All About Apple Music


Everything We Know About Apple Music

So Apple Music is here. Being different from its components, Apple Music is a new streaming music service from Apple, and it contains 4 parts for all music fans to get the music they want. You will need to pay $9.99 per month for the Apple Music subscription, but before you make the deal, you will want to know more about Apple Music. If you’re interested, we will show you everything we know about Apple Music.


Apple Music vs Spotify

Spotify can be regarded as the most popular streaming music service all over the world now, and it is a very user-friendly service. When compared with Apple Music, Spotify seems to have more advantages. If you have been using Spotify for a while, you may not want to switch to Apple Music, but if you haven’t used any of the streaming music service yet, you will want to make a comparison between Apple Music and Spotify to tell the difference.


Record Music from Apple Music

The three-month free trial of Apple Music is coming to an end for most of the subscribers. Will you continue to make a subscription for it? If you’re not going to renew the subscription of Apple Music, you may want to find a way to record the songs from Apple Music so that you can enjoy them offline. Is that even possible? In fact, there are several ways for you to finish the task.


Transfer Apple Music from Computer to iPhone

After recording songs from Apple Music, you can save and listen to them with your computer, but of course, many people will want to enjoy the music on their iPhone or iPad. If the recorded music files are saved as MP3 files, people are able can use iTunes to sync the songs to iPhone, if not, people should convert the songs to iPhone-compatible music files, and then transfer the recorded Apple Music songs to iPhone for an enjoyment.


Take Care of iTunes Music Library

After subscribing to Apple Music, you will find an option called iCloud Music Library. iCloud Music Library is different from iTunes Match as it brings music to your devices with DRM. If you have subscribed to both Apple Music and iTunes Match, sometimes you will get confused. So you’d better make a copy of your iTunes Music Library, and take care of your iTunes Music Library to avoid any loss of the songs in your iTunes.