Soon after you get the iOS 13 installed and refreshed on your iPhone, you might fall in the trap that you thought your battery life will immediately extend as what was claimed in WWDC, but the fact is we are not even close. We may first experience a worse battery life that will force us to recharge the iPhone a few times a day in order to fulfill our daily applications. Put in a nutshell, iOS 13 battery life does not really mean a prolonged and healthier life cycle but with our solutions in this post, we can confidently improve iOS 13 battery life and make our iPhone healthier and quicker. Read on!

Solution 1: Turn Off Automatic Downloads and Updates

The most important gesture we need to take is turn off all automatic downloads and updates for all apps because as time goes by, you may have already installed dozens of apps and each of them has updates from time to time. Automatic updates take too much energy of our device and eventually drain the battery. Fortunately, we have tools within the iPhone to tell us which app takes too much energy and consumes the battery the most.

Here is how we diagnose the battery performance.

Step 1: Click Settings and scroll down to tap Battery

Step 2: Tap Battery Health.
And your iPhone will suggest changes to settings that will improve battery life.

Step 3: Check out battery usage by each app
From that you may know which app consumes the most.

Battery performance

Then it is time to turn off background auto-update. Background App Refresh allows your apps to check for new content and update even when you’re not using them. It is good to let your apps stay updated even when you are not aware of any update coming. The system detects and updates automatically. However, allowing all your open apps to continually update and refresh in the background is a sure-fire way to drain your iPhone battery.

Here we will give a brief guide to let you turn off auto-update and download in the background.

Step 1: Click Settings > General
Scroll down and find Background App Refresh.

Step 2: Hit on the Background App Refresh
And you will see a tab to turn off the auto fresh. Disable this function and you will improve your battery life significantly.

Turn off auto-updata

By the way, when you really need to update an app, you need to update manually by clicking the App Store to download and update the app.

Solution 2: Turn off Location Services

You may feel confused why each app wants to obtain your location even though it is not necessary at all. Do they really want to track down our location especially when we are not using the app? Apparently this is a problem that not only drains our iPhone battery but also confuses us! We absolutely have the reason to turn off location services because for most apps, it makes the most sense to allow Location Services only while using the app. Here is the procedure to turn off location service on iPhone.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Privacy

Step 2: Turn on allow location access only while using
Always to allow location access is not a mandatory choice because this affects battery life and also it is meaningless if we do not use the app.

Turn off location

Solution 3: Use Automatic Dark Mode

To improve iOS 13 battery life, we may naturally think of using the latest dark mode to reduce energy consumption. The iOS 13 dark mode is further enhanced to help users better manage their battery consumption. It changes the entire look of the operating system from light to dark. You can choose either option, or have Dark Mode come on at sunset or on a custom schedule. All native Apple apps feature Dark Mode support, and third-party apps can use Dark Mode APIs to add Dark Mode integration. To do so, you may first head to Settings and go to Display & Brightness, where you can select either mode or you can directly enable Automatic to allow the device to automatically switch to dark mode when sunset comes.

Dark mode

Solution 4: Use Low Power Mode

Never neglect the lifesaver of low power mode. Just imagine when you’ve got three more hours until you can charge your iPhone, and your iPhone battery percentage is at thirty percent, Low Power Mode is an iPhone battery lifesaver. Many people are not aware of this but honestly, it makes a difference in the end.

You can go to Settings > Battery and enable lower power mode when necessary.

Low power mode

Solution 5: Force Reboot the iPhone

There is a simple yet powerful solution to fix your abnormal or running-too-fast battery on the iPhone, which is to reboot the system. Yes, you are right! We may reboot in order to let the iPhone return to normal exactly like what we do to computers when any problem persists!

Take the note that for different iPhones, we may use different procedures to reboot.
iPhone 8 and later: Click and release the volume up button followed by the volume down button, then press and hold down the power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
iPhone 7 and earlier: Hold the power button and volume down until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Reboot iphone

Solution 6: Reset All Settings

In some particular cases, when you feel that something eats your battery but you never find a way to diagnose or detect it, you may simply want to reset all settings and allow the system to refresh from top. Before you do anything to reset your system, do remember to back up all your data in advance, which is very essential to allow you to restore all data back to iPhone when resetting is finished. To reset your iPhone, go to Settings > General and tap Reset after scrolling down the interface. Then choose the Erase All Content and Settings.

Reset iphone

Bonus part

It is always too late to cry over the spilled milk. When you experience data loss due to reset, you may be disappointed and sad. Now the situation can be a bit different because fortunately, we have third party software to help users with recovering lost data. Leawo iOS Data Recovery is a professional and powerful app allowing users to 100% recover deleted or lost data from iTunes, iCloud and iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod) safely and accurately, what’s more, it enables users to recover data on iPhone during upgrading. This is an intuitive app for even beginners and an all-in-one data recovery tool for iOS devices like iPhone/iPad/iPod. It provides three recovery modes that allow you to recover data from the iOS device itself, iTunes backup and iCloud backup. In total, this app can recover 14 types of data, including Contacts, Messages, Call History, WhatsApp, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Safari Bookmarks, Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Photo Library, Message Attachments, Voice Memos and WhatsApp Attachments.

Let’s have a deep look at how Leawo iOS Data Recovery works to recover your iPhone data.

Step 1: Download and install the app to your computer
Click the button below to download the app to your PC. After installation completes, launch the app and choose Recover from iOS Device.

Leawo recovery tool

Step2: Connect the iPhone to the computer
Use the USB cable to connect your iPhone to the computer and the app will automatically detect the device.

Connect iphone to pc

Step 3: Scan the device files
Select the device from the app device list and click Start to scan the files on the device.

Scan data

Step 4: Choose the files to recover
When scanning completes, all files will be shown on the left pane, where you can tap the box in front of Only display the deleted items to check for recoverable files.

Display files

Step 5: Set a directory to save the recovered files and recover the file
Check the box for files to recover on the right pane, and click Recover on the bottom right, where a window will pop up to let you specify a directory to save the output file. Set one based on the file size and click Go to start processing files. Once the process is done, you will have your files saved in the folder which you set. You may restore the files to your iPhone later on within the app.

Recover data


To conclude, if you recently updated to the latest version of iOS 13, you’re probably trying to figure out why your iPhone battery is dying so fast, or even wondering if it’s time for a battery replacement. Don’t take action so fast because your iPhone battery may need a bit to wake up. We have given 6 solutions to allow you to improve your iPhone battery life, some of which are handy to set while giving you much surprise for how much it can improve your battery life in the end! Dark mode, lower power mode, or even turning off app auto refresh may significantly extend iOS 13 battery life. However, when iOS 13.3 battery draining persists, you may simply reset your iPhone and restore to the very beginning. In this case, be careful to back up your data beforehand and always keep in mind that if you have lost any data due to reset, turn to Leawo iOS Data Recovery for help. It can let you restore your lost data from iCloud as well.
Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback or advice.