It is no wonder that smart maps apps will help a lot in our daily life no matter where we want to go. Google maps turn out to be one of the most popular maps in recent years, but Apple catches up really fast and now Apple Maps have gained increasing popularity among users across the globe. Well in this article, we will further talk about tricks and tips to use Apple Maps and its counterpart Google Maps.

Part 1: 6 tricks for Apple Maps

Believe it or not, most of us rely on Maps to navigate somewhere we want to go or explore the hotspots around without wasting too much time and effort. Since 2012, Apple has created its own unique mapping app for its hardware called Apple Maps to allow users to locate places easily and find hotspots within clicks. It provides a convenient way of getting directions when traveling to an unfamiliar area and allows you to explore nearby businesses to find the best places to eat or a service you need. Within tons of amazing tricks and tips to use Apple Maps, here comes the top 6 tricks and tips that will help you the most.

1. Tour high-resolution street views of cities

This is one of the most prominent that Apple Maps has introduced which is a competitive equivalent to the Google Map street view. If you like the "Street View" feature in Google Maps, you'll love "Look Around" in iOS 13's Apple Maps. Overall, Look Around has more details than Street View and the animations are super smooth as you navigate down streets and pedestrian areas. Best of all, it will work the same way no matter which iPhone you're using.


2. Create a list of collections

In iOS 13, Apple is introducing Collections, which allow you to create groups of locations on your iPhone that you can then quickly access and share with others. This is a smart trick that will improve your efficiency to a large extent. Moreover, you are free to share your list with friends within clicks.

3. Create a favorites list

Well this feature allows you to search for specific locations and add them to a favorites list. Favorites start off with Home and Work by default, but you can add the grocery store, library, pet store, plant nursery, and other locations where you tend to hang out all the time. It makes your life so much easier when you get used to sorting out the frequent sites to your favorites list.

4. Drop a pin

This is a normal trick to let you pin on specific spots and leave a trace for reference. Dropping a pin on a map is the easiest way to visualize the distance between one place and another, and if needed, to get directions to that location. By the way, you can remove pins if you don’t need them anymore by hitting the Remove Marker button.


5. View reviews and information

This is my favorite trick in Apple Maps because it is like a guide to show you whether this is exactly what you need or simply lead you through the site within clicks. When you search for any business, swipe up on the search bar and you will see information, photos, reviews, contact details, and more. For some locations, it even gives you the choice to add photos.


6. Find where you parked

For drivers, it is always important to find parking space and find where you parked your car. You don’t want to waste time looking around, instead, using this trick in Apple Maps, you will easily find where you parked. How can it do this? Well thanks to Carplay, you will see magic happens all the time. Maps stick a pin at your car’s location when you disconnect your iPhone from your car’s Bluetooth or CarPlay to help you find your parking location.

Part 2: Apple Maps versus Google Maps

It is not strange to encounter reviews that still a lot of users prefer Google Maps either because they get used to Google Maps since long ago or they simply favor Google more than Apple Maps. It is understandable and people could have their own preferences. Here we would like to compare both maps and give you a cons-pros overview between Google Maps and Apple Maps.

1. In terms of incident reports, Apple Maps provides turn-by-turn navigation with a traffic view and anonymous crowd-sourced incident reports while Google Maps provides turn-by-turn navigation with traffic view and reliable incident reports.

2. Speaking of 3D view, Apple Maps provides you with a 3D bird’s eye view over a limited number of cities while Google provides Street View over an expanded number of cities.

3. From the point of device compatibility, Google Maps supports iOS and Android devices since the dawn of the smartphone. Apple Maps serves exclusively for Apple hardware — iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches.

4. From the user interface, there is a subtle difference between Apple Maps and Google Maps. Although they look very much similar to each other over time, they still have distinctive features in terms of user interface. In details, with Apple Maps, the map rendition looks a bit flatter and shows more default locations, but the text and icons are smaller. Google Maps also highlights many default locations, but they don’t always match those of Apple Maps and the icons tend to be larger, more brightly colored, and more eye-catching.

Anyway, Apple Maps has made significant changes to enhance the accuracy and improve user experience after all these years of developments. We do trust Apple Maps will gained increasing popularity with time goes by.

Bonus: How to sync apps between iPhones via iTransfer

With Apple Maps and Google Maps, we can save a lot of favorites list, collections, and historical data that will facilitate our use and allow us to share with friends at ease. Do keep in mind that if you need to sync apps between iOS devices such as two iPhones, you can absolutely transfer what you have on one iPhone to another within clicks instead of downloading one by one again from the Apple Store. Here you need to rely on third-party software to help transfer apps smoothly. Leawo iTransfer is such a program that allows users to sync data within clicks. By default, it is developed to transfer many kinds of files among iOS devices, iTunes and PCs. Leawo iTransfer is helpful for backing up iPhone, iPad and iPod (touch) files to computer. It makes the iPhone, iPad and iPod as flash drives so that users can put anything they want into their iOS devices. To sync apps between iPhones, you can view the below guide with Leawo iTransfer.

Step 1: Install the program to your PC

Click the button below to download and install the program. Take note that for Mac users, click to install the Mac OS version program instead.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

Step 2: Connect both iPhones to the PC

The Leawo iTransfer will automatically detect both of the iOS devices and show the Libraries of the two iOS devices. Click one to view the library.

Step 3: Locate the apps to transfer

Check the boxes in front of the apps to transfer and hold Ctrl/Shift key to select certain files, and right-click the selected files and choose Transfer to > iPhone. Or simply click the lower right transfer icon to continue.

Locate the apps to transfer

Step 4: Transfer apps

After clicking the transfer icon, there is a window popping up and here you tap Check Transfer to List in the dialog and choose another iPhone as a target. Then click Transfer Now to start transferring selected apps from iPhone to iPhone.

Transfer apps
  • Conclusion
  • Now it is clear that Apple Maps is helpful in our daily life and it offers a convenient way of getting directions when traveling to an unfamiliar area and allow you to explore nearby businesses to find the best places to eat or a service you need. There are so many tricks and tips to use Apple Maps in a better way, like keeping a collection or saving preferred sites to your favorite list so that next time you can locate them easily. Also, viewing the reviews helps a lot before we find some target restaurants or hotspots to tour around. Like Google Maps, Apple Maps has created a look-around feature to allow users to enjoy lifelike views on the street of cities though not every city has been covered at the moment. Besides, we also shed some light on the comparison between Google Maps and Apple Maps. What we can conclude is both apps provide a convenient way to make our life easier and more efficient while they retain a certain amount of difference. In the end, we are more than excited to tell you that we can transfer apps between two iOS devices easily with the help of Leawo iTransfer. Instead of downloading apps in your new iPhone completely starting from scratch, you can consider transferring what you have already downloaded in the old one to the new one with Leawo iTransfer. This will be so much easier and happier.