If you like listening to audiobooks, then you should be no stranger to Audible.com. As a renowned audiobook producer and seller, it produces all kinds of audiobooks. On Mac, there aren’t so many choices for downloading and listening to audiobooks and Audible is a great source. Audible’s developed programs and apps for different platforms. So for certain devices, listening to Audible audiobooks isn’t a problem. But there are a lot of other devices, for example, MP3 players that doesn’t run an operating system like Android that would allow users to install the Audible program. Those devices would be excluded from the support list of Audible as well as the possibility of listening to the audiobooks from Audible. Due to the DRM protection on the Audible files you download from Audible.com, it’s almost impossible to play them on unauthorized devices. But there’s a solution to this problem. Users bothered by this problem can try converting Audible files to MP3 on Mac for listening on unauthorized devices. And there are actually programs developed for this purpose. Check out the content below to see how to remove DRM from Audible audiobooks and convert them to MP3 for listening on mobile handsets on Mac.

DRM Removal Tool – Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate

To convert Audible to MP3 on Mac, a powerful DRM removal tool is needed. After going through a certain amount of websites, here’s what I found that’s best for the job: Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate for Mac. The program has only been out for 2 years but has already gotten the word of mouth going among users. It can remove DRM from media content from iTunes and Audible. For example, DRM on iTunes music, audiobooks and video and Audible audiobooks can be removed with this program. This tutorial is all about removing DRM from Audible audiobooks on Mac, so this program would be exactly what we are looking for. It removes DRM from Audible files and converts them to MP3. The converted MP3 file can be directly transferred to your mobile handsets for listening without needing any more processing or converting. So remember to check out how to use this audible to MP3 converter on Mac to convert Audible files to MP3 from the content below.

TunesCopy Ultimate

Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate 

☉ Removes DRM from all kinds of media files you have in your iTunes library.
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How to remove DRM from Audible Audiobooks and convert Audible files to MP3

This is how to convert Audible files to MP3 Mac users could try. If you have no previous experience of using such kind of program and are worried about it being too complicated. Just relax because it’s much easier than you’d think.

1. On your Mac, launch the program from the app drawer. When the program is loaded successfully, you can see there’s an Add Files button for adding files to the program. But you can choose to drag the Audible audiobook files to the program directly. If the program requires the authorization from Audible.com, just sign into Audible.com with your account and the authorization will be done.

Import audiobooks

2. For users who have special requirements for the audio quality, there are options provided for them to adjust the audio parameters of the video. They can adjust the Channels, Sampling Rate and Bit rate of the Audible audiobooks. Just click on one file to select it and an Edit button would show to the right side of the file title. Click on it to customize the parameters as you need.

Change parameters

3. On the bottom right corner is the default output path where the output audiobooks will go. If you already have a folder for storing your Audible audiobooks, you can change it to that folder by clicking the button right next to the output path box.

Set output path

4. The Convert button on the right side of the output path box is used for starting the DRM removal process, which we will need in the final step. If you’ve finished the above 3 steps successfully, it’s now time to click the Convert button and let the conversion begin.

Start conversion

To convert Audible to MP3 Mac users doesn’t have much choice and Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate is absolutely one of the best choices you can have. With no complicated interface and operation involved, you can easily learn how to convert audible files to MP3 with no DRM. Listening to your Audible audiobooks on unauthorized MP3 players would become a real possibility with the help of Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate. Also, if you have downloaded some audiobooks from the iTunes Store, you can also use this program to remove DRM from your iTunes audiobooks and play them on your MP3 players.