Winter is a gift giving season as it has 2 of the biggest holidays of a year: Thanksgiving and Christmas, especially the latter one. Being the most important holiday, Christmas for kids means gifts, rewards, fun and more. For many children, Christmas and toys are synonymous. A myriad of dolls, stuffed animals, action figures and other toys each year are collected as top Christmas gifts for kids. Costs on Christmas gifts for kids have been uprising year and year. For some people who are not good in selecting Christmas gifts for kids, it might become a hard rock. They may wonder what are the best Christmas gifts for kids. In this post, we would like to share 8 best Christmas gifts for kids at little cost. Check'em below:


Most kids are fond of animals, especially some wild ones. Therefore, becoming a membership to a place your kids are greatly fond of would be one of the best Christmas gifts for kids. A membership to a zoo, aquarium or water park is a gift that can be used throughout the year while providing children with fun and sometimes educational experiences. The memories they'll create while visiting local attractions with family or friends will accompany them throughout their life.

Restaurant Gift Cards
Kids love going out to eat, but taking the whole family can be expensive for mom and dad. A restaurant gift card can make for special one-on-one time for a parent and their child. Pick a day, and take your child to pick something fun off the menu of their favorite restaurant. A wonderful meal without doubt could beome part of cool Christmas gifts for kids, while a restaurant gift.

Kids love going out to park, children's casino, Disneyland, etc. A digital camera or camcorder would be great Christmas gifts for kids to capture the exciting and happy moments while having fun. Every happy and precious moment could be retained for future review after they grow up. Nevertheless, a camera or camcorder could not only be used for Christmas holiday, but also other wonderful days like picnic super, birthday party, etc.

Handmade photo slideshow
For every big day, especially Christmas and birthday, taking photos is a wonderful way for future recall and share. Making a Christmas photo slideshow with birthday photos or Christmas celebrating photos as a handmade Christmas gift would also be cool Christmas gifts to kids. This would cost you little, but cheer your kids up.

Growth DVD
Also handmade but cool Christmas gifts for kids. With many holiday videos and birthday clips of your kids on your computer, you could easily get them a growth DVD disc as Christmas gift by burning these videos to a DVD disc. With every precious moments saved on DVD disc, your kids could recall their precious childhood after they grow up. It's a Christmas gift idea, and a way to recall or share wonderful memories with friends as well.

Toys are alway the most popular and best Christmas gifts for kids. Toys might mean everything for some kids. Thus, to get the best Christmas gifts to kids, a toy like Doodle Track Car, Optimus Prime Age of Extinction, Ultimate Spider-Man U-Command Motorcycle, Disney Toy Story Rex, etc. would be OK.

Books make great Christmas gifts for kids of all ages, especially some cartoon books. "This Book Has No Pictures" by B.J. Novak, "Mix It Up!" by Herve Tullet and "Mr. Ferris and His Wheel" by Katherine Gibbs Davis and Gilbert Ford are a few of this year's picture books adored by children.

Arts & Crafts
Creating art can be fun and time-consuming for children. Beading necklaces, molding clay or illustrating a story book may boost creativity and be a great activity for kids to do with their friends on a rainy day. A box of craft materials and activities, or a subscription to a monthly service like Kiwi Crate will provide hours of fun.