distancing and self-isolation are advised across countries as many major cities are facing lockdown. By realizing the importance of doing so, here is the simple guidance of quarantine.

  1. If you have been traveling to other countries or being exposed to a person with a COVID-19 infection, it is suggested to stay home for 14 days. This is expected to be applied to every individual.
  2. You should also separate yourself from others in the house and cut off any close contact with sick persons.
  3. Minimize unnecessary outdoor activities like meeting friends, attending group events and gatherings.
  4. Keep in mind that a surgical mask is required at all times when going out for groceries, seeking medical care. Make sure you wear the mask properly as it is supposed to cover your mouth and nose.
  5. Wash hands frequently with hand soap and water for 20 seconds. Or you can utilize an alcohol-based sanitizer.
  6. Disinfect surfaces you usually touch by hands such as phone screens, doorknobs.
  7. Avoid touching your face including eyes, nose, and mouth.
  8. Monitor suspicious coronavirus symptoms in adults. Watch yourself for fever, cough, and difficulty breathing.
  9. WHO suggests no eating animal organs and stop contacting with live wildlife.

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Part 5: Conclusion

As a matter of fact, scientists are still not able to solve many unanswered questions left by the Spanish flu in 1918 like what was the reason for such high mortality to young adults? Getting good answers is still a long way to go when hypotheses are just staying unproved. But now we can do much better to stop this pandemic situation from knowing what the symptoms of the coronavirus 2019 are and how to take efficient methods like home quarantine.

Let’s quickly recap the coronavirus symptoms in adults: fever, cough, and difficulty respiration. For your pets, be cautious of anorexia, laziness, vomiting, and unusual behaviors. Take the stay-at-home guide with you and remember, you can still enjoy the household happiness by watching some great films! Take care!